Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

After several minutes, the chef returned with a covered plate. He placed it before Sir and lifted the cover with a flourish. A thick, juicy steak sat alone on the platter. It was not the pasta Brie had expected.

Sir took the knife the chef handed him and cut into it at an angle. Brie was shocked at how red it was, like rare—really rare.

He speared the piece of meat and held it up to admire. “Bistecca alla Fiorentina. A simple dish that impresses the most discerning palate.”

Sir held it out for her to eat, but she did not open her lips to take it. With trepidation, she admitted, “I don’t eat rare meat, Master.”

He shook his head. “You have not tried this. Trust me, téa.”

She opened her mouth, but only to please him, even though she was certain she would choke on it.

“It is seasoned simply and grilled only for a few minutes on each side, to let the true flavor of the beef shine through,” he said as he put it in her mouth.

Brie let the bloody meat touch her lips and held back the urge to gag. Sir was watching her intently as she chewed, so she closed her eyes to concentrate on the flavors, divorcing herself from the fact it was basically raw animal tissue. The simple salt, pepper and garlic seasoning, along with the splash of olive oil, heightened the flavor of the steak. This meat definitely had flavor, but it was delicate and melted in her mouth.

She opened her eyes after she’d swallowed the enticing morsel. “Delicious.”

Sir sat back with a satisfied grin. “Of course.”

The chef took the knife from Sir and cut the rest of the meat into thin slices, then added a small bowl of white beans to the table.

“Is it to your liking, Sir Davis?” he asked.

“It is an excellent piece of meat. Thank you for the entire meal, Chef Sabello.”

“My pleasure. I would do anything for the son of Alonzo.”

Sir nodded gratefully.

Chef Sabello poured the last of the wine, made a small bow and walked into the darkness, leaving them alone on the secluded beach.

Sir scooped up a forkful of beans and said, “Fagioli bianchi are a bit like your mashed potatoes, a required accompaniment of the meal.”

Brie took her own forkful of white beans to taste. Like everything else she had eaten that night, it was simple. A little bit of salt, oil and garlic, with a savory herb she couldn’t identify. The simplicity of it made the ingredients stand out all the more.

“I love everything about this meal, Master. I’ve never had anything like it.”

He chuckled. “Yes, I’m sure you were expecting pasta, possibly a meatball or two.”

Brie giggled, instantly thinking of the animated movie Lady and the Tramp, when the two dogs shared the long noodle. She smiled bashfully at Sir as she imagined his lips coming closer to hers as they ate the single noodle from both ends.

Instead, she shared the same piece of mouthwatering meat and bowl of white beans with her Master. It was all the more wonderful because this meal had been a part of his childhood, something he desired to share with her.

Before they’d finished, Brie noticed a change come over Sir. He became quiet again. She could barely get her last mouthful down, wondering what was about to happen—not allowing herself to dream.

“I value sharing this with you, téa. This is a part of my past, the foods I grew up on. It pleases me that you enjoy them.”

“I am honored you want to share them with me, Master.”

“There are other things I long to share.”

Brie’s heartbeat increased. She got up from the table and walked over to him, kneeling down at his feet. “I cherish your trust in me…”—she almost said ‘Thane’, but chickened out—“…Master.” She kissed the back of his hand in reverence.

He petted her head with his other hand. Sir cleared his throat, but did not speak. She felt an aura of tension radiating from him that was delightfully disconcerting. Her body responded by trembling with expectancy.

“Master?” she asked, looking up at him.

He smiled briefly, but shook his head. “No. Not yet… I think it’s time we took a drive.” Sir got up from the table and commanded, “Gather your top, téa. No need to dress.”

Brie felt wistful leaving the romantic meal behind, already treasuring the memories. She returned to the limo bare-chested. The chauffeur did not bat an eyelid as he opened the door for them.

Pearls in the Sand

Once again Sir sat next to Brie, his masculine hand on her thigh. But this time his need filled the small space. His fingers traveled upwards, tantalizingly slow in their progress, centimeter by aching centimeter.

Brie quivered under his touch, her breaths becoming rapid and shallow. Ever closer to her sweet spot he came, as his warm breath caressed her neck. His hand moved under her skirt, so close… A small cry escaped her lips when his finger finally touched the soft folds of her pussy. He kissed her neck as he made quick work of her excited clit. Soon she was grinding against his hand. His lips moved down to her nipple and he began sucking as his fingers progressed to her opening. With the same drawn-out playfulness, he teased her, rimming the entrance but not providing penetration. She whimpered in need.

Sir’s lips moved up to her ear. “What do you want, Brie?”

“I need you, Sir. I need you inside me.”

With the cruelty of a good Master, he pulled away and sat back in the seat. “Not yet. You need to learn patience, sub.”

She wanted to groan in frustration, but kept silent. You want me, Sir. Take your willing sub.

He shook his head, as if he could hear her thoughts. But he soon moved over to the window separating them from the driver and knocked on the glass. It slid down and he told the chauffeur, “This is the place coming up.”

The driver turned the limo around and parked on the side of the road next to the coastline. Sir opened the car door and helped her out himself. Brie was still topless, but he wrapped his arm around her so that she was not exposed as he helped her down a path to a small beach surrounded by protruding rocks. She struggled to traverse the rocky path in her heels, so Sir picked her up and carried her. “I’m curious, téa. How will you use the pearls tonight?”

“It’s a surprise, Master.”

A lustful grin spread across his face. “I see.”

When they’d reached the private alcove at the bottom, he set her down and played with the pearls around her neck. “Much like you, I struggle with surprises.”

She looked up at him, smiling seductively. “Would you like me to show you then, Master?”

“Yes, your Master would like to see your use of pearls, téa.”

She dropped to the hard-packed sand and began by taking off his shoes and socks. Then she relieved him of his slacks, pulling his briefs down along with them. She stood back up, undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Sir sloughed off both his jacket and shirt, so that he stood completely naked before her.

Brie slowly gyrated to the rhythm of the ocean waves as she rid herself of her remaining clothes, so that she too was au naturel. He reached out for her and she moved into his embrace. Brie closed her eyes as she laid her head against his warm chest.

“My goddess,” he murmured.

Brie looked up at him and smiled. “Would you please lie down on your back, Master, so that I may show you my pearls?”

Sir lay down on the ground, his eyes never leaving her. Brie knelt beside him and ran the pearls between her lips, looking at him suggestively before taking them off. With slow, sensuous movements, she lightly caressed his skin with the smooth pearls, causing goosebumps to appear. She concentrated on his chest first, but twirled the pearls lower and lower, towards his pelvic region. Just as they were about to touch his hardening cock, she reached down to his feet and started upward.

He groaned in lustful frustration as she teased him as cruelly as he had teased her. As she moved up to his thighs, she bent over and allowed her nipple to ‘accidentally’ graze his cock. It twitched in response to the brief contact.

She wanted his cock coated in her juices before she began, so she curled the pearls into a spiral circle over his bellybutton. “For safekeeping,” she said with a smile, before standing up and turning so she was facing away from him. She straddled his hips and wiggled her ass seductively, before slowly lowering herself. She knew she was giving Sir a fine view of her ass in the moonlight.

He took hold of his cock so that it was waiting for her. Brie pressed against the tip of his hard shaft and then lowered herself all the way to its base before pulling up again. She looked behind her and asked, “Does Master like?”

He growled and grabbed both ass cheeks, forcing her back down in answer. Brie rode his shaft, enjoying the angle of the position and the control she had over his cock—when he allowed it. Once he was properly coated, she lifted herself off his shaft and settled down between his legs. She picked up the pearls and began slowly wrapping his cock in them.

Then she held onto them with both hands and began stroking him with the numerous round beads. Sir tilted his head back and closed his eyes—a good sign.

Brie rolled the pearls up and down his shaft, kissing and licking the head of his manhood as she did so.

“Harder,” Sir groaned.

She pressed her hands together for more friction, adding a twisting motion to her movement. He stiffened underneath her, making Brie purr with excitement.