Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

He pulled out and then slowly pressed his cock back in, letting her body embrace his fullness to the very base of his manhood. Then he began rocking back and forth—the head of his hard shaft in constant contact with her G-spot, rubbing it heatedly. “My cock cherishes you as much as I do, téa.”

She nodded, unable to speak due to the demanding position.

“Let it love you to release.”

Her eyes focused solely on his as she felt the tingles and chills caused by the deep stimulation. Her nipples almost hurt, they had constricted so tightly, while tiny goosebumps rose on her skin. She was a captive of his love in every sense of the word as the buildup reached its crescendo and she gave in to the feeling. Her pussy caressed his cock in rhythmic adulation.

Sir stared down at her. “I love you,” he said as his cock joined in the dance, releasing his seed deep inside her.

Hearts and bodies connected as one…

Sir gently pulled away, easing her legs down and unbuckling her from the spreader bar. He let it drop to the floor and gathered her in his arms, pressing her head against his shoulder. The gesture was so tender, so moving that Brie began to cry. He seemed to understand and did not question her or ask her to stop.

“Forever,” she whispered.

Dreams Deferred

Brie stood before Mr. Holloway, confident that her documentary would wow him. The fact he had called her in to see it spoke of his vested interest in the project.

“Please, Miss Bennett, take a seat,” he said in a firm, manly tone.

Brie looked him in the eye as she gracefully sat down. Sir had instructed her to treat the producer the way she would any business contact, despite the fact he was a known Dom.

She smiled amiably. “Thank you for offering to see my work, Mr. Holloway.”

“Marquis Gray spoke highly of you and believed your work would reflect the same level of excellence he has come to expect from you in other areas.”

Brie felt heat rise to her face, honored that he felt that way. “I hope I can do justice not only to his confidence in my abilities, but to the Training Center itself. It has changed my life, in ways I could never have imagined.”

“Let’s waste no more time then,” he said affably.

Brie handed over the documentary—her baby—without hesitation. She watched him slip the DVD in and hit play. The large TV screen lit up with her introduction. The music started off light and soothing as the words ‘Art of Submission’ floated across the screen with images of submissives bowing, presenting, or kissing the hands or feet of the dominants. The music quickly became hard and pounding as more provocative images flashed onto the screen, depicting bondage, flogging and fire play.

Brie had ended the intro with pictures of the three girls with their silly nicknames: ‘Lea the Lovely’, ‘Brie the Bodacious’ and ‘Mary the Magnificent’. She’d decided to keep the humor of their experiences at the forefront of her film. Becoming a submissive was a complex journey—one that not only involved facing fears and pushing limits, but also encouraged the pure joy of self-discovery.

She watched Mr. Holloway clandestinely as he took in her work. The man had his hand on his chin. His gaze never wavered; his lips never twitched. He was a master at masking his emotions. When the ending credits concluded, he turned off the TV and sat without saying a word.

With all her dreams on the line, such treatment should have put her in a tailspin of anxiety, but she knew it was good and stared back at him pleasantly, saying nothing. After several long, agonizing moments he spoke.

“It was not what I was expecting.”

Brie swallowed hard, shocked by his reaction, but she kept her composure. “What was your expectation?”

“I had hoped for a more in-depth exposé of your training experience. That girl, Mary—you hardly touched on her issues and you left the end nebulous concerning her future. You also concentrated more on Lea’s humor than her personal struggles. The only person I feel I know after watching your film is you, which is not bad…however, you have other personalities in the film who were not tapped into.”

She took a deep breath before replying. “You are correct. I did not dig deeply into their personal lives. I didn’t want to infringe on their privacy, especially with Mary, who has painful issues in her past.”

“It is those issues that will make this film interesting. We need to know their pain and discomfort, just as you shared some of yours.”

“I doubt they’d want to expose themselves like that, Mr. Holloway. Their willingness to publicly identify themselves as submissives was courageous enough. I am prepared to risk full exposure, but I do not expect the same from my friends.”

“Well, you do not have a noteworthy film without it. You need more footage, individual interviews in which you delve into the darker aspects of their journeys. In fact, I would wager even you have held back some of your more difficult trials.”

Brie nodded. “You are correct again. I consciously made the decision not to burden the viewer.”

“Then it is not really a documentary, is it? It is a piece of well-packaged fluff. I expected a documentary, and that I did not get.”

Brie took a deep breath and exhaled silently before speaking, grateful for Tono’s breathing lessons at a time like this. “I thank you for your time, Mr. Holloway.” She got up to leave, completely devastated but hiding it under a pleasant smile.

He motioned her back to the chair. “I want my documentary, Miss Bennett. Go back to Ms. Taylor and Miss Wilson and get their real stories. Go to the Training Center and video some of the scenes you allude to. I would also like to see interviews with the trainers. This film has potential, but not as it is now.”

“I am fairly certain I will not get the consent of both submissives. I had a hard enough time getting what little I did get from the one.”

“Miss Wilson?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“It is her story that will sell the film. I don’t care what you have to do, it is imperative you get her to agree.”

“We did not end on good terms, Mr. Holloway.”

He smiled wolfishly. “All the better.”

“And if I cannot get her consent?”

He sat back slowly in his chair. “Then you don’t have a film, in my opinion.”

Brie’s heart dropped. There was no way Mary would agree—not the Blonde Nemesis. “I will see what I can do. How soon do you want the completed film?”

“In a month.”

She shook her head to clear it. A month was not a reasonable amount of time for all he wanted her to add to the documentary. However, this man was her best chance and she wasn’t about to question him on it. “Shall we set up a meeting for in a month, then?”

He gave her a look of approval. “Had you made any excuses, I would have turned down the project. You may see my assistant on the way out to schedule our next meeting.” The imposing man stood up and handed back the DVD. “I expect great things from you, Miss Bennett.”

She took it with a feeling of disappointment, sad that her little film had failed to impress him. What will Sir say?

She nodded to the respected producer and headed for the door.

“I like your sense of humor, Miss Bennett. Do not lose that in the remake. You’ll need the balance.”

She turned around and smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Holloway. I find humor makes everything easier to digest.”

Brie walked out of the building and got into her car, feeling shell-shocked. He had not rejected the film, but it felt like it—especially knowing that Mary was the key. She rested her head on the steering wheel and closed her eyes. That was not how she’d thought the meeting would go, and now she would have to go back to Sir and tell him her film wasn’t good enough.

She jumped when someone knocked on her driver-side window. Brie looked up and saw Sir staring down at her. He made the motion for her to roll down the window. “I wanted to be the first to congratulate you.”

Her bottom lip trembled.

Sir paused for a second and then smiled. “Let’s go for a walk, babygirl.”

Brie got out of the car and Sir placed his hand on the small of her back, guiding her through the crowds of people hustling down the sidewalk. His touch brought welcome peace to her soul.

“How did it go?” he asked gently. “I can tell by your body language and silence that you aren’t happy, but I can’t imagine he rejected it.”

She struggled to talk without her emotions choking her voice. “Mr. Holloway rejected what I have now.”


“If I can get Mary’s and Lea’s consent to do more personal interviews, along with a host of other things within a month’s time, he’ll accept it. Well…he’ll consider it, at least. But Mary will never agree to it, Sir. It’s done.” She held back a sob and turned away from him.

Sir directed her to a ledge so that she could sit down. He stood over her, allowing her time to collect herself. “I understand your disappointment, Brie. However, the door has not been closed. He is providing you with an excellent opportunity. It is not over—this is just the beginning.”

Brie looked up at Sir, unable to hide her misery. “The last thing I want is to talk to Mary again, much less ask a favor of her, Sir. To realize my dream I have to face my worst nightmare.”