Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

Brie imagined seeing Blonde Nemesis in a club someday and walking up to her just to say, “Thanks for being such a backstabbing bitch. I couldn’t be happier because of you.”

It was difficult not to cut Mary out of the film altogether. Just seeing her beautiful but stone-cold face brought back a flood of emotions. Her nemesis might have become a capable submissive, but she was a wretched excuse for a human being.

There was only one problem: Brie knew Mary added to her documentary. Despite failing miserably as a friend, Blonde Nemesis was an ‘interesting character’. That was how Brie had decided to think of her as she edited—just a two-dimensional character. To see Mary any other way only caused her pain.

Once Brie had selected the scenes she wanted, she spent the rest of the time finding and timing the music to match, as well as adding graphics and text. It wasn’t going to be a polished piece of work by any means, but the meat of the story was well represented.

When she announced she was finished, Sir asked to watch it. “I want to see what you’ve been able to create.” He sat down and pulled her to him, wrapping his arm around her waist. She’d missed his touch over the last two days in her mad rush to get the project completed, and was thrilled to feel that familiar electricity his touch evoked.

Brie was nervous when she hit play. She tried not to be obvious as she observed his reactions while he watched the film. Her heart soared whenever he smiled, but she saw the look of genuine concern when Brie spoke of the incident between Mary and Tono.

Because Brie hadn’t become friends with her yet, it was simply Brie’s impressions of the evening Blonde Nemesis had flipped out. The girl had been purchased by Tono at an auction, but had had a psychological breakdown in his care because of her failure to disclose her serious underlying issues.

Brie was surprised to see Sir’s smile return when Lea questioned Brie about her Kinbaku experience with Tono. Brie had been flying high after such an incredible and unusual bondage session with the talented Dom. It was apparent she’d fallen for Tono that night by her actions and words, despite Brie’s attempts to edit. She had wanted to avoid hurting Sir, but had remained true to the documentary.

Sir maintained that smile when, later in the film, she shared with the other two girls about her day with Faelan after he’d won her at the auction. The only times she saw Sir twitch uncomfortably were when she talked about her growing feelings for Sir himself.

When the credits rolled across the screen she turned it off, but was startled by his silence. Finally, Sir turned to her and said, “This is a telling piece.”

She smiled uncertainly. “Do you feel it is worthy of distribution?”

“You have done a fine job depicting your journey as a submissive…the insecurities, triumphs and eventual growth. Your humor is a nice touch.”

She blushed at the compliment, but she still wanted to know. “Thank you, Sir. But…do you like it?”

He touched her cheek lightly. “Your raw honesty in the film has given me new understanding of your personal journey. I hope you are prepared for the exposure, Brie. You are quite open in this film. There are many people who do not understand the lifestyle and will attack you for it.”

“I’ve taken that under serious consideration, Sir. I fully accept what will come because of this film.”

He tilted his head slightly. “Even with your own parents?”

She sighed, hating the thought of it. “Yes, Sir. I am willing to face anyone who does not understand.”

He stood up and walked to the expansive window overlooking the city.

She stayed where she was, very aware that he had not answered her question—not directly—so she quietly asked it one more time. “Sir, did you like it?”

He held out his hand. She instantly got up and approached him, then knelt at his feet. He put his hand on the top of her head. “I admire this piece of work you have created. However, I cannot say ‘like’ is a word I would use. I can foresee that this will subject you and the other two girls to unnecessary strife.” He helped her onto her feet. “That being said, considering how much time you’ve had to edit it, I find it an exceptional piece of work.”

She wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you, Sir. It means so much to me to hear you say that.”

He lifted her chin to look into her eyes. “No matter how this affects our lives, I am proud to stand with you in this moment.”

I love this man!

Brie stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. “I’m truly honored, Sir.”

He grasped the back of her neck and kissed her deeply. “I believe we both need to connect on a more intimate level.”

Brie’s heart leapt with joy. “I’ve missed your touch these last few days, Master.”

“As have I. Undress and kneel by the Tantra chair while I select a new tool for you.”

She felt weak inside as she removed her clothes and folded them neatly by her feet. Brie walked over to the lounger and knelt beside it, waiting for his return. In mere seconds, she’d gone from a tired filmmaker to a willing submissive. It was a glorious transition.

Sir was naked when he walked back into the room, his strides confident and lithe like those of a predator. He held only a spreader bar, but this was different from the previous one he had used on her. This bar had four cuffs on it.

“Today you learn a favorite Kama Sutra position of mine, téa.”

“It is my pleasure to do so, Master.”

“It is challenging in its depth.”

Brie moaned softly, the thought of it making her loins ache with pleasure.

Sir placed the bar on the floor and asked her to stand before it. He buckled each ankle to an outer cuff, the bar forcing her legs apart. Then he commanded, “Give me your left wrist.”

Brie bent down and Sir secured her wrist to the middle of the bar. He took her right wrist and did the same, leaving Brie standing with her legs straight, her head between her knees and her ass in the air.

He stood up and moved behind her to admire the view. “Your ass is a piece of art, woman.”

Sir rubbed his hands over her buttocks and down her back. Brie glanced at the window to stare at her reflection. It was a defenseless pose, leaving her completely open to Master’s whims.

“I see your pussy is swollen with desire, téa.” He spanked her mound lightly, sending bursts of sensual electricity to her core. Her nipples hardened in response. He slapped it again with a little more enthusiasm, making her whimper with pleasure.

“Your pussy has missed its Master.”

“Yes, Master. It’s desperate for you.”

He caressed her ass again, squeezing and releasing the flesh, randomly patting her mound when the urge struck. Brie struggled to keep her balance as he played with her.

Sir ran his finger over her wet slit and commented, “You appear ready.” Instead of plowing into her, he walked into the kitchen. She heard him take down a glass and make himself a martini.

He knew exactly how to play her mind and body. Waiting for his attention in this suggestive pose was extremely effective. She glanced at the window again and smiled.

Sir walked back in several minutes later and stood beside her, sipping his martini. “The position is called the Second Posture, but I modify it slightly for the added benefit the chair provides. It requires flexibility and arousal to accomplish. Are you aroused, téa?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Remember this position, as I plan to use it often.” Sir put down his drink before he slipped his arm under her stomach. Brie squealed when he lifted her off the ground. She felt like a sexy sack of potatoes, completely at the mercy of the man who carried her.

He deftly laid her on her back, the Tantra chair cradling her body with its gentle curvature.

Brie relaxed in the chair, but Sir instructed, “Legs straight up.”

Brie obeyed and watched in excitement as Sir straddled the chair and sat facing her, his cock resting on her bare mound. He grabbed the bar and pushed her legs towards her head, lifting her buttocks off the chair and her pussy at an inviting angle to receive his manhood.

Sir smiled as he slid his shaft into her and pressed his torso against her legs, still holding onto the bar with one hand. Brie let out a gasp as he thrust deeper, the angle of the chair and his position demanding that she relax in a major way.

He rolled his hips slowly, allowing her body to appreciate every inch of his shaft as he slid in and out. It was a challenge to take him this way, but with her legs straight the position was particularly stimulating to her G-spot. He gazed down at her and whispered huskily, “This is just the beginning.”

Sir pressed harder against the bar, forcing her legs farther back, nearer to her head. She commanded her muscles to loosen and accept the awkward position as Sir gained deeper access.

“It becomes less about the thrusting and more about the depth as you relax, téa,” he said huskily. Brie had been concentrating on relaxing her muscles and had failed to notice the look of ecstasy on her Master’s face until now.

She smiled up at him, encouraging him to push the bar farther. With his patience and her willingness, he eventually pushed her legs all the way back until her feet and wrists were next to her head. Sir stopped thrusting and held onto the bar with both hands, looking down at her with a mixture of love and passion.