Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

She closed her eyes as a tingling sensation grew from her core and slowly spread outwards.

“Good girl.”

Brie opened her eyes for Sir and basked in the glory of receiving both cocks deeply. Pleasing both Doms at the same time was deliciously decadent—the ultimate fantasy.

Rytsar changed things up when he stopped thrusting and grabbed her by the shoulders, forcing her up so that her back was against his chest. He wrapped one hand around her throat and nibbled on her neck as he clasped her right breast possessively with his other hand. “My cock missed you, radost moya.”

Brie moaned, her body remembering quite well the last time he’d taken her.

Sir used the opportunity to rub his fingers vigorously against her clit. Her pussy was already on fire, engorged with fierce desire. She twitched in Rytsar’s arms as Sir stoked the flames. She thrashed her head against the Russian’s chest, a captive to the orgasm they were about to unleash.

She started screaming, unable to form coherent words. “Ah… Ahh…!”

Brie turned her head and bit down on Rytsar’s wrist in desperation. He roared his approval, forcing his cock deep into her ass as his hand tightened around her neck. “Yes,” he growled hoarsely. “Come for my cock, radost moya.”

She looked down at Sir, her whole body melting when she saw the intensity of his gaze—as if he could swallow her whole. He mouthed the words, “Come now.”

It was a confusion of sensations as her pussy tried to contract but could not, being stretched unnaturally tight. Instead, it became an intense burning that radiated from her pussy and blew through her. Her scream caught in her throat as her senses were blinded by the rush.

When she regained her awareness, she found herself staring down at Sir while Rytsar breathed low, haunting words into her ear, probably Russian—Brie was oblivious.

Rytsar let go of her and she returned her head to Sir’s chest, reveling in the unique subspace they had evoked.

Brie purred, “Yes,” when they started up again, thrusting deep into her body. She became a ravenous canvas for them, anxious to be transformed into something new by the two sexual artists.

Sir ordered her to cross her arms behind her. He then wrapped her in a tight embrace. “Fuck her,” he commanded of Rytsar, while he remained still, buried in her quivering pussy.

Sir effectively became her bindings as he gave Rytsar free rein over her ass. Instead of pumping into her hard, he experimented with different angles. It took time until Rytsar found the one that made her shudder all over.

Being held captive by Sir was sexy on all kinds of levels. She listened to his heartbeat as Rytsar began stroking her at the perfect angle. Each thrust brought a symphony of pleasure. She reveled in the feeling, allowing it to carry her higher.

Rytsar grunted as she tensed. The sound of his lusty pleasure turned her on further. She felt her pussy start to pulse in time with her Master’s heartbeat. She was sexually in sync with him, and the thought of it sent her to the edge.

“Master, I want to come for you.”

“Yes, téa.”

Tears of joy ran down Brie’s cheeks as she lost herself. She heard the lustful releases of both men as they rocked her body with their orgasms, and then all became warm and silent. She floated higher, as if in a dream, the alcohol enhancing the natural high of her subspace.

When she felt Rytsar move, she protested. Sir chuckled beneath her. “All good things must come to an end, my little flyer.”

It was with reluctance that she returned to earth as the lonely sound of a cell phone echoed in the other room.

Rytsar finally disengaged to answer it. He returned, holding the cell phone out to Sir.

Sir took it and answered in an official tone, not giving away the fact he was naked and buried inside his sub.

The person on the other end was speaking so fast, Brie could not make out what was said, but she grew concerned at Sir’s serious expression. “We will be leaving in a few days. Surely, that will leave enough time.” He paused again. “I’m afraid so.”

Brie quietly detached herself from him, trying to conceal her worry.

When Sir finally ended the call, he surprised her by laughing.

“What’s going on?” Rytsar demanded.

“Sorry, friend. I’m not allowed to speak of it. But I need to see if we can’t get a flight out sooner.”

He turned to Brie with a wistful look on his face. “Well, babygirl…it looks like your life is about to change.”

His Pride

Rytsar was an influential man in Moscow, and was able to secure Brie and Sir a flight back to the States. On the drive to the airport, he complained, “I do not like this sudden leaving, moy droog. Nor the secrecy behind it.”

Sir smirked. “Sorry, I was instructed not to divulge any information. You will know it as soon as Brie has permission to share.”

Rytsar looked at her, defiance flashing in his eyes. “I had better be the first you inform, radost moya.”

She opened her mouth, ready to assure him that he would be, but Sir interrupted. “Make no promises.”

Brie suddenly became worried. How serious is this secret?

Rytsar frowned at Sir, sounding deeply offended. “I deserve to know.”

Sir placed his hand on the Russian’s shoulder. “There is no need to get your feathers ruffled, my friend. I simply think Brie will want to share it with others first. Rest assured, you will be told in a timely manner.”

He growled in dissatisfaction. “I do not care to be left in the dark.”

“It seems fitting you should suffer after your airport shenanigans. To abuse my sub in such a manner when she’d barely stepped onto Russian soil…”

“She handled herself fine, moy droog. You were the one who had me in stitches,” said Rytsar, laughing.

Sir shrugged off the laughter at his expense. “Insulting me won’t help your cause. Brie is capable of putting you farther down the list of people to call.”

The Russian gave Brie a domineering look and barked, “Don’t.”

She struggled not to smile. It was humorous that the secret Sir was keeping was bothering Rytsar almost as much as it was bothering her.

Once they were safely on the plane, a private business jet with only a few prominent Russians on board, Sir shared the remarkable news with Brie. “Mr. Holloway has run into an unforeseen snag in his latest project. They are on a forced hiatus while it is being ironed out. His insistence on confidentiality is to prevent already gun-shy investors from backing out of his project before he has a chance to remedy the situation.”

Brie stared at Sir, not really hearing anything after he mentioned the name ‘Holloway’. Her heart began racing. This is my big break!

Sir continued, “He only has a few days, but said your documentary has been on his mind. He wants to see it in three days’ time.”

That was when reality hit. “Three days, Sir?”

“Yes. That’s why I cut the trip short. You will basically have forty-eight hours, by the time we make it back to LA, to finish editing your documentary.”

“It’s not enough time,” she protested.

“It is enough time,” he corrected, “since it is all the time you’ve been given.”

She bit back the feeling of panic and nodded. “Yes, Sir. I will make it work.”

He covered her with a blanket. “Go to sleep, Brie,” Sir commanded. “This will be the only chance you have for the next three days.”

Obeying him was nearly impossible, but she forced herself to count sheep and then gave up on that, concentrating on Sir’s breathing instead. It eased her into slumber—the reassuring force of his presence.

She had to fight back the thought that kept invading her head: This is the beginning…

Brie spent the next two days hunched over her computer, drinking coffee and eating apples at Sir’s insistence—his idea of a more healthy energy booster. He took it upon himself to cook and care for her so that she could focus solely on editing the film.

Brie lived and breathed her documentary, from her first night at the Submissive Training Center to the last, when she, Lea and Mary had contemplated what the future held for them. She was obsessed with the last part of her footage, where both Lea and Mary had questioned her choice to be collared. At the time, she had only been considering Tono and Faelan, with no idea how the night would end up playing out.

However, it was difficult to listen to Mary. Brie had to fight back the bile rising in her throat when Mary mentioned wanting to take a spin with Faelan. Lea had jumped on her for it, but Brie had actually defended Mary. At the time she’d mistakenly thought the backstabber was her friend.

It shocked Brie just how many times Mary had called her an idiot for wanting to get collared. Her claim that Brie just needed to ‘play the field’ in order to find better Doms had been a lie. The truth was that Mary hadn’t wanted Brie to be happy at all, and had been willing to do whatever it took to prevent it.

Mary was the lowest, most spiteful person she knew. Brie’s only consolation was that despite her nemesis’ best efforts, Brie had still got her happy ending. Although graduation night hadn’t gone the way she’d envisioned, the end result had been far better than Brie could ever have hoped for. It turned out that Mary’s hatred had been unable to stop what was meant to be.