Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

Both men exhaled deeply to one side and then threw back their heads and gulped the drink down. Brie was horrified and amazed to see them drink so much at once. Before they were finished she exhaled quickly and threw her head back. She struggled to take a gulp and then another to down the burning liquid. She was about to take a breath when Rytsar tipped the glass back up.

“Drink,” he commanded with a wink.

With determination, she downed the entire glass, tears pricking her eyes as her whole nasal passage burned from the strong alcohol. “Eat,” he said kindly, taking the glass from her and holding the pickle to her lips. She struggled not to cough as she took a small bite.

Rytsar grinned and smacked her on the back. “Well done, radost moya!” He immediately poured another glass for all three. Brie looked at Sir nervously.

Sir’s smile was reassuring. “Russian tradition, little sub, but you can call your safe word.”

“No!” Rytsar laughed. “Radost moya is no coward.” He handed her back the glass with the same amount of liquid as the first time. The alcohol was already warming her entire body. It was an agreeable feeling, now she’d got past the initial unpleasantness.

She held up her glass to show her willing participation.

Sir nodded his approval and gave the next toast. “To all the pigheaded aristocrats in the world.”

Rytsar looked properly insulted, but he and Brie clinked glasses.

It was just as much of a struggle as the first time, but she drank it all without any help. Afterwards, she took a big bite of the salty pickle and grinned at both men.

“You are now an honorary Russian,” Rytsar proclaimed, giving her a spirited pat on the back that sent her tumbling into Sir’s arms.

“Had enough?” her Master asked.

It took a few seconds to formulate the correct answer with all the warm yumminess coursing through her. “If it pleases you, Sir.”

He put her glass down and answered, “It does, téa. I think you’ve had enough.” He gave his own glass back to Rytsar. “I, however, would like another.”

Rytsar gladly filled it up. “My turn for the toast.”

Sir nodded with a grin. “You are the host.”

Brie had expected to hear a witty insult. Instead Rytsar said, “To you, moy droog. You have seen me through great troubles.”

Sir’s face suddenly became solemn. “Same here, my friend.” The men clinked glasses and downed their drinks, giving each other a heartfelt embrace afterwards. It was the most vulnerable Brie had seen Sir, other than with her. In that moment, she understood how close the two really were—like brothers.

Rytsar cleared his throat afterwards. “One more?” he asked, holding up the vodka bottle.

“No. I need to remain clear-headed,” Sir replied.

Rather than giving Sir a hard time, Rytsar nodded and poured himself a drink, then downed it easily. He gave a satisfied sigh and smiled at Brie. “Nothing like vodka to open up the soul.”

Brie giggled, flying on the warm cloud that was consuming her from the inside out.

“Come, Brie,” Sir commanded. She looked over to see him sitting on the couch with his legs spread open.

As she approached Sir, she asked, “How would you like me, Master?”

He patted the area next to him. She giggled, finding it funny that he didn’t want her between his legs. She gracefully sat down next to her Master. Sir told her to lay her head on his lap, and he began stroking her hair.

Rytsar joined them, sitting on the other side of Sir. He sighed loudly after he’d sat down. “I will miss you, peasant. It has been good to have you in my homeland.”

Sir continued petting Brie’s hair as he spoke. Tingles of electricity ran down her spine as his deep voice rumbled. “It is a shame it must end, Durov. This has reminded me of old times.”

Rytsar chuckled. “Da.”

Brie closed her eyes and fell into the pleasant warmth of the vodka and the soothing feel of Sir’s touch.

Her Master continued, “I can’t imagine why I waited so long to visit.”

“It’s alright, idiot.”

Brie giggled on Sir’s lap. They definitely sounded like brothers.

“Did your sub just disrespect me?” Rytsar asked.

“I’m not sure.” Sir lifted her chin. “Did you just disrespect my longtime friend, téa?”

Brie looked at him and smiled. “No, Sir. I respect your friend very much.”

He smiled and cradled her face. “I suspected as much.”

Rytsar huffed. “If giggling is a sign of respect, I need another drink.” He got up and poured himself an additional glass.

The warm feeling coursing through Brie must have been coursing through Sir, because he suddenly changed positions, pulling her up and kissing her forcibly on the lips. “Undo my pants and grind on me,” he growled huskily.

Brie quickly obeyed and straddled him so she was face to face with him. She eased her pussy over his cock and coated it with her slick excitement as she moved up and down the length of his shaft without taking him inside her. He grabbed her hips and helped to guide her movements.

“Your pussy is so beautiful, téa.”

She felt warm butterflies stirring. “Thank you, Master.”

“Let me inside.”

Sir lifted her off, removing his clothes before positioning her pussy over his rigid cock again. She slowly guided his shaft into her, purring as she settled down fully on his manhood.

He threw his head back and groaned. “I love the feel of you.”

She ground hard against him, needing him deeper. She was oblivious to the world as she made love to her Master…until she felt manly hands on her ass.

Sir leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “My gift to you.”

Brie whimpered as she felt Rytsar’s fingers explore the valley between her legs. A tingling chill coursed through her body at the thought she was about to DP with both men.

Sir caressed her cheek. “Normally, I like to be the one teasing your ass, but not this time.” He kissed her on the lips before adding, “I want to look into your eyes today.”

She caught her breath, his words having a physical effect on her.

“Such a sexy ass,” Rytsar complimented. He kneaded her buttocks several times before inserting a lubricated finger into her anus.

Brie whimpered again. The thought of what was about to happen threatened to undo her.

“It’s okay, little sub. We will start off gentle,” Sir said, teasing her.

She moaned as Rytsar pressed his finger in farther. “She is extremely tight.”

Sir gazed directly into Brie’s eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry, she loosens up with play.” To Brie he said, “I know your desires, téa. Even those you are afraid to voice aloud. The two of us want to give this to you. It will be our first time as well, as he and I have never scened together like this before.”

“Oh, Sir…” Brie whispered.

Rytsar asked in a husky voice, “Are you ready, radost moya?”

Brie closed her eyes and nodded.

Sir reprimanded her softly. “Open those pretty eyes.”

She looked at Sir as the round head of Rytsar’s cock pressed against her. Breathe, she reminded herself as he separated her buttocks and pushed a little harder.

“Open for him, téa,” Sir commanded, before they locked lips.

She became lost in his kiss, but cried out when the head of Rytsar’s cock breached her entrance. It stretched her achingly, but she found it immensely satisfying. The Russian grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head back as he held onto her waist with his other hand.

Sir stared up at her lustfully, watching her varying expressions as she accepted Rytsar inside her. Soft mews escaped her lips as her body struggled to take both men at once.

The Russian Dom leaned forward and bit her on the shoulder blade. Growling against her skin, he left a trail of bite-marks on her back. She cried out in passion and felt him thrust his shaft even deeper.

Sir wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, drawing her to him. “Deny us nothing, téa,” he said, kissing her bottom lip.

“Yes, Master,” she murmured breathlessly. Rytsar started on her right shoulder blade, causing Brie to moan again.

“I want to feel my cock deep inside you, radost moya. I will pump my hot seed deep in this tight ass.”

His dirty words had a positive effect as her body received another inch of his shaft. “More,” she cried, but her body resisted farther advancement, despite her willingness.

Sir sneaked his hand down and smacked her on the butt. The sexy sound of it turned her on. “Again, Master,” she begged.

“Make room,” Sir told Rytsar as he wound up to spank her properly. The second stinging slap caused her to yelp in pleasure.

Rytsar’s deep groan greeted their play as his cock sank all the way in. Brie felt chills as her body accepted the fullness of both men. She panted against Sir’s chest, savoring the moment.

Sir gave her time to adjust before he seized her hips for leverage and pulled out so he could thrust back inside her. Rytsar waited to ascertain his rhythm before grabbing her waist and alternating his strokes. The men kept the rhythm slow but consistent, allowing her body to grow accustomed to the movement before they began fully thrusting inside her.

Brie screamed the first time they each gave a full stroke. It was almost too much. Sir kept his eyes on her. “Give in, téa.”