Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

Sir knelt down by her head and growled passionately into her ear. She felt a deep contraction in her pussy in response to his voice. Then she heard the welcome word, “Da,” come from her Master’s lips. She followed his order and came fiercely in honor of both men. Her hips could not lift into the air, so she remained still as the muscles of her vagina pulsed powerfully and her feminine juices flowed in release.

The wand was removed and then Brie felt Rytsar’s warm tongue as he gave her still reverberating sex a prolonged lick, while Sir seized her mouth and kissed her deeply. The double kiss was the perfect ending to the scene, and Brie sighed in satisfaction when they pulled away.

Rytsar began untying her ankles while Sir took care of her wrists. Her Master kissed her one more time before helping her to her feet. She wobbled a bit, weak from the session, so Master picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, carrying her through the spacious cabin to a bathroom in the back.

The place had a rustic feel, but everything was of the finest quality, including the tub. It was free-standing with golden claw-feet. He set her down and gently pushed her towards it. Obviously she was meant to clean up before the next scene. Brie immediately started the water as she watched Sir leave. She could barely hear their manly voices over the rushing water of the tap. It was deliciously provocative to contemplate what they might do next.

When she’d finished her bath, she was surprised to find Rytsar waiting for her just outside the doorway. He took hold of the back of her neck, sending a chill of possession through her. He guided her to the main room where Sir was waiting for them.

Her Master watched silently as Rytsar tied her to a chair. After binding her wrists behind her and her legs to the chair, he picked up a set of gold nipple clamps connected by a chain. He smiled as he manipulated each nipple, readying it for the clamp. Then he pulled on the sensitive skin, attaching the clamp to the areola so that when he released it, her nipple stood erect and begging for attention. Rytsar moved to the other, performing the same procedure before tightening the pressure on both.

The Russian Dom flicked her nipples playfully, sending an immediate burst of fire to her nether regions. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, taking in the sensation. He made one quick swipe against her slit and grunted his approval before returning to Sir.

The two sat down at a small table and began a game of chess. With her nipples throbbing and her pussy wet, she watched the Doms battle it out in a contest of strategy and wit. They laughed and chatted in Russian the entire time, but there was an underlying intensity to their play. Despite being friends, the two were fierce competitors.

Watching the men play chess, she better understood their success as Doms. Each was able to see several moves ahead and anticipate what the other was planning. The two were closely matched, making it a long and passionate game.

Sir glanced at her several times during the match, apparently liking what he saw. Each time she felt his eyes on her, she melted inside. It would take only a simple touch and she would come for him. It was during one of his glances that Rytsar moved a piece without Sir’s knowledge. When Master looked back at the board, Rytsar moved another piece and knocked Sir’s king over with a smug smile.

Sir shook his head and looked over the board as if he couldn’t believe it. Rytsar glanced at Brie and winked. It was a wicked thing to do. She debated whether to tell Sir, but found there was no need as he quickly identified the false move. He shot Rytsar a humorous look before knocking his king over and declaring himself the winner.

The two broke out in laughter. Then Sir looked at Brie again, his luminous eyes sucking her in, hypnotizing her. He stood up and she held her breath. As he approached, she squirmed in the chair, knowing the power of his touch. She whimpered when his lips came dangerously close to hers, and then he moved to her ear and whispered, “Téa.”

Her pussy erupted in a small orgasm. Sir reached between her legs and felt the last of its tremors. He smiled before walking away, leaving her alone in the room with the Russian. She glanced in Rytsar’s direction. He stared at her as if he held some dark and delectable secret he was unwilling to share.

Sir returned, dressed in a thick coat, boots and a traditional Russian hat. Brie had to admit he looked charming as a Russian and smiled bashfully at him when he approached. He was carrying a fur for her.

He put it down to release Brie from the chair. Before he untied her, he freed one nipple from the metal clamp, sucking hard on her breast to reduce the pain. She held her breath as he freed the other and encased her nipple with his warm suction. Brie groaned in pleasure. Sir looked up at her before releasing her nipple from his mouth with a sensual pop.

He undid the bindings, picked up the fur, then helped his naked sub into it. Her Master placed a matching hat on her head last, pulling it down over her ears. He gazed at her tenderly. “Krasivaya.”

She wasn’t sure of the meaning, but knew by his tone that it was meant as a compliment. Brie wrapped her arms around his bulky frame and pressed against him. Sir helped her into her boots and then took her hand to lead her outside.

The scenery was unbelievably beautiful in its winter splendor. The cabin was next to a secluded lake covered in a thick sheet of ice. Large flakes drifted down lazily, changing direction only when a frigid breeze caught hold of them. She stuck out her tongue to catch one of the huge flakes and giggled when one landed on her nose and melted.

Instead of taking her to the lake, Sir headed into the forest. They walked until he stopped in front of an incredibly tall, ancient-looking tree. Sir pushed her back against it, and opened her coat without warning. The freezing air caressed her naked skin, making her nipples stand to attention, but soon Sir’s warm hands were caressing them.

His fingers moved to her clit and he growled in English, “Your pussy has come twice, but it has not been satisfied. Let me remedy that.” Sir unbuttoned his coat and fumbled with his pants. He pressed her against the tree as he thrust his cock inside her.

Brie cried out in satisfaction, overcome by the feeling of Master’s shaft. So hard, so perfect, so needed… He grunted and lifted her up, giving her all of him. Her fur coat protected her from the roughness of the bark as he pushed into her with abandon.

“Oh, Sir! Oh, God, Sir, yes!” she cried.

He slowed down and looked into her eyes. “I love everything about you, Brie. Your passion, your mind, your body, your need…all of it.” His lips landed on hers again as he made love to her in the forest. Brie watched the large flakes gather on his head and shoulders as he took her. It was magical, this unexpected coupling in the forest.

“I love you,” she lifted her mouth to his ear, “Thane.”

He went wild then, seeking deeper access. Her screams echoed in the forest as she gave herself over completely to his passion. His grunts soon turned into groans as he came close to climaxing.

She closed her eyes so she could feel the moment it happened—the thickening of his cock, the deeper thrusts as he released his essence. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Master,” she murmured into his neck as he gave his final thrusts.

Sir pulled out and set her down, then buttoned up her coat and readjusted her hat. He whispered hoarsely, “I have one last surprise.” He zipped his pants and buttoned his coat before taking her hand.

Master took her on a leisurely stroll back to the cabin, allowing her a chance to admire the winter scenery. He pointed out a herd of deer on the other side of the lake. Brie smiled, overcome by the natural beauty of the place. The mountains surrounding them were covered by clouds and the deep silence of the falling snow made it feel like they were the only people in the world.

Brie squeezed Sir’s arm. “I love this place.”

He patted her hand. “As do I, téa, as do I.”

A Gift

When they returned to the cabin, Sir helped her out of her winter clothing and told her to warm herself by the fire. She gladly complied, curling up on the hearth as close to the warmth as her naked skin would allow.

Sir asked Rytsar in a joking tone, “Did you miss us?”

“You, no. Radost moya, yes.”

He chuckled good-naturedly. “Fair enough. I find her company far more agreeable than yours as well.”

Rytsar slapped him hard on the back. “Time for some vodka!” He marched to the kitchen and brought back three glasses and a plate of small pickles. He smiled gleefully at Brie. “Tonight we make you a real woman!”

Brie had avoided joining the drinking games the men had enjoyed nearly every night. Today it didn’t look like that was going to be allowed. Rytsar handed her the first glass and passed the other one to Sir.

“Brie, you are expected to drink it in one gulp,” Sir reminded her.

She looked at the large amount Rytsar had poured into the glass and shook her head.

“Do not insult the host,” Rytsar reprimanded, holding up his glass and a pickle.

Sir picked up one of the green appetizers and motioned to Brie. “You should take a bite after you down the drink. It helps, trust me.”

Brie picked up a small pickle and looked at it dubiously.

“Za zdarov’ye!” Rytsar toasted with a mischievous grin.

Sir held up his glass in response to the toast.

They both looked at her expectantly, so she held up her glass and smiled.