Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

I gasp involuntarily when he pulls out of her and grabs my ass with both hands.

“Desperate for your King, are you?”

I nod, surprised when he does not gag me like the others.

“You have not been raised for this like the other girls. I shall savor your maidenhead that much more.”

I look back at him, becoming entranced by his lustful stare. Being desired by a man is a new and intoxicating experience for me and I find I’m no longer resentful of my father—I desire my King to have my virginity for purely selfish reasons.

I purr in pleasure when he undoes my bun and lets my long hair fall over my back. Then he wraps his hand in my silky tresses and pulls my head back. I feel his hard shaft pressing against my tight opening, and whimper in fear and anticipation, knowing my moment is at hand.

“Remember this night, girl.”

I start to pant as he forces himself inside me. My body is resistant even though I desperately want to feel the fullness of him. I push against his shaft, hoping to break through my virginal resistance, but he slaps my ass in protest.

“Stay still.”

I do not move and my whole world expands as I relax, allowing his Kingly shaft to open me up. The pain is replaced with wonder when he begins to stroke me with his manhood. Nothing else exists but the two of us as I revel in this new connection.

Closing my eyes, I concentrate on the sensation of his shaft forcing itself deeper. Oh, this wondrous feeling of being utterly possessed!

I’m saddened when he pulls out, and cry, “More, my King.”

He seems amused by my heartfelt plea. “Are you begging, girl?” Slapping my pink ass, he replies, “I have already taken your virginity—what else of value do you have for your King?”

“I would give you anything,” I answer confidently as he bends down and bites my shoulder, his rigid shaft pressing against me.



He takes his manhood in his hand and repositions it against my forbidden hole.

I can’t breathe, taken by complete surprise by his demand.

“Are you still as willing?” he challenges.

I’m shocked by my own answer. “Yes, my King.”

He covers my mouth with one hand, while grabbing my ass with the other. This possession will not be like the first.

“Give in to me, girl. Don’t resist.”

Although I am frightened, I imagine his shaft deep inside me and my body responds favorably. The round head of his cock breaches my entrance and I groan into his hand. My ass aches as I take his length.

My breath comes in gasps when he begins to move inside me. I feel dirty and yet delightfully wicked being taken this way by him.

My King’s muscles tense as he forces himself farther into my darkness.

I am now completely and utterly His.

Brie put down the pen and sighed with unreleased need. She wondered what Sir would think when he read about the return of the King. She flipped through the pages again, noting that this fantasy was much longer than the others in her journal. Having been given unlimited time, she’d been able to fully detail her fantasy while still leaving her Master leeway to take it wherever he desired.

What will Sir do with this particular fantasy? Brie wondered. It had elements of Lea’s birthday gift with the addition of other girls, while continuing the Khan fantasy he’d played out with her just before Graduation. This time, however, it included one of his favorite pastimes—her ass.

Brie kissed her beloved journal before slipping it into the overnight envelope. Although she was grateful for the connection that writing her fantasy had given her, it also made her miss Sir that much more.

She decided that must be the life of a condor—the continuous longing and need for the other. While some might see it as a weakness, she saw it as part of their strength. When they were separated, each of them was still strengthened by the knowledge that the other was thinking of them and impatient to reunite. Then, when they finally came back together, the intensity of the union   seemed that much more powerful.

Brie hugged the package one more time before dropping it into Master Anderson’s mailbox. She felt a thrill of excitement, knowing her journal was headed off to her Master.