Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

He forcibly bound her wrists and ankles together, securing them so that she was properly hogtied and unable to move. Before he placed the gag over her mouth he kissed her deeply, his tongue caressing the inside of her mouth.

Brie heard another man speak Russian. He was out of her line of sight, but she could have sworn it was her Master. The men’s exchange was lively. If it was indeed Sir, she suspected he was giving Rytsar a hard time for kissing her. The van screeched to a halt and the two switched places, with Rytsar now at the wheel.

She was rolled onto her side and blindfolded. Hands roved over her body, rough and demanding, but she knew with certainty it was Sir. He ripped at her clothes, exposing both her breasts and pussy. Then he pressed his hand against her bare mound and spoke Russian in a low, ominous tone as he pushed his fingers inside her. Instantly, she became a willing but helpless captive.

Brie moaned into the gag when his lips landed on her skin and she felt his teeth on her neck. Sir knew exactly how to subdue her for play. She did not move or make a sound as he rolled her onto her stomach.

Brie wondered if this was a take on her warrior fantasy. She quivered at the thought of her pleasure being increased twofold. There seemed to be only one problem—it didn’t appear Sir wanted to share her.

Brie giggled into her gag.

Sir fisted her hair, pulling her head back. He growled into her ear, sending shivers of fearful pleasure as he ripped away the remainder of her skirt and slapped her ass hard. He let go of her then and moved away. It was her punishment for getting out of character.

That will not happen again, Master, she promised him silently.

Brie wondered where they were taking her and what their plans were. She knew they weren’t going back to the mansion, because the drive had been far too long already. She’d lain on her stomach for so long that she was desperate to catch a full breath. Brie wiggled slightly in an attempt to find a more comfortable position, but was unsuccessful and groaned in distress. Sir quickly turned her on her side, brushing his hand over her body before abandoning her again.

Rytsar said something and the two started arguing. Brie wondered if Rytsar had wanted her to suffer for longer, but he did not have the final say—which seemed to irk the Dom. It was certainly interesting having best friends scene together like this.

Brie was extremely grateful to Sir for rolling her over. Even though Rytsar’s hogtie was exciting in its tightness and constraint, she found it far more provocative now that she could breathe again. It gave her the opportunity to fantasize about what was going to happen. Brie couldn’t stop herself from imagining taking both Sir and Rytsar at the same time, but she immediately dismissed the idea. Sir had been much too quick to switch places with Rytsar after the Russian had kissed her. It appeared that her Master was a possessive lover… Brie thought back on her warrior fantasy. It revolved around a young maiden losing her virginity. She was curious what ‘virginal’ territories these two planned to plunder.

The van slowed to a stop and she heard Rytsar exit the vehicle. The door of the van slid open and the northern wind blasted in, taking her breath away. Brie was dragged to the cold edge of the van’s floor and covered in a blanket before she was lifted up and carried between both men.

They spoke in hushed tones, possibly going over the sequence of events. The men stopped, and then she heard a key in a lock and the creak of a door being swung open. The instant they walked over the threshold, the warmth and crackling sounds of a fire greeted her. She was carried to another room and thrown unceremoniously on a hard bed.

The blanket was ripped away. She felt the hands of both men pulling off the remnants of her clothes—the squeezing of a breast, the rubbing of her wet clit—and then they were gone.

She listened to them moving about, the clinking of glasses and laughter. Were they celebrating her capture or what was about to commence? Her loins contracted in pleasure at the thought of two highly experienced Doms playing with her.

Brie heard someone enter the room. She whimpered, keeping to her character but also hoping to instigate a response. The low rumble that escaped from his lips let her know it was Rytsar. She stiffened as he approached, unsure of his intent, remembering their last session together quite clearly.

His hands were rough as he untied her from her bonds and removed the gag and blindfold. Then he massaged her limbs, loosening up the muscles that had been bound for so long. But the handsome Dom was not finished. He proceeded to bind her wrists together again. Then his hand trailed down her body until he grasped her ankle and secured it to a leg of the simple bed set in the center of the room. He did the same with the other.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she begged, keeping in character but secretly meaning it. He grunted in reply, his face remaining stoic—not a reassuring response. Rytsar grabbed her bound wrists and pulled her towards him so that her body was completely stretched and her head hung over the edge of the bed. He secured her wrists so that she was immobile.

Despite her real fear, Brie’s pussy responded to his rough treatment, moistening itself for possible entry.

He chuckled to himself as he looked her over, obviously pleased with his work. He called out to Sir, who entered with a smile on his face. Sir’s expression quickly changed to one of lustful avarice when he beheld his helpless sub.

He nodded to Rytsar and then gazed back at her. The intensity of his stare made her squirm. She was no longer his submissive—she was his powerless captive.

Sir descended on her, surprising her with the fierceness of his kiss. He grabbed her long curls in one hand and her chin in the other, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. At the same time, she felt Rytsar’s fingers on her inner thigh. He said something wicked-sounding in Russian as he explored the folds of her wet pussy. She groaned as the Dom expertly teased her clit.

Sir’s kiss suddenly became more heated. He released her face and his hands moved down to her breasts. He flicked her nipples, making them taut before his lips left hers and he encased one with his eager mouth. He sucked hard on one while continuing to pull and tease the other.

Meanwhile, Rytsar rimmed the entrance of her pussy with his fingers without penetrating. Brie’s body instinctively tried to arch in response, but could not because of the restrictive bindings. It caused a gush of moistness that Rytsar rubbed against her already sensitive clit, causing her pussy to contract in delicious pleasure. As soon as he felt her respond, Rytsar pulled away and left the bed.

Brie concentrated on Sir. He’d pressed her breasts together and was sucking each nipple alternately. She thrust her head back, giving in to the electrical current he was shooting directly to her groin.

Then she heard it…the distinctive sound of the Magic Wand. This time Brie’s whimper was quite real. Rytsar chuckled under his breath, anticipating the orgasmic torture he was about to unleash. Brie’s whole body tensed when she felt the vibration on her pussy.

Sir pinched her nipples as his lips returned to her mouth. She closed her eyes as her whole body began to tremble with the vibration. The Russian Dom was forcing a quick orgasm. However, Rytsar commanded, “Nyet,” just as she was about to crest.

Brie cried out as she fought against the desperate need to release. Sir pinched her nipples harder, giving her something to latch onto other than the fire within her loins. With a valiant effort, she avoided the orgasm.

Rytsar seemed pleased and eased up on the vibrating pressure against her clit. Sir got up and moved to the head of the bed. He unzipped his pants and presented her with a raging hard-on.

Brie looked up at him, but did not open her mouth, in keeping with her character. He pressed his cock against her lips. The warmth of it enticed her. She pretended reluctance as she opened her mouth and he forced the head of his shaft inside.

“Sosat’ moy chlen,” he commanded gruffly.

There was no need to translate that order. Brie began sucking his cock with timid relish. While Sir enjoyed her services, Rytsar pressed the vibrator against her clit with renewed fervor.

Brie moaned on Sir’s cock as Rytsar played with her pussy. She took it all in, loving the dual attention. Her mouth was delightfully occupied by her Master while her clit danced with the vibrator.

Master thrust deeper down her throat, demanding full access. She relaxed her muscles to allow his sexy invasion. However, Rytsar was not playing fair and she found herself about to come again without any warning.

“Nyet,” the Russian Dom said with amusement.

Brie’s muffled cries met his command.

Sir stroked her throat with his hands, feeling the swell of his cock inside her. The pressure of his fingers distracted her enough to stave off the climax, but just barely.

Rytsar eased the vibration momentarily. Brie wasn’t sure how much she could take, but all her concerns fell away when Sir held onto her face with both hands and began fucking her mouth. Suddenly, it was just the two of them as he derived pleasure from her throat and she reveled in giving her body over to him. Brie closed her eyes and drifted into an ethereal bliss.

Instead of coming in her throat, Sir pulled out and released on her chest. She moaned with satisfaction as he spread his semen over her skin. It was a psychological and visual claiming. “I am Sir’s…” she murmured aloud.

Rytsar’s blue eyes flashed with impish joy as he pressed the vibrator against her and turned it onto the higher setting. She had no hope and whimpered in protest.