Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

She watched as he slowly unzipped her gown. Then he kissed her neck as he eased the material off her shoulders. The dress fell and pooled at her feet. Suddenly she was naked except for her garters, fishnet stockings and six-inch heels. Exactly the way Sir preferred her.

His hands roved over her breasts, and then he began pinching and squeezing her nipples as he lowered his lips onto her bare shoulder. His eyes did not leave her as he looked at her reflection. She was mesmerized by his hungry gaze.

Brie tilted her chin upwards and pressed the back of her head against his chest, giving in to the magic of his caress. She tapped into the sexual energy of those around her and ground her body against her Master.

He lifted her right arm above her head and ran his fingers down the side of her breast, the concave of her waist and the swell of her hips, tickling her skin with his light caress. Then he turned to a servant, who handed him a long red cord. Sir doubled up the rope and then began to tie it around her right forearm, starting at the wrist, creating an intricate, braided pattern as he went.

She watched, fascinated by the Kinbaku feel of it. He tied the cord off at her elbow, leaving the ends to hang like a fringe. He leaned in and said, for her ears only, “A warrior’s cuff.”

Her interest was piqued as he raised her arm again. The vibrant shade of red radiated power and his words infused her with a sense of courage and purpose. She smiled at Sir in the reflection, suddenly feeling worthy of this public display.

One of her Master’s hands glided over her stomach, then moved between her thighs, while the other captured her breast. She gasped as his fingers slid into her moist depths. She glanced at the mirror again. It was a visual representation of their relationship. He the masterful, confident Dominant and she the powerful, yet wholly devoted sub.

“Lie facedown on the table, arms and legs outstretched,” he commanded quietly.

Brie slid onto the table with catlike grace and laid herself out for him. Sir took his time as he removed her shoes, stockings and garters. His movements were sensual and confident, making her wet with anticipation.

She was startled to hear the sound of chains as Sir pulled up a cuff from underneath the table. It was attached to the leg. He secured her wrist, glancing at her briefly with a smirk. He continued until she was completely chained to the table.

So far he had done nothing more than undress her and bind her, but she was already quivering with need. It would not take much to set her body humming.

Sir nodded and a servant handed him a large swab and container. Brie glanced to the right and saw another servant standing with an extinguisher held elegantly in his hands. So it’s to be fire play tonight. No wonder Sir had insisted she put her hair up.

The servant lit the swab and stepped back just before the lights lowered. The room was completely silent. There was no accompanying music for the scene. Brie found it made for a more intimate connection with the audience. Every movement of Sir’s, every gasp from her lips was heard by their observers.

And Brie did gasp when she felt the cool alcohol coat her skin. Sir began with her back, making simple designs, lighting them on fire before he swept them out with his hand. He moved down her legs and even lit the soles of her feet, making her yelp when heat from the flames licked the sensitive areas.

As with the undressing, Sir took his time, building anticipation for both Brie and the audience. She noticed that Sir let the flames burn longer as he advanced in the scene. It required more of her concentration, as the heat was intense. Each time she was just about to cry out ‘yellow’, Sir would wipe the flames from her skin.

He began creating more detailed patterns on her back. Brie wondered if the designs had significance, because the men grunted in response when he lit them on fire.

Then he spoke the first words since he’d asked her to lie on the table. “You and I seek the path together.” She felt him making a trail of a spiral circle with the cool liquid. Brie held her breath as he tapped it with the flame. The fire danced down the path he’d created.

He swiped it away and made a new design. She could identify the sideways eight easily, knowing exactly what the symbol meant. “No matter what the future brings, you and I are connected.”

Sir lit the symbol for infinity on her back. She let it burn not only on her skin, but into her soul, almost regretful when he swept it away.

He then lit the ring of candles on the floor, one by one, before putting out the fire in his hand.

Brie looked into the mirror and felt a pleasant chill when she realized Sir was staring at her, his look cavernous in its depth and intensity. She could fall into those eyes, losing herself forever…

With the same slow precision he’d used to tie her up, Sir undid her bindings. He pulled her towards him on the smooth surface of the table and ordered her onto her hands and knees. He took off his clothes, his gaze never leaving hers in the reflection of the mirror. He caressed her bare mound gently and then smacked her on the ass. The satisfying sound of it echoed in the room and low chuckles emerged from the men.

He explored her pussy again, concentrating his efforts on her clit. “No coming,” he instructed, rubbing at just the right tempo to start the chain reaction. Brie bit her lower lip when Sir slid his fingers into her pussy, going straight for her G-spot. She gasped when he caressed it, rolling his finger over the area slowly, pleasurably, until her body pulsed with electricity. He pulled his finger out and replaced it with his shaft.

Brie moaned when she felt his cock press against her. He smiled in the mirror, shaking his head in response to her unspoken request. Sir thrust forcefully, filling her with one solid stroke.

She arched her back to take the full length of him, holding back tears of joy as her Master claimed her. Brie watched as he grabbed her hips and began fucking her without restraint. It was an erotic scene, with the red warrior cuff he’d made contrasting against her white skin, the curves of her round ass in his hands, and the look of ecstasy on her Master’s face.

Brie let out a primal scream that echoed throughout the room, desperate to express her passion and need for Sir. He met it with a roar of his own as he emptied his essence deep inside her.

He pulled her up to him, one arm across her chest, the other hand concentrated on her pussy. “Come for me, téa,” he whispered through gritted teeth.

Brie threw her head back and allowed all the emotion and sexual electricity to release at once. She writhed in his arms as the powerful climax washed over her, blurring her senses. Afterwards, she lay against him like a ragdoll.

Sir murmured in her ear, “My beautiful goddess, see how you have captivated the audience.”

Brie glanced discreetly at the men surrounding them. Their eyes were trained on her, holding varying looks of admiration and ravenous need. It was empowering to be admired by so many Doms, but she knew the truth.

“Master,” she whispered.

“Yes, téa?”

“No one else in the room matters but you.”

The Taking

Katia, one of Rytsar’s favorite submissives, insisted on taking Brie out for a day of shopping. With only a few more days left before her return to the States, the Russian beauty with grey-green eyes suggested taking Brie to bargain for souvenirs at the Izmaylovo Market, a place popular for its rows upon rows of folk art, jewelry, and Russian crafts.

Sir gave his blessing, but told Brie before she left, “I have arranged a special rendezvous for us today. Do not get so caught up in your shopping that you resist.”

“Of course not, Sir.”

“Do not resist,” he repeated. She noticed the glint in his eye, hinting of something clandestine. She felt a tingling in her loins. Is there a kidnapping in my future?

Brie spent hours perusing the individual shops, constantly on the lookout for Sir, but he didn’t show. Eventually she stopped anticipating his arrival and immersed herself in the joys of bargaining with the shopkeepers and joking around with Katia.

After an especially good bargaining session, Katia suggested they celebrate. “Shall we stop for a drink, Bennett-téa?”

Brie liked the cute nickname Katia had given her, combining her last name with Sir’s pet name. With her hands already full of purchases, she readily agreed. “Sounds lovely!”

Brie tried to keep up with her long-legged friend as they navigated the backstreets of the city, but it was a struggle with her bulky packages. “Wait, Katia!” she shouted when the girl rounded a corner ahead of her. Brie ran to catch up, but couldn’t find her when she made it to the corner. She ran on to the next street, but couldn’t find Katia anywhere. Brie doubled back, not knowing what else to do.

Chills went down her spine when she first heard the confident footsteps behind her. Even though she knew it must be Sir, her survival instincts kicked in. The feeling of being chased was frightening even though it was thrilling, causing a reaction she had no control over. Brie understood she wasn’t supposed to show resistance, but she got ready to bolt.

A strong hand covered her mouth, pulling her roughly backwards. Brie’s cries were muffled as she fought for her freedom. She was dragged, kicking and screaming, into a van and then everything went dark as the door slammed shut.

“Shhhh…shhhh…” her captor whispered as his powerful arms held her tight against him. Brie realized she was in the hands of Rytsar and whimpered, relieved but still suffering from the adrenaline rush of her abduction.