Becoming Super

By: Richard A. Plowden

Chapter 1

Being the best wasn’t easy for most people. But for Taia Morris, it came just as naturally as breathing. She was confident. She was smart. She was tough. And in a fight, one on one, she knew with all her heart that there was no human on Earth that could take her. After all, in her 16 years no one had. And she had been in a lot of fights.

But for the love of God, she could not figure out why the hell she had decided to go on this mission.

Her father, General Tony Morris, had told her not to. He had said that it was too dangerous and that no soldiers were allowed to go. So Taia was now regretting why she had agreed to go on this mission considering she wasn’t even a soldier yet. She was only a cadet!

But that’s what Lieutenant General James Connor did. He constantly undermined the General because he felt that he was the best to lead the Resistance. He felt that he was best fit to fight against the Supe Regime.

So Connor had manipulated 14 of the best cadets that the Academy had to offer into going through the barren desert of the Wasteland against the General’s knowledge and orders, to destroy a Regime weapons processing plant.

Taia was now realizing that she had been played. Connor knew that she hated Supes with all her heart. He had played her into disobeying the General’s orders and going on this mission. And now she was going to die.

Taia didn’t feel like her usually confident self. She was nervous, her palms were sweating as she rode in the truck with her fellow cadets. She had seen the destruction and carnage that a Supe could cause firsthand. She might be able to take on any human one on one. But against a Supe, she was going to get slaughtered.

Looking at the faces of her fellow cadets, she realized they had no idea what they were in for. They had never seen a Supe in action like she had. Her firsthand experience in the ways of Supes is why she trained so hard at the academy in the first place. Taia’s father told her that she was the best cadet that the Academy had ever seen. He said that if she kept training she would be fit to lead the Resistance in its 200 year long war against the Regime since the Outbreak. The Regime was the country made up of people who had been turned into super powered freaks of nature 200 years ago by the Outbreak virus. These Supes looked at humans as nothing more than scum.

“Alright there, Morris?”

Taia looked across the truck into the eyes of the young man sitting across from her: Jake Pitts.

Pitts was tall and muscular, a hulking figure. He had sandy blond hair and dark brown eyes. He looked like the guy who in all the old Pre-Outbreak movies was the jock in the high school. And he seemed to relish in this fact.

He was one of the many bullies at the Academy. But in such a place it was only natural to have those who tried to establish themselves as the big fish. That’s why even though Pitts was in her year at the Academy, she never usually let his bullying antics get to her on a verbal level. And he wouldn’t dare take it to a physical level. Not with Taia.

“Daddy’s little girl isn’t afraid is she?” Pitts sneered, wearing a confident smirk. “Scared daddy’s going to be mad for breaking the rules?”

“Shut up Pitts,” Taia snarled.

This infuriated Taia. Because for what was rare in her life, she was scared. But not because of breaking the rules. They weren’t ready for this mission. They were only cadets and Supes were….well, Supes. And the only person that might have a chance of surviving this was the driver of the truck; the man who should be scared of breaking the rules; the only actual soldier here; Staff Sergeant Alan Davenport.

Davenport was a man in his late 30s, but in the physical peak of his life. He was a soldier for the Resistance who had dedicated his life to fighting against the Regime. His family had been fighting Supes since they started appearing and taking over the world two centuries ago. But a Supe had also killed Davenport’s wife and children. His pain and outrage turned him into a dangerous soldier for the Resistance, a ruthless man, willing to follow any order to fight against the Regime. Even if the order came from the wrong person of authority like James Connor.

Davenport would not be able to return to Sector 6, Taia’s faction of the Resistance; one of its 9 sectors. One of the rules of Sector 6 was to never leave. If the Regime caught you, it would be too much of a liability for the safety of the sector. So the punishment was that you would be exiled. This is why Connor sent cadets. General Morris would never exile children into the Wasteland to fend for themselves against the Regime. But Davenport didn’t care about returning to base.

He was a bit unhinged. A phenomenal soldier, all he cared about was the opportunity to kill Supes. And now he had his chance.

As the truck came to a stop, Taia’s heart almost jumped into her throat. After 3 hours of riding, there were only two reasons they’d be stopping, either a Regime patrol had come through or they were at their destination. Taia looked toward the back of the truck at its doors. They were opened revealing the face of the only other person on this mission who had seem Supes kill firsthand.

Staff Sergeant Davenport, usually a quiet and reserved man, looked hungry and had a sadistic smile on his face. The only man who was a true soldier looked almost demented at the prospect of going against a Supe and killing it. This is why Connor had chosen Davenport to lead this mission. Davenport didn’t care about coming back to base. He didn’t care if he got kicked out and left to fend for himself against the Regime. Connor also knew that he would never betray the humans. Davenport hated Supes and all he wanted to do was kill some for what they had done to his life. For what they had done to his family.