Bad Benefits

By: Allie Valentine

There are some things you should never ever! Things like your boss j*cking off in his office while he moans your name.

There was no way this day could get any worse for Bailey … Good thing her best friend Hunter has the perfect cure for her woes … vodka.

There are some things you always hope to see... Things like your best friend, Bailey’s, perfect tits soaped up in the shower. Too bad she thinks he’s Mr. Nice Guy.

She wants to pretend none of that happened. But he’s not going to let her. He’s wanted her for ages and he’s finally going to show her he’s not that...nice.

A laugh out loud, alpha male romance that will make you look at interoffice relations in a whole new way!


Get your ass down here now.

Bailey smiled to herself at yet another text from her friend Hunter. It was Friday night and the rest of the office had already knocked off to go down to Happy’s, the bar right down the street from their building. It was their favorite spot for happy hour, thanks to the cheap drinks and terrible music. She’d be right there with them if she hadn’t gotten so behind on her work today.

Or if her asshole boss hadn’t dumped project busy work on her just a few hours ago. She wasn't even assigned to any of his projects specifically. Who did that?

Hunter: Charles from Legal is on the bar dancing. I think he’s trying to twerk.

Bailey snorted at the mental image of the older man trying to shake his booty. The marketing firm where they worked was a pretty conservative place and when she’d first started interning here, she’d been really intimidated. Everyone seemed so busy and professional, like they all had their shit together and she was just trying to figure out what she wanted to do after college. But after a few Friday nights hanging out with the office crew, she’d discovered that even the most conservative types had a wild side.

Not that she wanted to picture the nice older man who always helped her with legal questions trying to gyrate his nonexistent ass. Bailey giggled at just the thought.

Hunter: Seriously, where the hell are you?

Fed up, Bailey finally responded. Damn, Hunter could be such a drama king sometimes.

Bailey: Trying to finish all this work Mr. D gave me at the last minute. I could finish faster if you’d stop texting me!

Bailey returned to her computer screen and squinted at the small column of numbers. She sighed. Numbers weren’t her thing and she’d thought she was safe by majoring in marketing. But apparently even marketing majors needed to know how to adhere to a budget for their projects, though her boss, Mr. Dent, didn’t really seem to understand the budget all that well himself. Probably why he’d dumped this on her at the last minute.

After making a few minor changes to the numbers she’d entered earlier, she saved the file to the project drive and printed. It wasn’t perfect but that was the best she could do. What the hell could he really expect at the last minute on a Friday? It was already eight o’clock and no one else had stayed this late. If she was lucky, Mr. Dent had fallen asleep at his desk again and she could just slide this into his inbox without having to interact with him.

She hated having to talk to her creepy older boss, a man who still thought a comb over was preferable to just being bald. Especially when there was no one else there to act as a buffer. It wasn’t any one thing he’d done that made her uncomfortable; there was just something about the way he looked at her. Bailey shuddered as she gathered her things. He looked at her like he wished he could see through her clothes. Bailey sighed, realizing his cringeworthy gazes were the only action she’d seen in months.

Bailey walked down the hallway toward Mr. Dent’s corner office. Her handbag thumped against her thigh as she walked awkwardly, trying to type a text to Hunter at the same time. Maybe if she hadn’t been distracted she would have heard the noises before she got to the doorway.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Suck that dick.”

Bailey halted in the doorway, the hand that was holding her phone going up to cover her mouth. Her brain was in such shock that she tried to cover her mouth and her eyes simultaneously but she couldn’t block the grotesque image playing out right in front of her.

The light was off in the room but Mr. Dent had a large picture window right behind him and the late evening light was more than enough to illuminate what he was doing. He’d pushed his chair back from his desk and sat with his legs spread, creating more room for him as his meaty hand tugged at the short, stubby penis protruding from his pants.

Bailey clutched her phone tighter, her mouth opening and closing in shock. She knew she should probably move, but what if he saw her from the corner of his eye? So far he hadn’t noticed her and she definitely didn’t want to do anything to draw his attention.

“Oh fuck yeah. That’s it. Yes. Yes. Bailey!” He shouted her name and let out a long, agonizing groan.

His hand moved so fast it was a blur, but there was no missing the stream of white that sprayed everywhere as he continued to groan out her name. Her name.

“That’s it Bailey, lick it all up. Good girl.”