Arrival of the Prophecy

By: Robin Renee Ray


To my nephew ‘DJ Ray’ for always treating me like I was his full blood Auntie and that my daughter was his blood cousin, no matter what. DJ, from day one, over 25 years ago, you have been such an inspiration to me! I love and thank you for always making us feel like we were part of your family. Many Blessing to you and your wonderful little ones. Auntie loves you all so very much!


Sky Lashay was one of those types of individuals that preferred to blend in. She had no need or desire to stand out and was content to disappear into the background of any given social situation. On the night our story begins, she was getting ready to go out to a club for the first time in over a year. She had promised the girls from the ladies clothing store where she worked that she would meet them to do a little celebrating. She was turning twenty four years old, but wasn’t really one to do things like bar hop, or drink until ungodly hours of the night like some of the other girls who worked at the store bragged about. But, it was her birthday and she was looking forward to actually doing something other than her normal weekend routine.

She usually went straight home from work to her two cats, Doc and Holiday, and on weekends watched horror movies while eating popcorn with a feline on each side of her. This Friday, she was going to go out and enjoy herself. The last time she tried to have an evening out was when her stepmother, Bonny, called her over for her stepsister, Tiffany’s college graduation party. Once there she was reminded of the fact that she too could have made it through more than the first semester, if only she had listened like her perfect little replacement. She was annoyed by her stepmother to the point that she walked out of the party early, just as she had every gathering held that had to do with her family, ever since her father married for the second time.

After Sky’s mother passed away five years prior from breast cancer, her father Henry Delaney, met and married what Sky liked to refer to as a ‘gold digging wench’ that came along with a semi-smaller version of herself. Sky already had her own apartment when her father married the almighty Ms. Bonny, and had little to say about what her father did with his life. But that didn’t stop the wicked stepmother from trying to interfere with her life at every possible opportunity. She was absolutely determined that this was going to be one night that she put all thoughts of family and the lack of friends on the back burner and just have a good time. Little did she know that this one dark evening would bring on more than just disappointment from her co-workers. It would lead her down the path of a destiny that would turn out to be anything but one of simple normality.

Chapter One

Sky was pulling off the third shirt that she’d tried on when the phone rang. She fumbled half-in and half -out of the garment as she tried to grab the phone on its fourth ring. “Yes, hello,” Sky answered with the cloth between her and the phone.

“Sky, is that you?” Came a shrill reply followed by laughter on the other end of the phone.

“Could you hold on please?” She responded, ripping the shirt off and throwing it across the bed. “This is Sky.”

“Hey, Sky, it’s Mallory. We heard about this new club down on Lincoln Avenue, on the other side of the tracks, it’s called The Blue Howler, you can’t miss it.”

“I heard that anything on the other side of the tracks was bad news,” Sky replied, flipping through the things hanging in her closet.

“Oh please, are you going to believe everything you hear? Becky and I will be there around ten. You need to wear something dark. The place is rocker, not diva,” Mallory said then simply hung up.

“Wow, thanks for the ‘see ya there Sky’, or hell I would’ve been happy with, ‘later’,” she spoke out loud, walking over and hanging up the receiver, then reached down and ran her hand over her cat Holiday’s black back.

She walked back to the closet, contemplating on not going out at all after the way Mallory had acted on the phone. Not to mention the abrupt change of locations to meet each other. The south side was well known by everyone that lived in the city as the place you didn’t want to be during the day, much less after the sun had gone down. Sky pulled out her black leather jacket and the only pair of black shoes she owned, and set them on the chair next to the bed. She didn’t have a black shirt so she chose a dark red, sparkly tank top and a pair of dark blue jeans that flared at the bottom.

She got dressed then looked in the mirror that was on her dresser, deciding to add her black belt and hot pink watch to complete her outfit. Her hair was as dark brown, as were her eyes, and hung down to the middle of her back. She turned to see if her hair, as well as the pants, looked okay from the backside, pursing her lips tightly in dislike at the sight of her lower half. Sky always thought that she could lose a few pounds in many areas of her body, and even tried to cover her chest with jackets because she thought her breasts were too large for her size. Sky stood five three and weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds. She was a perfect thirty four C cup, with a twenty six inch waist, and thirty six inch hips. She had ivory skin that was flawless. Behind her glasses were large almond shaped eyes with high arched brows, and below them was a small delicate nose and pouty, red tinted lips. Yet she had no self-confidence and preferred to dress down and remain in the background.