A Very Xander Christmas

By: Anne Mercier

Rockstar 02.5

To all the readers, the Rockstar fans:

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

The Christmas Playlist:


IT’S BEEN A LONG FLIGHT back to L.A. and I’m exhausted. I just need to make sure

everything’s okay with Luce before I pass out. Her and Jesse taking a commercial flight didn’t go over too well with Lucy’s gramps but she gave him the look. You know the

one. The one that gets anyone to do whatever she wants them to. I’ve tried to become immune but, yeah, I’m failing.

I knock on the door. Fucking knocking on the door. You never know when those

two are going to be going at it. At least they don’t lock it anymore.

“Who is it?” Lucy calls out and I frown.


Her “Oh,” sounds like a moan but she tells me to come in. I’m in no way prepared

for what I’m seeing as I open the door. My jaw drops as I see Lucy kneeling on the bed in a pair of lacy, barely there panties and the rest of her is as naked as the day she was born.

Jesse’s hand is in her panties and I’m sure he’s finger fucking her with the way she tilts her head back and moans. Christ, she’s sexy as fuck and I’m already sporting wood.

Shit. I need to leave and either call someone to fuck or rub one out. I’ll just jerk it in the shower and think of this vision right here. That’ll do it.

“Uh, yeah, I’ll come back later.”

“No,” Lucy says, “stay.”

I raise my brows and my gaze snaps to Jesse’s. He shrugs. For fucking real? If

they’re jerking me around, I’ll punch a motherfucker.

“Are you sure?”

“Mmm,” Lucy moans, her breath hitches and she comes right there in front of me.

Holy hell, I could come just from that alone. One stroke of my cock and I’d be done.

That’s no shit. The arch of her back, the curve of her throat, the breathy moan. I scrub a hand over my face.

“She knows what she wants,” Jesse tells me, standing there in his skivvies.

They don’t have to tell me twice. I rip my shirt over my head and nearly rip the laces on my boots as I untie them. I toe them off, socks next, and I undo my jeans. I hesitate there.

I walk over to the bed.

“Be sure,” I say, looking between Lucy and Jesse. “There’s no going back and I don’t want things to get weird.”

“We’re good, man,” Jesse tells me and fist bumps me.

“Well, alright then.” I nearly rub my hands together, they’re itching to touch Lucy’s hot as hell body.

“Jeans off, Xander,” she tells me.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” The jeans are off and she raises a brow. I shrug then strip my boxers off and Jesse does the same.

“Oh boy,” she mutters. “Are all of you hung like the hulk?”

I burst out laughing and shrug. “Can’t say as I know what the other guys look like.

The only one I’ve done threesomes and more with is Jesse.”

Jesse shrugs with me and grins. “Yep, I’ve seen ‘em all and none of them left any of the fangirls unhappy.”

“I bet. Wow, I could see a six-er,” Lucy mutters.

“Are you fucking with me right now?” Jesse asks in disbelief.

Lucy snorts. “Yeah. I am.”

“Naughty girls get punished,” he chides.

“Punish me. Punish me hard,” she purrs and I groan.

“So how are we gonna do this?” I ask. I don’t know if they’re just wanting her to

touch me or if it’s okay if I touch her.

“Well,” Lucy says meeting my gaze, “there’s something we need to tell you before

this goes any further.”

I nod and they tell me about that Ian motherfucker. I’d overheard the conversation

before so it’s not news, but I still want to kill the son of a bitch. To hurt Lucy like that?


“Don’t get all upset or you won’t enjoy this,” she tells me.

“Uh, yeah, Luce? I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy every fucking second of it.” I can

guarantee that won’t be a problem.

I take a minute to appreciate her body from her full, firm breasts and rosy pink

nipples to her flat, toned abdomen, down to her partially shaven pussy—that’s

seriously fucking hot. I’m not into the bare look. Reminds me of little girls and that’s just fucked.

She crooks her finger at me and I walk toward her.

“Kiss me.”

“Huh,” I mutter, actually speechless because holy fuck, dude, this is real. I look to Jesse who shrugs and crawls behind Lucy on the bed, running his hands up and down

her back and over her ass.