Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

“Justine, man, you rocked the freaking house tonight. I tell you, sister, I can’t remember the club ever being this packed. Seriously. We’ve had a waiting list almost every night for the past two weeks. You are a lucky charm, my friend.”

“I second that emotion,” Sadie said. Giving Damien a weary smile, she pointed at Trixie. “And yes, you did hear your name. Would you give Trixie a hand restocking the booze? You can pull whatever we need from the storage room. Trixie has a list of what we’re low on. Maya will be back later but I’d just like to get it done.”

“Aw, man,” Trixie whined. She pushed herself away from the bar and tugged the dish towel off her shoulder. “Just when the conversation was getting good.”

“Sure, boss.” Damien put the clipboard on the bar’s smooth mahogany surface and slid it down to Sadie. “Everyone on the list showed up tonight except for Darius and his crew. It’s been a while since they’ve been in.” Damien’s brow knit together and made his olive-toned complexion seem even darker. “I know it’s because the wolves have been hanging out here a lot, but I thought Darius was cooler than that, you know? Killian and his crew aren’t so bad.”

“Darius? Cool?” Trixie scoffed and hoisted herself onto the bar before swinging her feet over and hopping off on the other side. She landed silently next to Damien and punched him in his massive arm. “I think all that time standing outside with the line full of whiny humans is giving you mental problems. Darius is kinda letchy. Vampire or not, I don’t like him. Shit, man. I’d rather hang out with the wolves than have him and those two old stooges of his here. Shane told me those guys are almost as old as he is, which would be fine if they were cool.” She made a face of disapproval and glanced at Sadie. “I can’t believe you slept with Darius. I mean, of all the vamps to choose from, you banged old man Darius?”

“Yeah, well.” Sadie rolled her eyes and pushed her long hair off her forehead. “It was a long time ago and he’s not that old. Well, he doesn’t look old. Anyway, that’s ancient history.”

“You never told me that,” Damien said.

“Would you brag about it?” Trixie asked with a snort of laughter.

“Very funny.” Sadie smirked.

“You and stuffy old Darius?” A laugh bubbled up and shook Damien’s broad shoulders. “I’m sorry to laugh, but talk about an odd couple.”

“Whatever,” Sadie said through a giggle of her own. “We weren’t a couple. It was just sex. And like I said, it was a long time ago. At any rate, I don’t think Killian and his friends will be hanging out here much longer, and that means Darius will probably be back. So, letch or not, he’s a customer. Play nice when he’s here, Trixie. No one is saying you have to bang the old vamp, just placate him. Like Olivia always says—his money is as green as anyone else’s.” She flicked her gaze to Justine. Based on the DJ’s expression, she already knew about Killian’s club. “You know about Killian’s plans, don’t you?”

“What plans?” Trixie asked.

“Yeah.” Justine nodded and rested her tattooed arms on the bar. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you ’bout.”

“What’s going on?” Damien asked with his typical big-brother concern.

“It seems our werewolf friend is opening a club right here in the city. He and his pack have been spending all their time at The Coven to learn more about the business.” Sadie gave Trixie a pointed look. “See? Killian’s hanging out here had nothing to do with me.”

“Right.” Trixie elbowed Damien. “She won’t admit that the hot wolf man has the hots for her.”

“Don’t start.” Sadie sighed. “And Killian’s not that hot.” Trixie and Justine gave her doubtful looks. Even Damien arched an eyebrow at her denial. “Fine.” Sadie lifted one shoulder and gathered the receipts in a semi-neat stack while avoiding their inspecting stares. “He’s kind of hot, if you’re into the arrogant alpha-male type. Anyway, he and his pack are opening a club next month here in Manhattan.” She made a scoffing noise. “Whatever. It’ll be out of business before the next full moon. I’m not worried.”

“Does Olivia know about it?” Damien asked.

“Apparently, yes, she does.” Sadie tried not to show her irritation but it was no use. “I guess she didn’t think it was important to mention.”

“Let me get this straight.” Trixie put up both hands and looked at Sadie like she had a screw loose. “You’d diddle with Darius and his old balls, but you turn your nose up at a hot, sexy badass like Killian?”

“We aren’t talking about my sex history. We are talking about business.”

“Yeah, but the sex stuff is more interesting.”

“You’re too much.” Sadie shook her head and answered Trixie’s question. “Darius may be old, but he’s a vampire. And in case you’ve forgotten, Killian is a werewolf.”

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