Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

Chapter 1

Being a responsible adult sucked ass.

Sadie let out a beleaguered sigh and folded her arms over her breasts while surveying the crowd with her heightened senses. The lights of the club pulsed and throbbed in time with the music. Beneath it all, she could feel the thrumming heartbeats of the humans, like a swarm of butterfly wings constantly rushing around her.

As a two-century-old vampire, Sadie had done a damn fine job of avoiding major responsibility. Until a year ago, her toughest choice had been what playlist to use at the nightclub on Friday and Saturday nights. However, with all of the recent changes to their little NYC-based coven, everyone’s roles had undergone serious adjustments.

Life had been simple and predictable.

That was then and this is now.

When Olivia, her maker and dearest friend, had offered to sell Sadie the nightclub, she’d thought it was a joke. Olivia loved this place and had busted her butt for twenty years to make The Coven one of the hottest dance clubs in Manhattan. Housed in an old church in Greenwich Village, The Coven had become the place to party for humans who liked to dress up like vampires—or what they thought vampires looked like. Little did they know the place was owned and operated by actual vampires.

Sadie had officially taken over the club about six months ago and was finally finding her groove. Olivia even admitted that Sadie was doing a hell of a job running the place. For a year, Olivia had tried to do it all—czar, nightclub owner, mother—but in the end she just couldn’t. Something had to go. Olivia had said she’d have to sell the club to strangers if Sadie didn’t buy it from her.

That was when shit got real.

Sadie scoffed audibly as she moved along the edge of the leather-clad crowd. No way in hell would she have let some stranger buy The Coven. Not only did the other girls in the family work here, but they all lived in apartments beneath the club. Nope. At that moment, Sadie had known it was time to nut up or shut up. She’d avoided being a real grown-up for more than two hundred years, but as with all creatures, time eventually caught up with her.

She was now an official grown-up, and as she’d suspected, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Making her way past the two VIP booths, one of which was empty for the first time in a long while, Sadie cast a look of longing at the DJ platform. At first she’d tried to manage the club and DJ, but it had simply been too much. Like Olivia, Sadie knew something had to give. Much to her chagrin, it had been the duties up on the platform.

The young vamp she’d hired from Los Angeles was one hell of a good spinner, bringing years of experience to the table. Not only that, but Justine was absolutely fucking gorgeous in a pierced-and-tattooed sort of way. The male portion of their human clientele had doubled since she took over and that, in turn, had pumped up the human female attendance. There was no denying that having a hot girl on the DJ platform helped the bottom line.

Sadie walked the floor of the busy nightclub and surveyed the writhing crowd of humans before giving Justine a nod of acknowledgment. Headphones around her neck, the DJ winked and pumped her fist in the air at the same moment the tune changed. A deep, pulsing beat rippled seductively through the club, which triggered some serious dirty dancing by the patrons. Sadie laughed and shook her head, knowing Justine loved watching the humans practically fuck each other on the dance floor.

That girl sure can spin her sexy little ass off. Trixie’s voice touched Sadie’s mind with wonderful familiarity. I haven’t seen a vampire girl with that many awesome tattoos in a long time. Please tell me we can keep her. She’s a badass.

You’re supposed to be worrying about the customers and serving wicked drinks. Not inspecting the new DJ. Sadie captured her sibling’s gaze and pointed toward the end of the bar. Meet me down there.

Now, you know me better than that. I can do both, sister. Trixie didn’t miss a beat and continued pouring shots for the three patrons seated in front of her. She’d been turned at the height of the NYC punk movement, and her spiky pink hair and leather getup made her look just like one of the club-goers. Sadie had been jealous when Olivia first brought Trixie into the fold. She’d never had to share her maker with anyone before, but she didn’t need long to see how awesome Trixie was. She was spunky, feisty, and swore like a sailor. Then again, so did Sadie, which was probably why they got along so well. She’s bringin’ ’em in alright. We’ve been jammin’ from open to close ever since she started.

Standing by the end of the mahogany bar, Sadie kept her sights on the two bartenders. A sense of pride filled her. Maya’s blond, innocent look was the perfect complement to Trixie’s punk-rock chic, and they were really good at keeping the drinks flowing. Sadie’s smile faltered when Maya caught her staring and then immediately made a beeline for her. Another sign of the times. Maya could no longer telepath with the rest of the coven.

Like Olivia, Maya had found her bloodmate and become a daywalker. Sadie didn’t begrudge her sibling the joy of feeling the sun on her skin or finding true love with Shane. But all of the bloodmate stuff would have been easier on the rest of the coven if they hadn’t lost the ability to telepath with each other.

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