Valentino's Cowboy [Brac Village 10]

By: Lynn Hagen

“Do you plan on taking me to a restaurant or having me as the main course?” Abe’s confidence was back and he wanted to pump his arm in the air. Maybe it was the initial shock of finding his mate. That had to be it.

“Both, my little cowboy,” Valentino purred into the phone. “Although you won’t be the main course. I plan on gobbling you up for my dessert.”

If Valentino kept talking that way, Abe just might have to run upstairs and jack off. There was a high probability that he would. Hearing the naughty words in that sultry tone and picturing his mate naked was a combination that was threatening to unravel him.

It was becoming difficult to stand here in the kitchen and hold a conversation while his cock was hard. He kept one arm crossed over his chest while the other one held the phone to his ear. Abe refused to get caught touching himself in the kitchen.

“Does six sound good to you?” Valentino asked.

“Sounds perfect,” Abe replied. “But you’ll have to pick me up since I don’t have a car.”

Valentino gave a low chuckle. “I can see why you wouldn’t need one. Just don’t pop out on me again.”

Abe did not want to think about his earlier embarrassment. He wanted to put it behind him and forget that he had made an ass of himself. He knew that wasn’t going to happen once he saw the twins, but at least for now he could forget about it. “See you at six.”

Hanging the phone up, Abe hurried toward the steps. He had an erection to take care of and a date to get ready for. Was it a date if Valentino was his mate? Oh, who cared. He was going to see his mate again and that was all that mattered.

“Not so fast,” Pa said as he walked inside. “Gavin and Winter need your help.”

Could his timing be any more off? Abe was so hard that it was almost painful and Pa was trying to send him outside to work? Was this some kind of cosmic joke? “I have to get ready for my date.”

Pa threw his arm over the railing as he gave Abe a wide smile. “Riley told me that you found your mate. Congratulations, Abe. Dr. Prayze seems like a mighty nice fella. What time is your date?”

Abe was having an extremely hard time listening to the man. All the blood in his brain had moved south. The only thing firing in his brain right now was “upstairs,” “bedroom,” and “jack off.” That was it.

“Abe,” Pa said his name a little more loudly.

“Six,” he managed to push out past his lips.

“That’s plenty of time to help and still get ready,” Pa said as he pointed toward the door. “Now go help them out.”

Abe gaped at the bear as he walked away. Was the man freaking serious? Not wanting to make the large bear shifter mad, Abe stormed from the house. He had seen Pa angry before and didn’t want the man pointing that anger toward him.

But this was so unfair!

“Over here,” Gavin shouted when Abe began to glance around. He spotted the bear on the side of the barn, Winter standing next to him. Abe hoped that this didn’t take long. He liked having extra time to pamper himself. There was nothing worse than rushing to get ready.

He still needed to figure out what he was going to wear. It would have helped if Valentino had told him where they were going.

“I need someone with small enough hands to grab the cylinder when I lift the housing.”

Abe had no clue what Gavin just said. The bear had just spoken a foreign language to him. Mechanics was not Abe’s specialty. But he would try just like he always did around the ranch.

If Abe had to be shunned by his own people, living on the Lakeland ranch wasn’t a bad deal. Abe had grown up with the Wood elves but never truly felt as though he fit in. Shanta had ruled them with an iron hand and Abe had tried his best to stay under the radar and out of the leader’s way.

But then Shanta was killed and Abe had betrayed his tribe by helping Malcolm and Chauncey. He had come here with a traitor named Garrett. Luke didn’t like Abe much in the beginning, but they soon got along.

This wasn’t a bad place to live. The Lakelands were kind and had big hearts, but it wasn’t Abe’s home. He was just living here and helping out.

“Okay, on the count of three,” Gavin said.

“Right after you say three, or when you say the word three?” Abe asked. “I just want to be clear.”

Gavin let out an aggravated sigh. The men seemed to do that a lot around him. “Just grab the cylinder when I lift the housing, Abe.”

Abe dried the sweat from his hands on his pants before he gave Gavin a nod. “I’m ready when you are.” He had no idea what the thing was that he was standing in front of, but it was pretty big. Both Gavin and Winter braced their feet to lift the thing. With hefty grunts, they began to raise the heavy-looking metal.

“Now, Abe,” Gavin said with a strain. “Just reach a hand in and grab the long round piece of metal and pull it out.”

Abe reached his right hand in and began to panic when he felt more than one long round piece of metal. “Which one?” he quickly asked as both men grunted, their muscles straining. He didn’t want to grab the wrong thing.