Valentino's Cowboy [Brac Village 10]

By: Lynn Hagen

“There goes the steak and baked potato I had in mind,” Valentino answered as he set the tray down. Abe saw a bowl of soup and some saltine crackers. “I guess dessert is out of the question.”

His mate gave him a conspiratorial wink, reminding Abe that Valentino wanted to have sex with him.

Abe felt his cheeks heat up.

“I swear,” Dr. Sheehan said as he continued to unwrap the bandages. “Why does everyone seem to want to have sex around me? Am I that good-looking?”

Valentino laughed. “Sorry, Doc. My lusty desires for Abe have absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Dr. Sheehan gave Valentino a narrowed look. “I’m not hideous, you know.”

“No, you’re not,” Valentino said. “You are a very good-looking man.”

Jealousy ripped through him, setting Abe’s teeth on edge. The violent emotion shocked Abe. His head still lowered, the doctor’s eyes shot up toward Abe, his expression questioning.

“That may be true,” Dr. Sheehan said, lowering his eyes and seeming intensely interested in what he was doing to Abe’s hand. “But Abe here seems to outshine me in the looks department.”

Abe squirmed, feeling guilty for wanting to remove the doctor’s head from his shoulders.

Valentino moved closer to the bed, brushing his fingers through Abe’s hair. “You’re damn right. My little cowboy is a wet dream.”

His jaw hit his chest as he stared up at his mate. Did he really just say that? It was official. This was nothing more than a very vivid hallucination. His eyes snapped over to the doctor when he heard a small snicker.

The doctor cleared his throat, busying himself. Abe’s eyes dropped to his hand and he felt his head swim. He quickly turned away, nauseous. Valentino swiftly cupped his face, their noses touching.

“It’s still swollen,” Valentino said, his breath whispering across Abe’s lips. “What you saw is not the end result.”

That didn’t stop Abe from seeing the hideous thing over and over in his mind. Though he had only glimpsed at it for a second, he had seen tons of stitches and a hand that was three times the size of his normal one.

He blinked a few times, his body jerking slightly.

“Look at me, hon,” Valentino said before placing a kiss on the side of Abe’s mouth.

That drew his attention.

“Such pretty eyes.”

Abe didn’t know about that, but staring so closely at Valentino, Abe could see the starburst mixture of brown and grey in his mate’s irises. The sight was breathtakingly beautiful. The man’s dark, thick brows only enhanced his eyes, the long lashes outlining the stunning view.

Valentino skimmed his lips across Abe’s cheek until they rested at his ear. “I love how you look at me as though you want to gobble me up. I’m so damn hard right now.”

“I can hear you,” Dr. Sheehan said irritably.

Abe’s breathing became labored, his good hand curling into a fist in the blanket as he sat there still as a statue.

“I can’t wait to get you home.”

“Home?” Abe squeaked. “Your home?”

“Our home,” Valentino corrected. “I already packed your things. They’re in my trunk.”

Wow, the man moved pretty dang fast. Abe wasn’t sure what to say. Although he liked the Lakeland men a lot, he wasn’t too fond of working on a ranch. “You did?”

When Valentino pulled back, Abe swore he once again saw something move behind the man’s taupe-colored eyes. It was the strangest thing. “Yep.”

He said the one word with absolutely no remorse. His thumbs began to skirt across Abe’s face and Abe forgot what they were talking about. He leaned forward, his eyelids fluttering closed as he enjoyed his mate’s touch.

“God, you are handsome and so responsive to my touch.”

“Still here,” Dr. Sheehan muttered loud enough for Abe to hear.

Abe slowly opened his eyes, his lips parting as he felt his cock grow stiff. He was ready to lay back and toss the covers aside, letting his mate have whatever the hell he wanted. His body shuddered as Valentino dipped his head and slid his tongue across Abe’s lips.

“Okay,” Dr. Sheehan said as he stood. “Since it’s obvious you two want to hump like crazy, I’m out of here. Just watch his hand and clean up after yourselves.” The doctor left the room, slamming the door behind him.

The flushed look on the doctor’s face hadn’t slipped Abe’s notice—neither had the rise in the doctor’s pants. He was willing to bet that the doc was going to find his mate and do a little humping of his own.

There was a sparkle of mischievousness in Valentino’s eyes. “Boy, do I know how to clear a room or what?”

Abe could care less about the doctor right now. He reached up to pull Valentino closer, using both hands out of habit. The lust that had overtaken him mere seconds ago died a tragic death when Abe got an up close look at his injured hand.

“Don’t,” Valentino said, but it was too late. Abe pulled away, placing his fucked-up hand back on the cushioned table the doctor had been using.

“I’m hungry,” Abe said as a way of changing the subject. He pasted a false smile on his face as he nodded toward the tray. “The soup smells good.”

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