To Marry McKenzie

By: Carole Mortimer


'No,' he said with certainty. 'I don't ever want to get used to this feeling. It's

wonderful. Exhilarating.' His hands tightened on her arms as he bent slightly

to gently kiss her on the mouth, that kiss quickly deepening into passion.

Darcy had no idea how long they were in each other's arms, kissing,

touching, discovering. It was wonderful!

'I think I fell in love with you that very first day,' Logan finally admitted, his

forehead resting against hers as the two of them sat close together on the

sofa, their arms about each other.

'I don't believe that,' Darcy responded, resting against his chest. 'I cried all

over you. And I looked a mess.'

Logan chuckled throatily. 'Your tears are what make you so human, Darcy.

As for your smile—it takes my breath away. Will you marry me?'

'Oh, yes,' she breathed ecstatically, unable to imagine anything more

wonderful than being with Logan for the rest of their lives.

'Soon?' he urged achingly.

'Very soon,' she acquiesced, knowing she wanted nothing more than to

belong with this man for the rest of her life. She chuckled softly. 'I still can't

believe this, Logan.' She cuddled into him. 'I promise I'll never kick you or

throw egg-white over you again—'

'Don't promise things you can't keep to, my love.' Logan laughed. 'I'm sure

I'll occasionally do things that will annoy you, and you'll react instinctively.

I love your unpredictability, Darcy. In fact, I'm quite expecting you to

present me with twins—possibly even triplets!—one day, as your piece de


What a wonderful thought!

In fact, the future, with Logan, promised to be full of wonderful things...