The Rest of Forever:Mercury Rising 4

By: Lynn Hagen
Chapter One

Shane was already in a pissy mood because of his dry spell, but it didn't help his mood when his roommate, Dustin, and Dustin's boyfriend, Tap, had kept him up all night with their sex noises from the next room. He didn't need to be teased with sex so close, yet all he could do was listen.

He felt like a straight-up pervert for pressing his ear to the wall, but Shane didn't care. And what was with those strange growling noises he'd heard?

Tired and grouchy, Shane opened the door to Spotos, and rolled his eyes as he entered. The last person he wanted to see when heading into work was that jackass Levi Lancaster. Not because Levi had been crude when he'd come into the coffee shop not too long ago and tried to order some dick. But because Shane was so damn horny he just might offer his to Levi. The guy was a real-life walking wet dream, even if he was an asshole.

But God, he was such a sexy asshole. Shane couldn't understand why he was always attracted to bad boys. And Levi was definitely bad. He was immature and probably didn't have a monogamous bone in his body, but Shane was at the point where he didn't care. He was in need of sex, not looking for a life partner.

A one-off wouldn't hurt.

God, I really must be desperate. Shane ignored Levi as he headed to the break room. He wasn't going to let himself get tangled in that mess. Levi looked like he had drama written all over him.

Shane paused at the door when he saw Stephen sitting at one of the tables. The guy had been attacked about a month ago and was just now returning to work. Thankfully he didn't see any scars on Stephen, but just because Shane couldn't see them didn't mean his friend didn't have them.

"Hey, Stephen." Shane stepped farther into the room. "How're you feeling?"

Stephen held up a hand. "Please don't pity me. That's the last thing I need. I just want everything to go back to normal, not feel like I'm a fragile piece of glass."

Shane nodded but saw the truth in Stephen's eyes. His life was far from normal right now. The haunted look about him made Shane want to hug him, but Shane doubted he would welcome it.

"Normal it is." Shane grabbed his work shirt from his locker and slipped it on over his T-shirt. He looked horrible in green, but that was the color his boss had forced his employees to wear.

He left Stephen in the break room and walked into the work area. Don't look for Levi. Ugh, Shane looked for Levi. He wasn't sure if he was irritated or glad when he spotted the sexy beast over by the door talking with Matt.

Shane was so fixated on Levi that he walked into the wall.

"Be careful," his coworker, Bruce, said. "Walls have a tendency to jump right in your way."

Shane scowled. He needed to get his head out of Levi's ass and throw himself into his work. Maybe he'd find a hookup later and relieve his blue balls.

Levi looked his way. He grinned at Shane and gave a little wave. Shane flipped the fucker off.

"We do not give our customers the middle finger."

Shane grimaced as he turned to see his boss standing behind him. Horace looked ready to blow a gasket as he glared at Shane. His face was ruddy and his eyes were narrowed. Shane tried to think of a reason to give Horace for flipping Levi off, but his mind went blank.


"And this is the third time this week you've been late." Horace hadn't whispered. A few customers looked their way, and Shane wanted to melt into the floor. God, he hated the bastard. Horace had no qualms about putting someone's business out there for all to hear. The rank asshole could have taken Shane into his office and chewed him out in private.

"Won't happen again," Shane grumbled. He stopped himself from flipping Horace off as he moved to the counter and started taking orders.

When Shane looked toward the door, he saw Levi watching him, a smirk on his handsome face. Levi had clearly gotten a kick out of Shane being yelled at.

"Someone's interested in one of the Mercury Rising men," Bruce teased. "But from what I hear, their business is a joke. You'd be better off fawning over someone who makes a decent living."

Shane envisioned slamming Bruce's face against the counter. The guy was a pain in the ass, had a nasally voice, and tattled to Horace just to gain brownie points. If Shane didn't need his job, he'd tell Bruce and Horace to go screw themselves.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Shane took the next order and punched it into the screen. "You need to worry about getting these orders taken care of before Horace yells at you."

Bruce's face fell, as though the thought of their boss shouting at him made him want to cry. Shane rolled his eyes and took the next order as Bruce hurried to get the first one started.

Stephen finally joined them wearing the fakest smile Shane had ever seen. He looked like he was fighting not to let his lips touch his teeth as he helped Bruce.

Shane really didn't want to be there. He wasn't in the mood for Horace's shit or Bruce's teasing. More like Bruce's harassment. Thankfully Shane was scheduled for only four hours. Normally he would bitch about the short workday, but today he was grateful. All he wanted to do was go back home and try to get some more sleep.

Levi stepped to the counter. Shane scowled. "Sorry, we're all out of dicks, unless you want my boss."

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