The Pleasure Room

By: D.N Simmons
Chapter One

Felicity looked at the front page of the morning newspaper, glaring at a photo of Mayor Dwight Goldberg shaking hands with conservative 2016 presidential hopeful, Illinois Senator Burt Winston. Apparently, the two were in agreement concerning a few tax increases here and there and a few other endeavors. She frowned, tossing the paper aside on her desk.

“Mark my words, Allison, that bastard's dirtier than a truck-stop bathroom and twice as slimy,” Felicity declared as she twirled her ink pen between her fingers.

“Who?” her best friend and co-worker, Allison, inquired.

“The fucking mayor and all his cohorts.” Felicity handed her the morning paper.

Allison took it, looked at the photo and rolled her eyes. She scanned over the article, getting the jest of it.

“You'll get no argument out of me on that account,” Allison said. “He says one thing and does another. He goes where the money and power is, like most politicians.” She tossed the paper on her desk.

“Ugh, so true, but he's running again and I seriously don't want to see this asshole in office for another four years with no possible end in sight, do you?” Felicity looked at her friend, a wicked gleam in her sterling gray eyes.

Allison scoffed. “You act like you can do something about that.”

“Maybe I can.” Felicity's expression was one of confidence with a hint of mischievousness.

“Oh oh, I know that look.” Allison pointed at her. “That look means you're about to do something either incredibly dangerous or stupid... which when I think about it, is one in the same.”

“You know me, I'm all about uncovering the truth, getting the low-down on so-called saviors of the city.”

“Bullshit. You're ass is down here doing obits like me. We ain't uncovering a damn thing except the coffee maker,” Allison laughed.

“Yeah, but we could. That's the point.” Felicity beamed at her friend with barely restrained excitement.

Allison cocked an eyebrow. “What do you know that I don't?”

Felicity licked her bottom lip in anticipation of spilling the juicy rumor she'd heard just a week ago. The two women rolled their chairs closer together to keep the soon-to-be-revealed secret between them.

Felicity flipped her long brunette ponytail behind her back. “All right,” leaning in close, she continued. “This isn't anything concrete, okay. Meaning, I have to do an investigation to validate this. The source is kind of credible-”

“Girl, will you just get to the damn point, my back is hurting leaning over like this,” Allison fussed.

Felicity frowned. “Okay, damn. A little birdy told me... or rather a gay stripper told me that one 'esteemed' Mayor Dwight Goldberg frequents a secret members-only, fetish, sex club.”

Felicity sat back in her chair, both eyebrows arched as if to say, 'what do you think about that?'.

“And you believed him?”

Felicity shrugged a shoulder. “Well, I'm not one to immediately dismiss information just because it may seem far-fetched. And really, is it that far-fetched?”

“Kind of.”

“Noooo,” Felicity protested. “Just because he's seen going to church, has a wife and three children doesn't make the man a saint.”

“Ain't nobody saying that asshole's a saint. We all know he's not. He's a greedy liar with a power addiction. I'm just saying do you think he'd risk going to some public club, regardless of how 'secret' it's supposed to be to get off on some kink? It's still people seeing him go in and out of the place. Someone might just tell what they know... oh wait... isn't that how you're saying you got your information? I just don't think he's that stupid. Diabolical? Yes. Corrupt? Certainly. Opportunistic? You bet. But stupid? Not a chance. He'd have too much to lose.”

Felicity chewed on her bottom lip as she mulled over her friends logic. “Sometimes I hate telling you any damn thing.”

“Hey...” Allison threw her hands up in surrender. “I'm just giving you my opinion. Besides, what was your goofy ass planning on doing with this information?” She laughed at her friend.

“I'm not saying, because I don't need you trying to talk me out of it.” Felicity rolled her chair back to her desk and turn around towards her computer.

“Oh, no you don't.” Allison rose from her chair and walked over to her friend's desk, sitting on the edge with arms crossed over her plentiful bosom. “Tell me. Go on, I won't judge. Besides, you know you're dying to tell me anyway.”

“Oh, fine, only because I don't have anyone else I'd trust with this information.” Felicity leaned closer towards her friend. “I found out where the club is. My stripper friend has a contact who... has a friend who can get me in on their membership.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Apparently this guy's no friend of our mayor's plan to increase taxes on local business owners, or his increasing bans and added taxes on adult entertainment establishments. Needless to say, he's not opposed to the idea of the guy never seeing a second term,” Felicity said.

“So he's going to sneak you inside the club to spy? How do you know the mayor, if this is even true, will be there?”

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