The Amulet of Eternity (Witches & Werewolves Book 2)

By: Bella Raven
Witches & Werewolves: Book Two


He is the sun, the moon, and the stars. He is the air I breathe and the ground I walk on. He is the fire that burns in my heart. I love him more than life itself. And I want nothing more than to kill him.

I didn’t always want to kill him. It started innocently enough. I just wanted a kiss. I wanted his irresistible lips pressing against mine. I wanted fireworks exploding. I wanted butterflies in my stomach. I wanted a mad, passionate, totally life changing kiss from the man of my dreams.

But I have a problem with desire.

As a vampire, passion and desire are easily confused with hunger. The sensation of feeding is nothing short of ecstasy. Never underestimate a vampire’s lust for a meal. If I’ve learned anything in my short time as a vampire, it is that we live for our emotions.

What started as his full lips lovingly melting into mine, soon became frenzied desire. I thought I could control it. I thought I could stop at anytime. Just one kiss, I told myself.

Now, I’m hissing and snarling like a savage beast. Atop my prey, I flash my razor sharp fangs. I’m not thinking about his luscious lips at all anymore. My only thought is the pulsating vein in his perfect neck. My ears fill with the sweet sound of Ethan’s heart pumping warm blood through flesh I will soon devour.




Nothing else exists. Just me, his blood, and the metronome of his heart. I am singular of purpose. Like an addict that needs a fix. My actions are not my own. An instinct. A reflex. A fight for self preservation.

Feed or die.

My mouth waters with anticipation. I feel the flutter of excitement. I am the cat who’s caught a mouse. The lion who’s brought down a gazelle. The shark who’s circling a seal.

I hear the muffled sound of Ethan calling my name, like a distant echo. Trying to get me to snap out of my trance. It barely registers—obliterated by the whooshing sound of his blood rushing through his veins. My eyes narrow on his pulsating neck. I lunge forward, preparing to tear into the river of life that is his flesh.

“Madison,” I hear Ethan scream again. But it does little to dissuade me. I am going to kill him. I have no control. I am a vampire in a feeding frenzy.


I wake up in my bed at uncle Jake’s. The morning sun beams on my face. It feels good. The smell of bacon and coffee permeate the air. The aroma is divine, but it can’t compare to the scent of blood.

I can smell a drop of blood from two miles away. Imagine your favorite taste sensation—then multiply that by a thousand. Or, possibly, a million. That’s how good blood tastes to me.

My hand slides underneath my pillow, fumbling around until I clasp a gemstone. I snatch it up and slip it into my pajama pocket. The stone is small and smooth and almost translucent. I wanted something that was easy to carry around with me. My life depends on it—at least, during the daylight. As long as the walking stone is within arms reach, I am protected from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s like magical sunscreen for vampires.

I’ve found that being a witch comes in handy at times. Though, I don’t know fully what I’m doing yet. And not every spell I cast works. When I made the stone, I was surprised when it actually kept my flesh from blistering in the daylight. Being caught in the daylight once was enough to never want to burn like that again.

What I need is a mentor. But there is no one to learn from. At least, not that I know of. My mind instantly drifts to Jen. How I wish she were still here. My eyes get misty thinking about her. I wipe them and try to focus my mind on something else.

I stroll into the kitchen. Jake has fixed breakfast, and Noah is scarfing it down as fast as possible. Jake pulls open the refrigerator and tosses a blood pack to me. “Stay on top of it. Don’t let the hunger set in,” he says.

I see the fear in his eyes. Noah’s too. They are all afraid of me. And rightfully so. Still, it makes me feel terrible. Our life is in upheaval, and it is all my fault.

Everyday we live in constant fear of attack from Vincent. I’ve placed a protection spell around us and the property. But I honestly don’t know if it will work.

Living in a post apocalyptic bunker, hiding from a ruthless gang of vampires, sounded like a good idea at first. But the practical aspects left a little to be desired. Hiding in Harlan’s survival bunker just wasn’t going to work forever. Jake has a job to go to. Noah and I have school. There was no such thing as personal space. That place got really small, really fast.

Now this was no ordinary survival bunker. Nothing Harlan does is ordinary. There were multiple rooms, and it really is state of the art. But still, we were all on top of each other twenty-four hours a day. It created a lot of tension, even among people who love each other.

Sure, there was TV and video games, and everyone had all the food they could eat. I had blood bags, but admittedly, it’s just not quite the same. Though, I have resigned myself to living off of them. But the experience of living in an underground bunker was mind numbing. There was no way to tell day from night within those concrete walls. At least, not without going outside, or looking at the security monitors. A few days down there became disorienting. A few weeks was likely to induce insanity.

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