Something About Us

By: Riley Hart
Chapter One

LUCKY HOLLOWAY HAD never seen so many cars in his life.

Okay, so maybe he was exaggerating a bit. It wasn’t as if back home he’d never driven into DC. Obviously, he had, but that was different. DC wasn’t something he did on a daily basis. Since he’d just moved to Los Angeles with his boyfriend, Saint, this—the mass amounts of traffic—would be his life. Every day. He figured he’d better get used to it.

Lucky watched the obscene number of cars, thinking about how many people were there. Again, he glanced at his boyfriend—his boyfriend. It was still an adjustment to realize he had a boyfriend and that moving to LA was a part of it. He would take hours in traffic if it meant having Saint, if it meant stepping outside of the world he’d always known and seeing what else was out there.

There was a loud honk, and Saint cursed and zipped between two vehicles, changing lanes into a spot where his car technically shouldn’t have fit.

“You gotta be a little aggressive to get your way.” He winked, and Lucky playfully rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, this is going to take some getting used to. It’s so amazing to me that there can be this many people right here on this freeway with us, when there are fifty other freeways with likely the same amount of people on them.”

“It’s wild when you think about it in those terms. For me, it’s life. I don’t really know any different.” Saint continued to push his way into spaces, making other cars slow down to let him in, until he exited the freeway. Lucky still couldn’t believe he was there, that he’d met Saint only a few months ago. That somehow, in the course of Saint going to Lucky’s hometown of Cottage Grove, Virginia, to reconnect with an estranged grandmother, Saint and he had fallen in love. And how so soon after Saint had become a part of his grandmother, Alice’s, life, and in turn Lucky’s life, Alice had passed away. He was angry on Saint’s behalf. It wasn’t fair that Saint had lost her so soon after finding her. It wasn’t something Saint mentioned, not outside of that moment they’d shared in Saint’s grandfather’s old office. Saint kept himself zipped tight, as though he hadn’t lost Alice and this was all about their adventure. Lucky decided to make a point of trying to get him to talk about it more.

What he really couldn’t believe was that he’d made the decision to uproot his whole life, leave behind everything he knew, and go with Saint. He’d never done something so uncharacteristic in his life—falling in love in such a short amount of time—and it was both thrilling and scary as fuck.

Lucky glanced over, took in the cut of Saint’s jaw, the tightness he saw in it, wondering if Saint realized he worked it while he drove; the aviator sunglasses on Saint’s nose, the same ones he’d been wearing the first time Lucky had seen him…back when he thought he despised Saint. All it took was looking at him to remind Lucky why he’d come, why there hadn’t really been any other option. He loved Saint, and he wasn’t ready to walk away from a relationship with him. Saint represented a freedom Lucky had never allowed himself to have, gave Lucky adventures he’d never seen for himself, and Lucky saw this as another one, saw this as a way to truly realize who he was and what he wanted.

But yeah, it was still crazy and scary as fuck.

“Are you hungry? We can stop before we get home. There’s food there too. I had my housekeeper stock the fridge for us.”

Lucky frowned. “You have a housekeeper?” It was such a foreign concept to him. That wasn’t how his family worked. His mom would laugh off the idea of someone cleaning her home for her.

“Uh-oh. I see judgment in your eyes. None of that, Luck. There’s nothing wrong with someone coming in once a week to help with my house.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“But you were thinking it.”

Goddamn it. He’d been thinking it. They might not have known each other well, but Saint got Lucky in ways that didn’t make sense. “Not in a bad way. Just…surprising. I didn’t know you had a housekeeper. Maybe it’s a funny thing to be struck by, but…” Lucky shrugged. “Guess it goes to show there are a lot of little things we don’t know about each other.” Probably some bigger things too. It was surprising how you could know you loved someone while still being aware you missed out on certain pieces that made them who they were. But maybe that was life? He figured people likely never stopped learning about people they loved.

“True.” Saint made a turn and was quiet for a moment. Lucky wondered if he’d hurt Saint or if his words had come out wrong, but he thought these things were important to talk about—their differences and what they discovered about one another. “We’ll learn. It won’t be easy. We talked about that. It’s likely going to be hard, but I want you here with me. I want to be with you. We’ll have to figure it out as we go.”

The perfect answer. It was so strange how once Saint had decided he was all in with their relationship, once he’d told Lucky he loved him, he was incredibly open with his feelings when it came to the two of them. He was glad Saint could be open with him about them but wished he spoke more about everything else too.

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