Ripley's Saint:A Perdition MC Novel

By: Isabel Wroth


The dress she had worn tonight was on fire and it was all Saint’s fault.

It was Saturday, her first Girls Night Out in months and it had been a total, complete, catastrophic failure.

Ripley sat on the floor in her living room, staring at the flames consuming the dress she would never wear again. Unable to keep herself from reliving the scene she’d made at the bar, over and over in mortifying detail.

“RIPLEY! Open the fucking door!”

She jerked in shock. Not having heard the familiar growl of a motorcycle, or any knocking, or the doorbell. She sure as hell heard Saint’s window rattling roar. Followed by the jarring pounding of his heavy fist on the thick wood.

How much time had passed since Ever had dropped her off?

Did she care?

The answer was no. She didn’t care and not nearly enough time had passed.

“RIPLEY! Open the door or I’ll fucking kick it in!”

A fresh flood of tears spilled down Ripley’s cheeks while she rolled to her hands and knees. She struggled to get up, wobbled on rubbery legs, and staggered to the front door. Her hand shook, but she reached up, took a deep breath, and resolutely turned the deadbolts.

First one, then the other.

She was glad she had installed the kind that didn’t have keyholes on the outside. Knowing Saint, he’d probably be able to pick most locks. He could kick the door all he wanted, though. It was two inches of solid oak in a metal frame.

Oddly enough, she could feel the metallic clunk of the deadbolts all the way through her chest. Locking the door and her heart simultaneously.

Ripley flinched when she heard him slam his fist on the other side.

Saint tried to persuade her to open the door in a gentler fashion, but there was no way he could make up for what he’d said and done tonight. She hardened her heart and went back to sit on the floor in the living room, hugging herself because she was freezing. Even in her favorite velvet jog suit and her fuzzy socks, she was freezing straight to the marrow. Dejectedly, Ripley set her chin on her knees and allowed herself to become mesmerized by the sight of her dress going up in flames. She had taken it off and known almost instantly she was never going to wear it again. There would have been no way for her to put it on and not remember in heartbreaking detail, just how hurt and humiliated she was right now.

Six hours ago….

Girls Night Out! The big GNO!


A chance for Ripley to put on her favorite dress, paint her toes Screaming Orgasm red, get her mile high CFMPs out of storage, and do her hair up in some cute victory rolls.

It was that time, she was indeed victorious, yet Ripley was needing the confidence boost the glamazon look would bring her.

Finished product? Smokin hot.

Ripley had been saving this dress for a special occasion. A power outfit for when she was feeling low. Needing to feel like the kind of girl worth more than a hot sexcapade every few weeks, seemed like that kind of occasion.

It was probably the sexiest dress she owned.

A slick black sheath that looked like it had been painted on. The hem that fell just below her knees was edged in innocent pink silk. A matching skinny little pink belt circled her waist. A sweetheart neckline with more pink lie along the swells of her breasts, currently being lifted up by a matching pink satin bodysuit underneath, and a delicate halter ribbon around her neck.

She looked and felt hot. Every curve outlined, and when she turned, the kick slit up the back showed the barest edge of her thigh-high champagne stockings. The pink ruffle that sat at the top of her ass made it impossible to hold back her smile.

The dress was ridiculously feminine, but at the same time managed to be ultra sexy. Her favorite black peep toe Mary Janes with the pencil thin heel did wonders for her legs, and so did the way it made her feel to look that good.

Ripley put on the pink diamond tennis bracelet her mother had given her for her twenty first birthday, flicked the matching pink studs in her ear, spritzed herself with her favorite perfume and was ready just in time for the honk of Ever’s jeep out front. Ripley snagged her clutch, grinning when she saw Ever and Athena both gaping at her from inside the Jeep.

“Hey girls!” Ripley greeted as she hopped in the back. Ever and Athena both twisted around to further gape at her.

Ever’s greeting was a wary, “Who pissed you off now?”

Ripley frowned at her friend in confusion. “What?”

“Don’t play stupid,” Ever challenged, “You’re hot shit all the time, but this is rub-it-in-your-face, hot shit. Did your ex call or something?”

Ripley could only blink in surprise. “My most recent ex was five years ago. So no. I look alright then?”

Athena threw her head back and laughed, looking sexed up herself in a pair of slick skinny jeans and a cute top. As Ever was also in jeans, Ripley felt a bit overdressed, but whatever. GNO was literally the perfect excuse to go overboard.

“Ripley, we might have to make a 911 call to the club after you start a riot in the bar.” Ever drawled, making Athena snort.

Ripley rolled her eyes and sat back, “I got my shop open on time, everything done, there are appointments on the books for the next six weeks straight, and I’m feeling some major stress relief! I felt that was cause to celebrate and put a little more effort into it.”