Redemption (Slick Rock #18)

By: Becca Van

“Get out of my head. Get out of my head. Please, get out of my head?”

No matter how hard she tried to eject the three doctors from her mind, she couldn’t seem to stop thinking about them. She’d met them when they’d diagnosed and looked after her as she’d recovered from a head injury. An evil man had punched Enya in the face and jaw and knocked her out when he’d kidnapped Delta.

It didn’t seem to make a difference that she’d only stayed in the new hospital overnight. Every time she closed her eyes those three handsome doctors ended up front and center. And it wasn’t just during the long, lonely hours of night time either. Any time she had a spare minute they seemed to pop into her head.

She was thankful that she worked odd hours since she had to get up way before the crack of dawn to bake muffins, pies, and cakes for the diner, because she had a feeling if she worked regular hours, she would end up running into Camden Brown, Phoenix Carter and Axel Raymond more than she already was.

One or two of the doctors always seemed to be in the diner whenever she was there. If they hadn’t worked staggered hours, Enya suspected that she wouldn’t be able to get away from them no matter how much she tried to avoid them.

She’d spotted Axel sitting at the counter drinking coffee and eating a muffin as she worked, but she wasn’t interested in him or his colleagues in the least.

Enya sighed with exasperation when her inner voice called her a liar, but she quickly pushed her conscience back. She didn’t need that voice telling her she was deluding herself because she already knew. However, that didn’t mean she was going to act or let those sexy hunks know how much they affected her.

She grabbed the container of muffins from the kitchen and after donning hygiene gloves, she walked out toward the counter. Enya kept her gaze down on the muffins and as she walked she told herself, “Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t you dare fucking look.”

The hair on her nape prickled and everywhere Axel’s gaze landed her skin heated, but she ignored him as much as she could. The only consolation at the moment was that he was sitting on the far end of the counter and she needed to refill the empty glass display case near the hallway end.

A shiver worked its way up her spine and she turned a little more so that her back was toward the opposite end of the counter. She let out a relieved sigh when she could no longer see Axel from her periphery and began to fill the muffin display. By the time she was done, her body was one big massive ache, and trying to push away the desirous heat coursing through her girly bits was almost impossible.

“Wow, they look delicious, Enya,” Kiara said and inhaled deeply. “They smell amazing, too.”

“There’re more out in the kitchen if you want to have one on your break.”

“I might just do that.” Kiara smiled. “I love blueberry muffins.” She eyed the other muffins and continued on, “As well as apple and chocolate chip. Who am I kidding? You’re an amazing cook. Everything you bake tastes like heaven.”

“I have to agree with you there, Kiara.” Axel’s deep voice sent a shiver wracking up her spine, and while she tried to stop herself from doing it, Enya glanced his way, before quickly lowering her eyes again. “Anything Enya makes is delicious.”

“Thanks,” Enya whispered and shyly smiled his way, before replacing the lid on the now empty container.

“She makes all the pies, cakes and pastries, too,” Kiara said.

“Is that right?” Axel said in his deep Texas drawl that had her insides flipping and her clit throbbing. “I might have to taste everything then.”

Kiara laughed. “I know what you mean. I’ve been sampling Enya’s baking on my breaks. If it wasn’t for the worry of an expanding waistline, I would’ve tasted the whole lot already.”

“She’s not just a pretty face, that’s for sure,” Axel responded. “Well, I’d better get moving, otherwise I’m going to be late. Have a good day, Enya, Kiara.”

She saw him smile their way from beneath her lowered eyelashes but didn’t want to directly meet his green-eyed gaze. Every time she looked into Axel’s, Phoenix’s or Camden’s eyes, she felt as if she was being mesmerized and drowning at the same time.

“You, too,” she replied politely and held her breath as he walked toward the door. Although Axel was a doctor, he never seemed to be in a rush, yet his pace was always quicker than it looked.

Enya couldn’t stop her gaze from wandering up and down his big, muscular physique and knew he had to work out or did some sort of physical activity to keep his body so toned and buff. His shoulders were wide and he was so tall, he topped her diminutive height of five foot two by at least a foot or more, but none of that mattered. Not the way her heart raced or her girly bits lit up whenever he or his two colleagues were around.

There was no way Enya was getting involved with one member of the opposite sex, let alone three.

She’d learned to be wary when she was young and she wasn’t about to change her decision of remaining alone and relying on herself just because she was in lust. Enya was good at ignoring her body’s needs and demands and she was going to continue on like always.

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