Pisces (A Zodiac Twin Flame Series)

By: Rachel Medhurst

Chapter One


The blurred vision of my flatmate staring down at me caused me to pull my head out of the water.

She gasped when bathwater streamed from my mouth, pouring out of my lungs. My long brown hair stuck to my back, turning it black. I whipped a strand away from my mouth.

‘What the hell? You looked dead. I thought you were dead…!’

I tried to cover my nakedness but Kat didn’t pay any attention.

‘I can breathe underwater,’ I said casually as I climbed out of the bath and wrapped a towel around myself.

‘You can breathe underwater?’

My stomach clenched as I debated whether to make a joke out of it. If I told her that all my siblings had unique powers, she would just think I was mad.

‘You can’t tell anyone, though, it’s my party trick. Top secret.’ I took her hands into mine and winked at her. If I could convince her to stay quiet, maybe I could still live a normal life.

She was shaking, her hands vibrated against mine. ‘I thought there was something weird about you,’ she said, going out of the bathroom.

Closing my eyes, I released my held breath, hoping I had managed to convince her that I was ‘normal’.

I rushed to get dressed, stepping into my pyjamas bottoms and throwing on a black vest. I glanced at the clock on my mantelpiece. 9 PM. The night was still young but I felt drained. I rubbed my hair dry with a towel. Coming out of the room, I noticed Kat hovering by the home phone.

‘Please don’t…’

She shook her head. ‘Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.’

A knock sounded at the door. I knew exactly who it was. I could feel them. Why couldn’t they just leave me alone?

‘I’ll get it.’ Kat rushed to the door and opened it.

The boys stood there, towering in the hallway. They completely blocked any view past the open door.

‘Hello, gorgeous.’ Leo pushed his way into the apartment, his gaze locked on Kat.

I froze by the bedroom door. I mentally tried to calculate an escape. It was no good. The only way out was blocked by three men over six foot.

‘You need to come home,’ Leo ordered.

Kat’s eyes popped out of her head as Leo stretched. His tight shirt lifted to reveal toned, tanned abs. Her gaze roamed over his arms and landed on his blond hair. I crossed my arms as he strutted into the flat, showing off his tattoos.

‘I don’t want to come home.’ I was adamant.

He took my elbow gently and looked down into my eyes. ‘You can’t stay here, Pisces. Kat knows.’ He turned to look at Kat. His previous cockiness had gone. A flash of something crossed his face. I wondered what he wasn’t telling me.


I was being difficult but I needed my freedom. All my life I had been around eleven other people, and although I begged for space, the boys never gave me any.

‘Quit with the small talk. You’ve been compromised. Let’s go.’ Aries came into the room, took hold of Kat and put his hands on either side of her face. She looked up at him, unable to take her eyes from the tall, dark haired man.

Leo nodded. ‘I’m sorry.’ Before I knew it, I was thrown over his shoulder.

Grabbing his hair, I tugged, making him grunt. He laughed at my weak efforts. My strength was nothing compared to his. Why were they doing this to me? It wasn’t my fault Kat had caught me. How did they know?

‘Get her stuff.’ Aries gestured to Scorpio without taking his gaze away from Kat.

My chest constricted as Kat’s eyes went blank. Aries had wiped her memory of me as a precaution. Yet again, I was losing a friend.

‘I hate you,’ I hissed as Leo carried me out of my new life and back to my old one.

I was twenty. I wanted to fly from the family home. They had promised me that I could try and live alone, on the condition that no one ever found out about my power. It hadn’t lasted five minutes. I cursed myself for leaving the bathroom door unlocked causing Kat to witness my gift.

‘You know you can’t do this,’ he said as we got to the vehicle outside. The old Royal Mail delivery van had a bright red exterior with a black leather interior. With six seats, only half of us could go out at any one time.

‘Do what?’ I mumbled as he let me drop to my feet. I was tempted to try and escape but there was no point. He was faster. His long legs would catch up with me in one step. I hesitated when he opened the passenger door. I had to admit defeat.

Climbing in, I switched on the radio and turned it up to full volume. Leo sat in the driver’s seat and flicked it off. ‘Do you want to get us noticed?’

I glared at him before staring out the window.

‘You can’t live a normal life, you know that, Pisces.’ He put his hand on my arm.

Glancing down at where his long slender fingers rested against my pale skin, I growled. He pulled away and muttered under his breath as he started the engine. Aries and Scorpio checked over their shoulder as they came out of the building.

I could never run away. They would never let me leave. A glint of silver caught my eye as I rested my chin against my fist. The bracelet around my wrist looked dark blue in the light from the street lamp.