Mistress Arrangements

By: Helen Bianchin

‘No.’ She leaned against him and laid her head into the curve of his shoulder.


‘A little.’

‘We’ll order in room service, and catch an early night.’

She smiled at the delightful vision that encouraged. ‘Sounds good to me.’

Nikos lifted a hand and threaded his fingers through the length of her hair, creating a soothing massage that had a soporific effect.

‘Did I tell you we’re spending two weeks in Paris after I’ve concluded meetings in New York?’

‘Paris?’ The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the ambience that was the soul of France.

‘Paris,’ he reiterated. ‘A delayed honeymoon.’

‘Now I know why I fell in love with you.’

‘My undoubted charm?’ he mocked lightly, and felt her fingers curl within his.

‘The essence that is Nikos Alessandros, regardless of wealth and possessions. You,’ she emphasised.

‘There is an analogy that states “’tis woman who maketh the man.”’

‘I think it’s reciprocal,’ she accorded with wicked amusement.

Michelle lapsed into reflective silence.

Everything had been neatly taken care of. She’d arranged to lease out her apartment; together, she and Emilio had interviewed several people to act as her replacement at the Gallery, and had finally settled on a competent knowledgeable young woman who would, unless Michelle was mistaken, give Emilio a run for his money.

She intended to liaise with Emilio from wherever she happened to be in the world. New York, Paris, Athens, Rome. In this modern technological age, distance was no longer an important factor.

It was almost dark when the Cadillac slid to a halt outside the main entrance to their hotel. Check-in took only minutes, then they rode the lift to their designated suite.

Flowers, champagne on ice, fresh fruit and an assortment of Belgian chocolates were displayed for their enjoyment, and Michelle performed a sedate pirouette and went straight into Nikos’ waiting arms.

His kiss was both gentle and possessive, a gift and a statement which she returned twofold.

‘Mmm,’ she teased. ‘I could get used to this.’

‘The hotel suite?’

‘You—me. Sharing and working at making a life together. Happiness, love.’

‘Always,’ Nikos vowed. His mouth fastened over hers, and he deepened the kiss, exulting in her response until their clothes were an unbearable restriction.

‘I guess we don’t get to eat for a while,’ Michelle murmured as she nibbled his ear.


‘Only for you.’ Always, only you, she silently reiterated.

Love. The most precious gift of all, and it was theirs for a lifetime.

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