Loving My Neighbor

By: C.M. Steele

Chapter 1

It’s Monday morning and the town streets are full of people taking their kids to school or heading to work. Even in a small town like Lake Oswego, morning traffic can be heavy. I’m in a hurry to get to the office before the snow accumulates, so I’m impatiently tapping on the steering wheel. The light changes and we start to move. I’m only five cars back, but before I can cross the intersection the light changes. In frustration, I clench my fists around the wheel and shake the shit out of it. Hoping no one sees my road rage, I look around. To my right, I spot a beautiful blonde woman crossing the street and entering a white Lincoln MKX. My eyes turn to her, following her movements.

The snow is coming down heavily, but I can still take in her appearance. She’s bundled up in a white, puffy coat and a matching white hat that covers the top of her head, but it doesn’t hide her long blonde locks that fall all down her back and shoulders in waves. They look so silky. I’m itching to run my fingers through it while I pull her into my arms and kiss her. My dick takes notice of her as well, which it hasn’t done in more than six years for any woman. Hell, I don’t think I’ve been this hard from seeing a woman since I was thirteen.

I stop in the middle of the intersection to try to get a better look at her. I move my eyes up and down her form taking in the sexy curves that her coat’s not hiding. What I want to do to her; I groan to myself and bite my lip, thinking about having those thick thighs wrapped around me while I fuck her. She closes the door of her SUV but doesn’t look my way. I want to cut her off and steal her away back to my house and fuck her all day, but someone starts beeping behind me, shaking me out of my thoughts of kidnapping and I drive away from the beauty.

I get to my office on time, as usual, but I really don’t remember how I got here. My mind is lost back at River Road, where I saw my vision in white. I want to drive back over there, but what would be the point. She was getting ready to drive away when I spotted her. My visual of her plays in my head as I close my eyes and I’ll just have to relive my memory of her. She reminds me of a snow bunny in her all-white.

The woman getting into her SUV wasn’t tall, probably only up to my chest. It makes me want to hold her close and take care of her. I can picture her with her head resting on my abs, curling against me after a good fucking. I’m so consumed by my snow bunny that I hardly acknowledge my assistant on my way to my office.

I barely make it through my workday; probably fucked up a few deals and cost myself a couple million with my lack of concentration. My deal making and organizational skills are as shitty as they were when my uncle first brought me on. I better get my shit together or go searching for the lady in white. Either way, something’s gotta give before I drive my company into the gutter. With a grunt, I get the shit I need for my next meeting. I’m just about to walk out of my office and into my last meeting for the day when I get a call from my housekeeper.

“What’s up, Ernie?” I ask with a smile. She hates when I call her that, but I love fucking with her. Truthfully, it’s the only fun I really have.

“Nothing, Bert,” she says with a hiss. That’s her usual reply. She’s a forty-year-old wench who enjoys working for me no matter how much she bitches about it.

“Then why are you calling me at work?” I ask impatiently because I have somewhere to be at the moment and all I can think about is my bunny. My thoughts of her are making me so hard my temper’s short. So I want to know why she’s calling. It’s not like her to call unless something’s wrong. Instantly, my mind goes to something breaking or leaking in the house. I’m not in the mood for anything going wrong at home today.

Ever since I bought the place, I’ve had one issue after another; something I don’t really have time for. I make most of my repairs by myself because I don’t like strangers in my home. It’s one of the many quirks I have. I think it stems from all the strangers that constantly came in and out of our home when I was a kid.

“Someone’s got a stick up their ass today. You know you really need to get a woman.” She has no idea. Mentally, I’m thinking about Bunny’s thighs and round ass, and my dick is so hard I’m leaking onto my boxers. I want one particular woman so badly it’s quickly destroying my well-built life.