Just One Night - Josh & Bailey

By: Melanie Shawn

He was about to start the engine up and get the hell out of Dodge when she caught him completely off guard. Her fingers dipped beneath the material strung tight against her chest. She adjusted the dress by tugging the neckline up. The action caused her cleavage to rise. A groan rose from deep in his chest but he managed to gulp it down as his pants grew uncomfortably tight.

Bailey’s body had always been his wet dream come to life. The first time he’d ever seen her naked, he almost came in his pants. One would think that the affect her curves had on him would’ve lessened over the years, but instead it seemed to have heightened. His dick was so hard he could use it as a kickstand.

“Do I look okay?” Her nose scrunched as she ran her hands down her dress. “I mean…am I all in?”

Josh knew there was no ulterior motive of enticement at play, but still.

“You’re good,” he rasped.

He’d swallowed the groan that had tried to rip from his chest but he was unable to disguise the gritty rawness of his voice. He was practically choking on his arousal.

“Really?” The sincerity in Bailey’s large brown eyes was almost enough to undo him. She bit her bottom lip as her fingers attempted to tame the wild strands of her long hair. “It doesn’t look like I just…” She shut her mouth and he knew exactly what she’d been about to say.

Images of her beneath him as he made love to her, of her face alighted with pleasure that he was giving her entered his mind’s eye. He hated that he knew the sound Bailey made when he was buried deep inside of her. He hated that he knew exactly what her hair looked like after he’d made sweet love to her. He hated that he’d never been able to erase from his memory the way her lower back arched when she came. And he hated how every time they’d make love, she’d snuggle against his chest, sigh and say, “I just can’t get close enough to you.”

That was how he felt. He couldn’t get close enough to her. She was as much a part of him as his DNA. And he missed her. He missed her more than he’d admitted to himself.

His defenses began slipping away, but then he remembered her final words to him all those years ago. “I needed a distraction. That’s all you were. A distraction.”

“You’re fine,” he said gruffly as he put on his helmet and jacket, started his bike, and rode away, leaving a confused-looking Bailey in his wake.

He’d done the right thing picking her up and bringing her here. She was safe…but that didn’t mean that he was.

Chapter 4

“There has to be something we can do, or someone else I can speak to…” This night just kept getting worse, and worse, and worse. She’d forgotten her purse in the back of Josh’s bike and now she was being turned away at the door.

“Ma’am, calm down.” The young Gigi Hadid lookalike spoke in a tone so condescending it grated Bailey’s soul. “I can’t complete your registration without I.D., a ticket, and a partner.”

Deep breaths.

Bailey was doing her best to keep her composure, but this chick was pushing every single one of her buttons. Buttons that were extra sensitive thanks to Josh and his bike. And his smile, and his touch, and his smell…

“I’d be more than happy to help you when you have those things, ma’am.” The model-thin blonde looked down at the device she held in her hands, dismissing Bailey.

Bailey’s fingers curled into a fist. If she ma’am’d her one more time, she was going to lose it.

When she’d realized that her bag—which contained her phone and wallet—was still in the back of Josh’s motorcycle, it was too late to catch him. He’d sped away from her without even so much as a goodbye. Which she’d taken personally, because it was. She knew once he realized he still had her purse he’d get it back to her, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind about that. It was Josh. The only problem was, if he didn’t get it back to her in the next fifteen minutes, she was going to be disqualified.

“What’s your name?” Bailey asked calmly.


“Sierra, I understand that you’re just doing your job. And I appreciate your dedication. I think we started off on the wrong foot. My name is Dr. Bailey Rossum. I’m a pediatric surgeon at HCC. I left my bag in my ride and my partner was unable to attend. But I’m here. There are dozens of people in that room that can attest to who I am and I have accrued over fifty thousand dollars in pledges that will be lost if we don’t resolve this in a timely manner.”

All she needed to do to secure that money was get past Sierra. Well, that and stay on her feet for the next twenty-four hours…which, she could. Obviously.

She was a pediatric surgeon who had done her residency at Johns Hopkins. She’d had lives in her hands and had to stay alert for forty-eight, even seventy-two hours. Twenty-four hours of dancing was child’s play.

Mirroring the same tone that Bailey had taken, Sierra spoke in a calm, authoritative tone. “To check you in, I need your I.D., your ticket and your partner. Those are the rules.”