Just One Night - Josh & Bailey

By: Melanie Shawn

“This is it,” Josh announced as they pulled up in front of a two-story, blue townhome that sat in the middle of a tree-lined street.

Before Bailey and Josh were even out of the car, the front door opened and Angie stood holding Noah and waving.

Over the past four weeks, they’d texted almost every day and Facetimed several times, but seeing her in person was still surreal. She wasn’t the tiny, helpless baby that Bailey had said goodbye to eighteen years ago. She was a young woman, a married young woman, with a baby of her own.

They all greeted one another and Bailey was so happy to see how well Noah was doing. He had weight on him and good color. Angie gave them a tour of their home and Bailey was struck with just how similar their styles were.

As they all settled in for dinner, Angie put Noah in a baby swing beside the table and announced, “Oh, and my parents are going to stop by for dessert.”

“Oh, good! We were hoping we’d get to see them,” Josh said sincerely.

Bailey and Josh had kept in contact with Gloria and Tim as well, and they’d grown to love them. Not only because they’d done such an amazing job raising Angie, but also because they were incredible people who’d opened their hearts and family to them.

The conversation turned to Angie’s classes and Jacob’s job. He was a police officer in his rookie year on the force and had a ton of entertaining stories. After they’d been eating for almost an hour, Josh squeezed Bailey’s knee beneath the table.

His gesture might’ve been silent, but she knew exactly what he was saying.

Gloria and Tim would be there any minute, so if she wanted to tell Angie without an audience, this was her chance.

Bailey glanced over at Josh, and he gave her an encouraging nod. She had no idea why she was so nervous, but she was.

“So, there’s something that we wanted to tell you guys.” Bailey heard her voice shake as she said, “We have some news.”

Angie’s eyes widened and she looked between Josh and Bailey.

“Are you guys pregnant? Are you having a baby? Am I going to have a brother or sister?”

“No.” Bailey and Josh both said at the same time.

Bailey chuckled at Angie’s enthusiasm. “But we are going to have a wedding. Josh and I are getting married.”

“Seriously?” Angie asked, her mouth dropping open.

“Yes,” Josh confirmed. “But it’s not a shotgun wedding.”

“Oh my gosh!” Angie jumped from her chair and gave them both huge hugs. “Congratulations!”

Bailey was so happy that her nerves had been in vain and Angie had taken it so well that she figured now would be great time to ask her, “And I was wondering if you’d be my maid, or I guess, matron of honor? You won’t have to do anything,” she rushed to explain, knowing Angie had so much on her plate. “I’m going to ask my brother, CJ, to be my man of honor and he’ll take care of the heavy lifting. But we’d love it if you were standing beside us when we say our vows.”

“Yes! Of course, yes!”

More hugs were given and they were still celebrating when Gloria and Tim arrived. The added company just made for an even larger celebration. Tim insisted on taking a family photo to mark the occasion. He set up his tripod and as they all settled on the couch, Bailey looked around and said a silent, thank you to her grandpa, to Josh’s mom, to all the forces she believed had worked to bring this moment to fruition.

It may not look like how she’d pictured it, but she had everything she’d always wanted. A family. It was what had been missing her entire life.

“I love you,” Josh whispered in her ear as his thumb circled her lower back. “Forever.”

“Forever,” she whispered back as the flash went off.