Inevitable(Bound Together Book 2)

By: LJ Baker


Alexander stood in the corner of the room, arms tight at his sides, mind shrouded, but his feelings clear. He'd stopped taking her blood, though it didn't change the intensity of their bond. He could hear her just as easily by that point. Hell, part of him thought he could hear her more since they stop being intimate.

He kept his eyes down, to avoid looking directly at her whenever possible. If he chanced just one look into those sad blue eyes, he knew that she'd be in his arms. He held on to the last shred of control he had to avoid that outcome. She wasn't his anymore. Maybe she never was, but it had certainly felt as if she was.

Weeks passed since she said she needed space. Weeks since she started spending so much time with his bastard half-brother. He did his best to stay out of her head when she was with him, when he touched her, kissed her. But it was impossible not to feel it. The jealousy that ate at him was something Alexander wasn't used to. When he wanted something, he took it. Yet with Ariana, he couldn't do that.

He'd listened in on her thoughts and knew that she thought she would be happier without him, that she could have a more normal life. But she wasn't happy. Each night her sleep was wrought with unsettling dreams, fitful bouts of tossing and turning, and the inevitable pull that brought him outside her door.

She called to him in her sleep nearly every night. He came each time, standing just outside her door, listening to her soft moans, or sleep-crying, while West slept peacefully in the next room, unaware of the turmoil inside her mind. He almost envied his half-brother for that. At least he would never know the pain of her rejection on that level.

It was easier when she'd been in her own apartment. The distance gave him enough of a break to keep him from ending up at her door each and every night. But when his wife managed to escape her prison before he could decide how to adequately handle her betrayal, Alexander knew he had to keep her close.

Having them stay in his home was selfish on his part. Sure, he'd convinced them under guise of safety, but really, he wanted her close. It was a double-edged sword for Alexander. Having her there with him each day gave him the opportunity to have some small piece of her in his life. Being able to see her, catch the scent of her hair as she walked by, feel her pulling at him through their bond, was something. Not what he wanted, but something. Yet at the same time, those were the things that brought him unimaginable pain.

Each time she was near, he fought the overwhelming urge to pull her into his arms, to crush her small mouth against his, to feel her essence meld with him. He fought the battle daily, warring with himself to do the right thing, to accept her decision. No matter how wrong he knew it was.

"You have anything to add to this, Lex?" Gabriel broke him from his thoughts to bring him back to the task at hand.

Alexander waved his hand in the air. "Whatever you decide. I don't care."

Gabriel walked over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. He wasn't the type to offer comfort and it caught Alexander off guard. Gabriel was serious and imposing, not at all the warm fuzzy type.

"You have to snap out of this my friend. She has made her decision. Accept it, or don't, but you have got to stop brooding."

"I'm not brooding."

"Alexander, you are."

"Oh, it's Alexander now, is it? I don't think you've called me that in two decades."

"That's irrelevant. You're letting this girl take you over. You have responsibilities around here. You do realize your father will be here soon, right?"

Micah Morgan took over for his wife, as what could only be described as emperor, after her death. After Alexander killed her to protect Ariana. He hadn't been happy with the decision of his only son, mostly because it meant he would have to run things. Any feelings he'd had for the woman died centuries earlier. His impending visit would be the first the two had seen each other in more than half a century and Alexander wasn't looking forward to the reunion     one bit. He wasn't even sure what his father's response would be, though he figured, if he planned to kill him for his acts, he'd have come sooner.

"I'm well aware of my father's impending arrival." Alexander turned, sensing her approaching. "We're done here. You take care of it. That's what I have you for." He waved his hand in the air at Gabriel and walked from the room.

She wasn't paying attention and nearly walked straight into him. "I uh… sorry."

Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, loose blond tendrils hung along her neck and Alexander reached out to let the strands tickle his fingers without thinking. Her eyes fluttered shut and she leaned in, making contact with him. They were like magnets, being drawn together, and no matter how hard they tried, it was undeniable.

Alexander's hand slipped around her neck and pulled her against him. Her heart pounded loudly with both fear and desire, which he picked up easily off of her. As difficult as it was to be in the same house, actual physical contact was torture. Each avoided it at all costs, knowing that one touch could be all it took for their resolve to crash down around them. And they were right.

Alexander listened in on her thoughts as she took in his scent, just one small breath, and she was gone, lost in him and their connection. She relaxed against his chest and her heart slowed. Everything about having her in his arms felt right. Her hands gripped his shirt as she pulled him down, seeking his mouth.