Ignite: Fated Mates

By: Wolf Specter & Angel Knots
Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates

Sexy Sneak Peek


Dragon’s Destiny: Fated Mates

Grabbing my hand, he pulled me through the mass of bodies toward the dance floor. Clubs had never really been my scene, but the way Zander moved was seriously making me rethink that.

God, my mate was sexy.

I could feel the beat of the pulsing music vibrating in every cell of my body, and in the darkened room, my other senses seemed heightened, until every inch of my skin tingled with the throbbing sound. The musky smell of sweating bodies surrounded us, and as Zander started to move, his familiar scent was like a beacon, attracting and arousing me as he led me deeper into the press of bodies like a siren.

The crush was the perfect excuse to wrap my hands around his slim hips and tug him back against me, and I bit back a groan as his tight little body connected with mine. I slid my hands up over his thin shirt, skimming them across his sensitive nipples through the soft material, and he rewarded me by moving his ass right where I wanted it.

Having him rub against me here—where I couldn’t do much about it—was exquisite torture. Zander moved like pure sex, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. More than one man raked him over with hot looks, but when their eyes met mine I let a little bit of my dragon show.

I didn’t blame anyone for looking, but Zander was mine.

I’d never had a territory to call my own, and it had never bothered me… but it didn’t mean my otherself didn’t have all the territorial instincts of my kind.

“You rumble when you growl, Schatzi,” Zander said, his voice full of laughter as he turned to face me and put his hand over my chest. “I want you to do that sometime when I am inside you.”

He had to press his lips against the skin just below my ear to be heard over the music, and the heat of his mouth shot straight down to my cock. Forgetting where we were for a moment, I hauled him up against me, biting at his lower lip with the sudden desperation of a starving man. Little flames flickered in his dark eyes, growing brighter as I clutched his ass and lifted him up to grind against me.

Regardless of where we were, he clearly had no intentions of stopping me. When I slid a hand under his shirt and over the smooth, hot skin of his back, he wrapped both legs around my waist… the grip strong enough that it freed my hands to roam.

God, I wanted to be touching all of him.

“Handsy,” he murmured—not a complaint.

He tipped his head back, and I traced his jaw with my tongue, nipping at the sensitive skin of his neck and then burying my face against him with a groan when he started rocking against me. I’d never been one for public displays of affection, but my mate was like a drug that drove everything else out of my mind. The taste of him was addictive, and the crowd around us was so thick that it created a false sense of privacy. His moans of encouragement were more felt than heard over the throbbing music, and each one made my cock pulse almost painfully against the stiff material of my suddenly too-tight jeans.

I wanted to feel him naked against me, and as if he read my mind, Zander slipped a hand between us and flicked my top button open. A sweaty body jolted into me from behind, bringing me to my senses, and I knew I’d have to stop touching my mate before it was no longer possible. It almost killed me to let go of him, but somehow I made myself lower him back to his feet, adjusting myself with a silent groan as I scanned the crowd around us. I knew I’d just gone way past a simple PDA, but thankfully it seemed that no one was paying any attention.

I grabbed his hand, hoping he’d let me pull him out of here and find somewhere more private—at least as far as the car—but he tsked, shaking his head.

“You can’t walk out with this in the way,” Zander teased, palming my straining erection through my pants. “Don’t you think we should take care of it first, mein Schatz?”

I couldn’t stop my hips from jerking against his hand, and I groaned, recognizing the glint in his eye. He already knew he was going to get his way, and I tried to remember why I’d thought I needed to argue as he pressed himself against me again and worked my zipper down between us.

“Zander…” His name came out as something between a whimper and a plea, and when he reached in and wrapped the rough heat of his hand around the head of my cock, my brain stuttered to a complete stop.

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