Holding Tight (Exiled #4)

By: Lynn Hagen

Chapter One

“I can’t believe you left me here for fifty-thousand years,” Kyle complained as his best friend walked through the front door of Zeus’s estate.

“It was more like two weeks,” Morgan corrected him and then pulled Kyle in for a hug. “Stop bitching. You were surrounded by gorgeous men the whole time.”

“Taken men,” Kyle pointed out with a pout. “It isn’t any fun when none of them are available. I don’t poach, so all I could do was look. No touchy.”

“You remember Renato?” Morgan waved to the thick, muscular man standing beside him. How could Kyle forget the guy? He’d been part of the reason all hell had broken loose back at Kyle and Morgan’s apartment.

“Yes.” Kyle turned his glare to Morgan’s mate. “I remember him bossing me around, his friend threatening me, and then being dragged from my home.”

“No one dragged you,” Renato argued and then shook his head. “I’ll leave you two to catch up. I have a meeting, and already he’s given me a headache.”

“You’re just as migraine inducing yourself,” Kyle shot back and then furrowed his brows. “What meeting?”

Morgan shrugged. “Renato and some of the other winged beasts need to talk with Zeus.”

Leaning in toward Morgan, Kyle whispered, “That’s one scary-ass alpha. Have you seen how big Zeus is? And damn, he looks like he can scare eight lives out of a cat.”

“I’ve never met him personally, but I’ve heard about him,” Morgan replied. “That bad?”

“You have no idea,” Kyle said. “But he’s nice. He lets me go jogging with him sometimes. Have you seen the back of this house? It’s like a secret garden out there. Real swanky.”

Morgan said something, but Kyle didn’t hear the man. He was too busy staring at the gorgeous god who had just walked through the front door. Thick body, dark, wavy hair to his shoulders, brown bedroom eyes, and lips that looked so kissable that Kyle’s mouth began to water.

“Who is that?” he whispered to Morgan.

Glancing over his shoulder, Morgan said, “That’s Nikoli.”

Sweet Jesus. Kyle was in lust. “Please tell me he’s not taken.”

“As far as I know, he’s single,” Morgan said. “The only mates in the castle are me, Jaycee, and Theo, so I can only assume—”

Kyle tuned out the rest of Morgan’s words. All he’d heard was that Nikoli was single. That was all Kyle needed to know.

He’d started toward Nikoli when he noticed Nazaryth entering through the front door. Kyle gave a low growl and spun on his heels, heading in the opposite direction. Nazaryth had been the one who’d threatened Kyle, and Kyle wasn’t feeling too friendly toward the jerk. He was also the one who had stuck Kyle at Zeus’s.

“Where’re you goin’?” Morgan called after him.

Kyle spun, ready to tell Morgan about Nazaryth. Morgan had been unconscious when Nazaryth had threatened Kyle. His best friend didn’t know what had been said. Instead of Morgan right behind him, it was Nikoli. Kyle yelped as he was pushed against the wall, trapped between the man’s arms.

“Nikoli!” Nazaryth barked the man’s name. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kyle shook like crazy as Nikoli nuzzled his neck, sniffing along his skin. The man was all up in his personal space, and Kyle was about to flip the hell out. “Get off me!”

Zeus and Renato came barreling down the hallway. Kyle stared at Zeus, begging with his eyes for help. Nikoli was hot, but his aggressiveness scared the crap out of Kyle.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Zeus wasn’t a small man. The guy’s muscles had muscles, and he had to be close to seven feet tall. He was dark-skinned, bald, and intimidating as hell. Kyle hoped that was enough to scare Nikoli away.

The gray wolf alpha snatched Kyle from between Nikoli and the wall. He shoved Kyle behind him, and Kyle stayed put. He was an impala shifter for Christ’s sake. He didn’t do confrontations, and he didn’t fight.

“Give me back my zaterio, or I’ll gut you where you stand,” Nikoli said in a low and lethal voice. He reached for a blade that had been sheathed at his belt. The guy meant business.

“Oh crap,” Kyle murmured to himself as all eyes turned to him. He’d heard that word at Morgan’s the night his apartment had been invaded. Zaterio meant mate. This couldn’t be happening. Kyle was already dealing with his own set of problems. He didn’t need a dominant male to…just…crap.

Zeus turned and glanced at Kyle. His deep brown eyes softened as he asked, “Do you feel the pull?”