By: Skye Turner

Book 2: A Lil Bit Country A Lil Bit Rock & Roll

Chapter One


“That was a great show! The crowd ate it up! Hey, Summer.” Jake, one of the sound techs, says as we exit the stage.

I hand off my fiddle and nod as I grab the bottle of water handed to me. After drinking half the bottle, I look at him and grin. “It was, huh?” My chin jerks back toward the stage and the still roaring crowd. “They’re still losing their minds.”

Daisy, my older sister and our lead singer, wraps her sweaty arm around me and pulls me close to her. My nose wrinkles as our skin sticks together. “Ew, gross, sis!”

She laughs and squeezes me tighter before releasing me as her boyfriend, Rafe, the lead singer of Destiny Fades to Blue, our tour mates, walks toward her. Pulling her into his, also still sweaty, body, he kisses her.

I roll my eyes and mutter, “Get a room, you two!”

Fannie and McKenzie, the rest of Sweet Southern Sass, just laugh and link sweaty elbows with me.

Fannie winks at me. “Aw, I think it’s sweet.”

I feign a gag and Daisy chuckles as I mutter, “Yeah, well, do they have to do that shit all the time?”

Rafe blows me a kiss and waggles his brows. “Damn right we do. Don’t be jealous, Summer. Just find yourself a man.”

My cheeks flame and I’m so grateful for the darkness of backstage.

Yeah well, the man I’m interested in isn’t the kind of man I need to be interested in, so no thank you.

Just then, Jake steps up beside me to get my attention. Turning my head, I raise my brows. He’s really cute. I’ve been checking him out a lot lately. He’s well built, has an attractive face, a couple of tattoos, and is a nice guy. He’s also been hinting that he’s interested but so far, he hasn’t acted on it.

He asks, “Can I talk to you for just a second?”

Nodding, I unlink my arms from Fannie and McKenzie and tell them I’ll meet up with them at the bus, then turn to face Jake. “Sure thing. What’s up?”

Summer and Rafe are unapologetically staring at us. Glaring at them, I turn my back in rebuff.

Taking my arm, Jake leads me away a bit and then stops. “Hey. You don’t have another show for two days and we’re going to be heading to Tennessee in just a bit. I’m from there… I was wondering if you’d be interested in hanging out tomorrow. We, the crew, have the day off, too.”

A smile covers my face. “Are you asking me out, Jake?”

He nods and laughs. “I am. I’ve been wanting to for awhile, but I wasn’t certain how you’d react. Tonight, I just decided to get over it and ask. All you can do is say no, right?!

“So, what do you say? Would you like to see Nashville the way a guy like me can show you?”

Would I? I mean… why not?

I’m single and tired of it. Besides, I’m sick to death of watching the revolving door of skanks parade through with Sean.

What do I have to lose?

Leaning over, I kiss Jake’s cheek. He chuckles. “Is that a yes or are you letting me down easy?”

Nodding, I reply. “Yeah, that’s a yes.”

Another of the sound techs yells from the stage, “Yo, get your ass back here, asshole! These bastards are heavy and we don’t get paid to flirt with the money makers!”

Jake laughs and calls back, “Chill, man! I’m coming. Give me one second.” He looks at me and smirks. “Guess I’d better get back to work. I don’t want to get fired before I can take you out.”

Laughing, I wave at the sound tech glaring at him from the stage. His face softens and he smiles at me. I call out to him, “He’s coming.” Then, I hold out my hand to Jake. “Give me your phone.”

His eyebrows raise, but he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his iPhone. Quickly punching in my number, I save it hand it back to him. “There you go, my number. Just call me tomorrow or text me once we get on the road and give me a heads up on a time and where we’re going. I need to know how to dress and make certain I’m ready.”

He looks me over and grins. “You can wear whatever you want and you’ll be perfect.” A lot of cussing and grumbling comes from the stage direction and he says, “I’d better get to it before he kills me.” He yells over his shoulder, “I’m coming!” Then, he jogs backwards toward the stage and the grumbling. He waves and calls out, “I’ll see you tomorrow, pretty lady, and I’ll text you as soon as we load up and hit the road. Texting you will be better than whatever these guys want to bitch about tonight anyway.”

Laughing, I wave back. “Sounds good.”