Fredo's Dream:SEAL Brotherhood

By: Sharon Hamilton

Chapter 1

SPECIAL OPERATOR ALPHONSO Manuel Esquidido “Fredo” Chavez knew he was dreaming but he liked the subject matter, so coaxed his fantasy a bit longer, willing to keep his eyes closed. In his dream, he had just landed and was carrying nearly a hundred pounds of gear, stumbling out of T.J.’s new Hummer, yet propelling as fast as his legs could carry him up his front walkway and into the arms of his wife Mia. The sound of her soft breath was the first part of her that began the conversion from fighting man to lover. She never failed to make his homecoming spectacular, and today was no exception.

“Ah, Fredo, my love. I have missed you terribly,” she whispered as he nuzzled into her hairline, kissing her long beautiful neck and licking the space between her breasts. If he had to die, he hoped he could take his last breath with his face buried in her cleavage. Even better if he was rooted deep between her legs.

His hands slipped over her warm, bare ass. The dress she wore melted to the floor in a colorful puddle of orange and yellow flowers.

He’d dropped his duty bag somewhere. Now he dropped his pants and absorbed her laughter as he showed her his pink boxers. This made him nearly wake up. But soon she was kneeling in front of him, completely naked, searching for his shaft, clutching his butt cheeks and moaning in that sorrowful way only Mia could do. She was beside herself with need and he aimed to satisfy that need tonight and keep himself hard for as long as she wanted it. Only in a dream could this be. He felt the chuckle in his belly vibrate against her forehead as she worshiped him on her knees. A better homecoming could not be had.

The scene changed and he was now in their large bed, her hot sweaty body calling to him. He had tasted her all over. He had lapped the sweat from her forehead and the juices between her legs, hungry for her still.

He carefully lifted her knees over his shoulders then undulated forward as he sought oblivion deep inside her, rubbing against her delicate channel from several angles, first slow, then fast, then slow again, drawing her kisses long, pulling her up to him by gripping her hips. Her shoulders lay back with her black hair splayed over the pillow, her enormous tits shaking as he stroked her quickly, then stopped to let her luxuriate in his powerful thrusts.

This was what made the deployments worth it. Homecomings were always done in bed. He usually gave her a head’s up the instant he landed on either coast, so she could arrange a play date for little Ricardo with one of the other SEAL families who had not just come home. Everyone in the community understood how important that first day was when they got home from deployment. They all knew about their men’s need to be intimate and why. It was the first thing they’d all do on their home country’s soil, an unbroken ritual to melt the stink of war off them all. There was purity in it, a long beautiful cleansing as he made love to Mia, as they all loved their wives—the vehicle to getting fully back home. It never changed.

He leaned back to watch the beauty of his penetration, see how her pink lips fit so snug around him and accepted his girth. It wasn’t fair she couldn’t see it like he could. Burying himself inside her was truly one of the miracles of being alive.

“Fredo, my love, make me grow a baby inside. Please. I want your baby.”

Even in dreamstate, there was a dose of reality there, piercing like a hot surgical steel blade in his heart. He saw the picture of his sperm, unmoving, with dented heads. He couldn’t look at her as his seed began to burst from him, filling her. He closed his eyes, and felt himself pulse, rocking her, giving her everything he had.

When he opened his eyes, her belly had grown. It grew larger still as he pumped his last. His eyebrow knitted and his forehead puckered above it. He scrambled off her, smoothing over the taught skin and inverted belly button of her tummy.


“Oh Fredo, thank you! Now I can give you back what you’ve given me for so long. Thank you my love.”

She arched her back, her knees bent, and he saw something move in her belly. Was it an arm, a leg or the head of his child moving there inside her? He felt the movement as it responded to his gentle touch on his wife’s flesh.

Her face was in ecstasy as she bore down, contractions coming, her eyes fixated on him, a hungry smile on her lips as she bit herself. “Oh, Fredo, I do this for you!” He saw she was in pain, but at the same time it was pure pleasure to her. “Take my baby, Fredo. Take our baby.”

He quickly scanned the liquid space between her legs, now flushing blood and red-tinged fluids. In the sea of birthing fluid came blood of his blood, a baby born, still attached to her. As he picked it up, miraculously the skin pinkened and he held it in a soft blanket that had also magically appeared. The infant gazed up at him. The child was older than a newborn all of a sudden.

His attention was drawn back to her body again as another child appeared. He lay the first two into Mia’s bedside as she cooed and kissed them both. When he delivered yet a third infant, the first two had grown large enough to crawl off the bed of their own accord, chubby arms and legs scrambling. The toddlers righted themselves, their laughter and squeals again pulling at his heartstrings. They ran out the bedroom door like chubby-cheeked cherubs from Heaven, black curly hair covering their heads.

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