Fit To Be Tied:Cade Creek 17

By: Stormy Glenn
Chapter One

Terry Iverson was so tired he was afraid his brain would explode if another person asked him anything. He had just gotten off a double shift, and he was ready to take a shower and crawl under the covers of his bed for the next century.

He really shouldn't have worked a double twenty-four-hour shift—no one in his line of work should—but there had been a huge pileup on the pass between Cade Creek and the city. Eighteen cars involved, untold injured. It had been a mess. All hands on deck. He'd had no choice.

He frowned at the red truck parked in the driveway, forcing him to park on the street. He didn't recognize it, but whoever it belonged to had good taste. It was a newer model Dodge Ram Mega Cab 4x4. Terry wasn't sure he would have chosen red, but it wasn't his truck.

His truck was twenty years old, and looked it. The motor ran good because his friend Tony kept it in top running shape, but the green paint was fading, and it had a crap ton of scratches and dings. Still, it was the only vehicle he had, so he was grateful for it.

Terry climbed out of his truck and started for the front door. He shot another look at the truck as he passed it, praying his roommates hadn't invited a bunch of people over for a party. Terry so wasn't in the mood to entertain anyone or for a bunch of noise.

He was surprised to find the front door locked. If they had company, he didn't think the door would be locked. Maybe it was just a friend crashing on the couch or something. That had happened before.

The first time he came home and found some stranger passed out on his couch, Terry had flipped, threatening to hit the guy with his baseball bat. Once the man had explained who he was, and his roommates had backed that up, Terry had felt like a complete idiot.

He pushed open the front door and stepped inside. After closing the door and locking it again, he turned and tilted his head, listening for noise. Nothing. Terry checked the couch in the living room. No one was sleeping there.

Maybe one of his roommates had someone sleeping over. It wasn't like that was against the rules. Terry preferred that they didn't have tons of people coming and going all day and night, but he didn't begrudge anyone a little action.

He wished he was getting a little action. It had been so long since his dick had seen anything other than his right hand, it was probably covered in rust. His work schedule just didn't lend itself to starting a relationship or keeping one going. He knew. He had tried. Twice. Both times had been dismal failures. Terry had eventually given up.

What was the point?

He thought about going into the kitchen and grabbing something to eat, but he was just too damn tired. He'd eat after he had ten or twelve hours of sleep. Luckily, he had the next twenty-four hours off. He could sleep as long as he wanted.

Climbing the stairs to his bedroom was almost not worth the extra comfy mattress he knew was waiting for him. He didn't tend to spend a lot of money on himself because he had a crap ton of bills to pay, but a high-quality mattress had been one of the few things he had indulged in.

Terry walked into his bedroom and set his stuff down next to the door. He'd put his go-bag away tomorrow. He didn't bother turning on the light as he went to the bathroom. This had been his room his entire life. He knew the path to the bathroom by heart.

He quickly took care of business, washed his hands, then stripped his uniform off. He kicked them in the general direction of the laundry hamper. He'd pick them up and wash them tomorrow.

Terry stumbled when he walked back into his bedroom. There was a box on the floor, one he hadn't seen before. Maybe one of the guys had dropped it off in his room. He'd have to ask them.


He groaned as he climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over him. He went stiff for a moment before every bone in his body melted and sank into the soft mattress. It was pure heaven.

Terry was asleep in the next breath.

* * * *

Terry groaned as he stretched his legs as far as they would go and flexed his toes. He must have slept forever. He felt better than he had in a very long time. He didn't even remember having any nightmares last night. It wasn't often that he went the whole night without at least one nightmare waking him.

Despite the wintery conditions outside, he was toasty warm. The blankets all wrapped around him and the warm solid body behind him. Terry yelled as he jerked and rolled off the bed, landing on the floor with a solid—and somewhat painful—thud.

There shouldn't be a warm body anywhere near him.

A head appeared over the edge of the mattress. If he hadn't been so freaked out, Terry probably could have enjoyed the amused smile on the man's handsome face, but as it was… "Who in the hell are you and what are you doing in my bed?" Terry snapped.

The arched eyebrow was aggravating.

"I'm pretty sure I should be asking you that question," the stranger said. "I believe you are in my bed, not that I mind, but…"

"Look—" It wasn't until he stood and the man's eyes roamed over him that Terry remembered he was naked. He quickly pulled the top blanket off the bed and wrapped it around his hips. His face flamed. "Look, this is my room. It has been my room since before I was born. You're the trespasser here."

The man frowned. It was the first sign that he'd shown that something might be wrong. Apparently, he was used to naked men waking up in his bed. "Hey, I rented this room fair and square. I have a rental contract and everything."

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