Find Me, Keep Me (A Let Me Go series Book 3)

By: L.L. Akers
Book 3 of The Let Me Go Trilogy

~Bound by blood...Marked by the Dragonfly~

Praise for The Let Me Go Trilogy:

"L.L. Akers' debut book is a well-written and emotional book."

"Breathtakingly beautiful." -Not Everyone's Mama Book Blog

"Riveting and gut-wrenching, a captivating read. Full of emotion."

"I was mind blown. The ending of the book was absolutely perfect."

"There's no way Let Me Go can be excused as a typical NA book... I absolutely love this type of book."

"An emotional journey not to be missed."

"Every word of this book begs attention, every sentence squeezing out emotion."

"A gripping tale... This book packs quite a punch."

"A rollercoaster of emotions." -AdventuresInReading

Let Me Go (book 1 in The Let Me Go Trilogy) is a suspenseful and emotional Psychological Suspense & Coming of Age story with a whisper of romance. The following full-length novels in The Let Me Go Series are Romantic Suspense—because everybody deserves a happily ever after.

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To my twin sister, and my little sister:

I love you both—immensely.

“Human misery must somewhere stop. There is no wind that always blows a storm.”



Emma listened to Dusty sing in the shower. A smirk snuck away from her bad mood and slid over her face.

She peeked around the open bathroom door. He stood under the steaming water, his face turned up while soap bubbles slid down his achingly sexy back.

Her heart squeezed as she watched him move his hips from side to side, in tune with the old classic song, “My Girl,” which he was coloring up with his own words as he often did with every song he sang. She didn’t know if he just couldn’t remember the actual words, or if he liked the challenge of making up his own as he went along.

Amused, she listened as he changed the word ‘girl’ to ‘pearl.’ She’d recently started a new show, in which she was the cartoon voice-over for a snappy, snarky pearl character, under the sea. Dusty had dropped by her studio last week and watched her perform.

Afterwards, he’d stood outside the glass wall, waiting for her with tears shimmering in his eyes. When Emma had rushed out to ask if everything was okay, worried he’d had bad news to deliver, he was choked up. What he’d finally said had touched her.

He’d told her it was the perfect part for her, as that was what she was... his pearl.

She’d laughed it off and told him she wasn’t a pearl. A pearl was traditionally considered the gemstone for innocence. They both knew her innocence had been stolen away long before she met him.

But he’d insisted she was wrong. With four words, he’d wrapped up her entire life and finally made her feel the past was really the past—and that maybe there was a silver lining to having endured what she had.

He’d said, “No pearl.”

She’d thought about those words for the past week. Not that she could forget them, as Dusty seemed to know every song in the universe that had the word, “pearl” in it, and he was in a very happy mood lately, so he sang all the time.

But she’d googled pearls, and found the old myth that a pearl is made from a single grain of sand... followed by years and years of irritation to the home it had somehow fallen into, until the grain of sand grows and is polished into a pearl.

It made sense... no grit, no pearl.

She’d withstood a lifetime of grit before she was even a legal adult. And maybe she could finally accept—with his constant encouragement and unfaltering love—that she did end up a pearl.

Dusty turned to open the shower door and reached for a towel. As he pulled it off the rack, he saw her. She flushed under his stare, and was silently amused by her reaction—he was the one that was naked, after all.

Leaning against the door with a smile on her face, caught up in her thoughts and his song, she realized it probably looked suspiciously like an invitation to him.

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