Ebony Awakens:The Envy of All, Volume 2

By: Nova Blake

"So what are we going to do?" I asked Brax. It must have been the third time I'd asked it, though each time had been to someone new. None of them had the answers I wanted. They were all kind of deferring to Hunter.

The only problem was that I wasn't ready to talk to him yet. It had been almost twenty four hours since they'd dropped the bombshell of a lifetime on me, and I just couldn't get my head around the fact that somehow he'd convinced me to go along with this plan, the one that meant I was completely kept in the dark and driven near crazy because of it.

For some reason he hadn't left, and I wasn't going to ask why because if it looked like I wanted him gone, he'd just stick around for longer.

"Brax, just tell me! Come on. It's time for everything to be in the open and for us to all work together as a team. Right?" I looked around the room. It wasn’t like we’d had a lot of stuff to begin with, but it was certainly looking sparse in here now.

Brax sighed. "Hunter-"

"No!" I threw my hands in the air. "I'm not ready to talk to him, and he's unspelled you all so that you can speak clearly, I know it's a habit to just not tell me, but please, tell me?"

"We're moving," Brax said as he shoved more clothes into his bag.

"Clearly. Everyone is packing-"

"Except for you..." He turned to me with a pointed glare.

"Because I still need answers, and besides, after the last few nights my wardrobe is significantly smaller than it was. It'll take three minutes. Tops." I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed out a breath. "Where are we going?"

Brax dropped his bag and cast an eye around the room. Only Sheehan was in here too, gathering his belongings. They'd move on to something else soon. If we couldn't get out of here before it got dark then we'd have to wait, and no one wanted that. Once the moon was out, she'd find us.

I knew that much now. She used the moon like a looking glass and when my hood fell off she'd caught a glimpse of me. It really had been my fault we'd been discovered, but no one had passed comment on that. Not even Hunter.

I had a feeling it was too late for playing blame games. And I needed to get with the program. But he could wait. Just a little longer.

"We have another place, smaller, hidden from regular sight. We'll go there, but I'm not going to tell you more just in case they've found some other way to spy on us." He raised an eyebrow at me. "Now will you go and pack?"

"Fine." I rolled my eyes, but then flashed him a smile. "Three minutes. Tops."

"I'll start counting." He laughed as I spun towards the door and ran down the hallway.

I grabbed my bag and shoved in the essentials. It actually only took two minutes because none of these things mattered. I was a fey princess and these were not essential. They were just things to get me by until... Until I took back my throne.

At least. I thought that was the plan. I was still getting my head around the whole royalty thing, among the rest of it, and despite many questions I still didn't have as many answers as I'd have liked.

Hopefully we'd have time for that soon enough.

What I had been able to find out was that the men in this house had always been part of my guard. Hunter was higher up the food chain and he'd stayed on the good side of my step mother, the wicked queen. I was having a hard time thinking of her any other way, because what other kind of queen married a king, murdered him, and then tried to slay his daughter too.

I wished I could remember more about her, but that would come with time. I assumed, anyway.

"Are you just about done? I need a hand?"

I spun to find Rafe standing in the doorway. I zipped up my bag without looking at it and slung it over my shoulder. "All done. I'll go put this in the trunk."

"Just leave it by the back door. I want to show you something."

I raised an eyebrow, but he didn't respond, just turned and headed down the stairs, not waiting for me to catch up. I trailed behind, glancing over my shoulder to the other doors. Brax poked his head out and gave me a thumbs up and I grinned. I'd told him it would only take three minutes.

Rafe waited while I dumped my bag by the door, then gestured for me to follow him into the garage. It was cooler in there because it wasn’t insulated like the house, and I was reminded that the nights were just going to get cooler. Probably not much chance that the new house would have central heating or any of that other good stuff. I'd have to make sure I grabbed a jacket when we left.

"What will happen to all this?" I asked, trailing my fingers along the wood of the garage door.

Rafe shrugged. "It'll get dispersed. We have some people here we can pass it on to, and they'll deal with it."

"But we won't come back."

"Not ever. Even if we neutralize the threat."

"You know, when you talk like that it's hard to believe you're not actually some kind of law enforcer. Though, I guess... I guess maybe you are, in a way." I could almost see it, him in some kind of uniform. It was blue. Dark blue. With gold trim, I thought.

"Yes, I'm yours." He leveled his blue eyed gaze at me, all seriousness. "Your safety has always been my concern, though until your father died, things were never as difficult as this. It was more about keeping your adoring suitors at bay." His eyes twinkled.

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