Demon Princess

By: Kassandra Lynn
Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Book One

Chapter One

I WALK DOWN the dim hallway leading to the throne room. The only sound is the echo of footsteps as I stride toward my coronation.

“Leave me alone for a moment,” I say to the train of guards behind me. When they bow and disappear through the closest door, I take a deep breath.

This is just a temporary arrangement. The first thing I’ll do upon taking the throne is to send every available demon to search for my father and brother. They’re still alive, just missing. They wouldn’t leave me to rule alone, to sit on the throne that dwarfs me and swallows me with its size and coldness. I was never cut out to be the Demon King. Just the thought of invading human cities and expanding our kingdom gives me headaches.

I can hear many people talking in the throne room. My heart drums louder the closer I get. A wave of nervousness hits me at the thought of facing my father’s subjects, most of whom don’t approve of a female king and will most likely challenge me on the spot.

When I’m standing in front of the heavy double door, I smooth my crimson dress with my hand. The gesture calms my nerves and eases the tension in my muscles. I hold my head high and shove the door open.

Everyone in the throne room silences the moment I step in. Tall ceiling, stone walls, hundreds of demons, and a high throne swim in my vision.

“Your Highness.” The collective cries of the demons reverberate throughout the room.

I climb the twenty steps leading to the dais, taking care not to trip along the way. My gown swishes around my legs as I lower myself on the throne.

Faces lift to look at me. Most look no different from humans, although some have horns on their heads. I stop myself from shrinking in my seat and turn to the gray-haired head of Demon Council, Cerus, standing beside the throne. “You may begin,” I say.

“On behalf of Demon Council …” Cerus starts the coronation speech.

I try to concentrate on what he’s saying. Although I know the words by heart, it’s important I keep track of the progression. The last line will ask if anyone objects, and I have a feeling someone will speak up. Then suddenly, in the midst of Cerus’s drone, the world spins around me. The sea of people down below draws in and out of focus. The floor of the dais comes closer to my face, and dizziness blurs my vision. Somewhere in the distance, a young voice cries, “Materialize, my summon beast!”

~ ~ ~

Perception slowly returns to me as I shield my eyes from the glare of the sun. When I’m accustomed to the light, my hands drop to the coarse grass I’m sitting on. This is not the throne room or anywhere in the Demon Kingdom. I have no idea how I got here.

A couple dozen men and women in their late teens, a bulky middle-aged man, and various beasts peer down at me like I’m an undiscovered species. Some gasp in surprise while some whisper to the person next to them. There’s one young man with golden hair wearing a tunic and cloak who is especially close to me. In his hand is a wooden mage’s staff with a glowing ruby at the tip.

I stand up without taking my eyes off them. My heart pounds loud and fast when my gaze meets Golden Hair. My hand presses against my chest to calm the beat that’s way too strong to signal mere nervousness or other emotions. This can mean only one thing: I’m in the presence of a Savior Blood.

My body tenses. The Savior was the only one immune to demon magic. His offsprings, Savior Bloods, although not completely immune, have some defense against our attacks. My instincts tell me to kill the Savior Blood before he can grow into someone who’s a threat to the Demon Kingdom, but reason prevents me from making the first move. There are too many mages and beasts around him. Inside the huge stone building before us might be even more people.

“A girl!” A short man with small eyes laughs. “Aldric, you summoned a girl as your beast.”

Golden Hair is not amused. “This doesn’t count. I’m performing the summon ritual again.” He mumbles something and waves his staff. The glowing ruby leaves a trail of red light in the air. “Materialize, my summon beast!”

Nothing happens.

He clenches his teeth and performs the spell again. “Materialize—”

“Aldric.” The bulky middle-aged man with a thick mustache grabs Aldric’s staff. “You already summoned your beast. The ritual won’t work a second time.”

“But she’s a girl. She can’t help me in combat. She—”

“She’s the one who responded to your call.” The middle-aged man’s voice is strong and decisive. “Now seal the bond. Otherwise, you’ll never have your own summon beast.”

“At least she’s pretty. Even if you can’t use her in combat, there might be other ways you can use her.” A man with acne scars all over his face rakes his eyes across my delicate face, black eyes, and waist-long raven hair framing a slender body.

I look at him with an icy glare. Never in all my eighteen years of life has anyone dared to talk about me in this way. If Sadi were here, he would’ve cut out the man’s tongue before he can utter another lecherous word.

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