Deliverance (Slick Rock #17)

By: Becca Van

“Cash.” He pulled his wallet from his pocket and handed over enough money for a week, hoping that was all the time he’d need for what he wanted to do. If not, he’d pay day by day.

“You’re in room ten, if you need anything don’t hesitate to call reception. The desk is manned at all times.”

“Thanks.” Virgil took the key the woman had placed on the desk and hurried out the door. As he walked toward his room, that bitch flashed across his mind.

He’d been trying to find Lilac for nigh on ten years. It didn’t matter that he’d partaken of the other women and girls his father kept under lock and key. He was obsessed with Lilac Primrose, and he wouldn’t give up until he’d found her. The old man had died a few years back, and ever since he’d taken over the running of the place and even before that, he’d been searching for that slut.

He’d hit pay dirt a few months back when he’d taken time away from his home to see the sights of New York City. When he’d first seen the picture of the renowned chef in the window of Rembrandt’s Restaurant, he had nearly died with shock.

She was the one who had gotten away and while he’d looked for her everywhere, he hadn’t found her. When he’d spied that photo, he knew fate was playing a hand in guiding him in the right direction and he’d entered the swanky restaurant then and there, and booked a table. The need to have her under him had never gone away and the hunger had surged through his blood, leaving him shaken, excited, and as hard as hell.

Yet, she’d somehow managed to escape him again. He had no idea how she knew he was in town, but guessed she’d seen him without his knowledge. The bitch had disappeared without a trace. He’d never forget the uproar that had ensued in the kitchen of the restaurant that night. Diners had ended up waiting way too long for the meals they’d ordered. The manager had tried to pacify angry customers, but most of the people had walked out in disgust. He’d hung around, and though he figured the meal he’d eaten wasn’t up to the usual standards, it hadn’t been bad and he hadn’t had to pay a dime.

His dearly departed father hadn’t been as smart as Virgil, but at least the old bastard had conceded to let him attend college. All the welfare money his dad collected on behalf of the other members of the cult, and the government handouts for fostering those sluts and the teenage boys, had paved his way to getting his degree in IT. Virgil had always had an affinity with computers and studying had ramped up his skills. It had taken a few years to teach himself, but he was also a skilled and avid hacker.

Even though he still lived at that rundown commune his father had set up, Virgil ruled with an iron fist. Any time he clicked his fingers he’d have the women running to service him. They were too cowardly to refuse because if they didn’t, those bitches knew there would be hell to pay. He smiled with satisfaction. Virgil was sitting pretty, and other than making sure the money kept flowing, he hardly ever had to lift a finger.

As soon as he’d arrived back home he’d ordered Fleur to his bed, and while he’d been slaking his lust with the biddable bitch, he’d imagined he was fucking Lilac. He didn’t remember wrapping his hands around her neck and squeezing the life out of her, but he did remember the ecstasy that had ripped through his body. When he’d finally come back to himself, it was to find Fleur staring at the ceiling with unseeing eyes. Although Virgil knew he should have felt guilty for taking a life, he didn’t give a shit. He didn’t care about any of the people living on his land. All he cared about was raking in the money the government paid out.

It had been hard work to get rid of the body in the dead of night, but he hadn’t had a choice. He could have ordered one of the other guys to do his dirty work for him, but he didn’t trust any of them as far as he could kick them. He’d waited until three in the morning to make his move and after checking to make sure no one was up and about, he’d wrapped that bitch up in a sheet and carried her out to his truck.

Virgil had driven to the far edge of his land, dug a deep grave, and then dumped the bitch in the hole. He’d been sweating and exhausted, but at least no one had known what he’d done.

The next morning he’d gone about his usual routine as if nothing had happened. That was until Rose had noticed Fleur was gone. When she started asking questions, Virgil had acted puzzled and worried like the rest of the guys, and after a thorough search of the place he’d started cursing. He’d told everyone that there would be no food until Fleur was found, and then he’d gone and hidden in his office.

Grant and Warren had informed him that Fleur was gone and he’d planted the seed that the bitch had escaped. Word had spread, and the tension had eased. Being the nice person he was, he’d ordered dinner to be made and let everyone eat their fill. Things had gone back to normal.

Whenever Virgil left the cult for some time out, he left Grant and Warren in charge. Those two assholes were just as hedonistic as he was, and though he didn’t care about how many women they fucked while he was gone, he made sure they didn’t do any permanent damage. He was their god, and whatever he said was law. There was no way in hell he was letting those bastards harm his regular fucks.