Dare to Trust:The Dare Series 1

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Chapter 1

“You have got to go out with us tonight, Marlena. We all need to let loose a little,” Marlena’s friend Adele said as she picked up a lunch order to bring back to the office at the construction company she worked for.

Marlena packed it up and then added the to-go cups to a carrier.

“I don’t know. I’m not really in the mood. My feet hurt, I’ve worked doubles all week, I just want to relax.”

“Well, you can definitely do that at Spencer’s. We can have a few drinks, listen to the band playing, then head home early. It’s just to get out a bit. I’m so tired of being kept up in that darn office all day long. I was thinking about this little trip to pick up lunch since Monday. You know how Will, Leo, and Hank don’t like to order food out. They’re so into their fitness and nutrition. It drives me nuts. I have to hide my bag of Doritos under my desk and sneak them into my mouth when they’re not looking,” Adele told her, sounding so outraged at having to do that.

Marlena chuckled. Adele seemed to be attracted to her three bosses. But who in their right mind wouldn’t. They were gorgeous, wealthy, and downright mysterious. But Adele had trust issues. She admitted to that one evening at Mercedes’s small house and under the influence of a great Cabernet and it was a sleepover. It was a great night but also revealed all of their weaknesses and fears. They had become best friends in such a short period of time. Marlena believed having the three women as best friends made life and dealing with her own past more bearable.

“I don’t know. Let me think about it. I have four more hours to go,” Marlena said then heard the chime by the front door ring and glanced to see who the next customer would be. The place was pretty damn full.

Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of Mike Spencer, the diner owner’s son. He was one of three and a deputy in town. He made her nervous. Put her on edge every time he came in, and it wasn’t just that damn deputy uniform either.

“I need to get moving. Enjoy lunch,” she told Adele. Adele gave her a wink. Her friend knew that Mike and even his brothers made her a nervous wreck. Danny and Jack Spencer owned Spencer’s dance hall and bar. That was why she tried not to go there too often.

She greeted the deputy as he held the door open for Adele and tipped his hat. As his eyes glanced over Adele and her sexy little secretary outfit—tight skirt and V-neck blouse, all in a pale blue—Marlena felt a bit crumpled. It was odd. She felt a little jealous that Mike looked at Adele like that. The sensation was quick and she didn’t read into it. She lost her self-confidence and was very insecure when it came to her looks and her body. Peter had done a number on her. He’d made her feel worthless. He’d made her fearful of a man’s attention, never mind touch. Hell, she feared socializing because Peter always had her on a display being critiqued by him, his associates, and any other people he asked. Alcoholism was a disease. He could have killed her.

“Good morning, Deputy Spencer. Would you like to sit at the counter or would you like a table?” she asked. He squinted those sexy blue eyes at her and she tightened her lips as she adjusted her apron, playing with the pocket in the front.

“A table would be perfect, Marlena. I’m meeting someone,” he said. She nodded.

“Just let me clear that table in the corner for you. I’ll be just a minute,” she said and headed that way. She was shaking, the man was so attractive. She couldn’t help but to wonder who he was meeting there. But as she cleared the table she felt his presence close behind her.

“Let me grab that for you,” he said. Her arms were filled with dishes and a large platter still sat on the table.

“I’ll come back for it. Don’t sit yet. Let me wipe it down,” she ordered, sounding kind of snappy. The man did that to her. He made her uptight, on edge, ready to run.

She quickly headed behind the counter to the kitchen. She placed the dirty dishes down next to the sink then looked for the rag. She added some soap and water, then grabbed a dry rag, and when she turned around, Deputy Mike Spencer was in the kitchen placing the platter down on the table by the dishwasher.

“Hey, Mike, how are you, son?” Roy Spencer asked and Mike looked at his dad then at her. He gave her a wink.

“Just grabbing breakfast.”

“Danny and Jack coming?”

“I think so. I only have about thirty minutes,” Mike said and glanced at Marlena. He licked his lower lip.

“I’ll have the table cleaned down in a jiffy.” She hurried from the kitchen.

She was shaking, she felt so nervous. Danny and Jack were joining him. All three of them in one place? All of them here?

She looked for Alice, the other waitress, but she was swamped, too. She couldn’t ask her to cover this table.

Marlena cleared another table after cleaning Mike’s table and placing down three place settings.

She could do this. She could handle serving the three men lunch.

She passed him on her way to the kitchen. “Can I start you off with a drink while you’re waiting for the others?” she asked.