Dare to Succeed:The Dare Series 2

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


Dear readers.

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Life can be difficult enough to live and succeed in. Throw in being harassed and controlled by an ex-lover and your own brother, and you’ve got the formula for heart ache and disaster.

When Alicia gets to the town called Chance and makes new friends, she also begins to rebuild her life and her self-confidence. But she needs reassurance, support and people she can trust. Caldwell, Max and Monroe are three brothers set out to gain her trust and ultimately her heart. The last thing she expected was to find success, find strength, and ultimately find love in the arms of three brothers despite her painful past. May you enjoy their journey and Alicia’s ultimate fight for freedom and success.

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Alicia Waltz meticulously sealed the final piece to her newest stained glass mosaic. She smiled as she lifted the 12 x 14 piece up against the sunlight watching the glow of numerous colors shine through. It was another masterpiece, a custom order from a Ms. Wynona Flood in San Francisco, California. “Thank you, eBay.”

Alicia set it back down and then rolled her chair over toward the computer and created the e-mail and invoice for the order. She printed out the eBay receipt and shipping label then rolled back over toward the table and gathered the shipping supplies. She had a method to securing the packages and ensuring that each handmade piece made it to the customer in perfect condition. She even applied thin, hard pieces of wood around the cushioning of the frame to ensure it wouldn’t get cracked or broken in transport. Once she secured the package and labeled it, she stood up and prepared to head into town to the post office.

Her phone rang. She reached out to read the caller ID and she felt her chest tighten. Tony. Damn it, what does he want? Why can’t he just leave me alone?

She felt that sensation in her gut, the one that pushed her to ignore his calls, ignore his ability to control her still, after all he did, but she couldn’t. She picked up the phone.


“Darling, how are you? It took you a while to pick up. Is everything okay?” he asked and she rolled her eyes as she glanced at herself in the mirror.

“Everything is fine, Tony. I was just in the other room and couldn’t get to the phone fast enough. What’s going on?” she asked, although she didn’t even care. He was successful and making good money off investments and schmoozing the right people. After all, he took the money from the store he sold out from underneath her and reinvested it into stocks and trades he was tipped off on. Did he give her any of it? Hell no. He kept pushing it off and saying he was letting the money sit and ride the market. Meanwhile he had a new sports car, a new townhouse, new women, and she was left struggling to make ends meet, to save what she could and to continue hustling for every penny.


Alicia looked at herself in the mirror before slipping on her tennis shoes and smoothing out her floral skirt. She pulled the white sheer blouse off the hanger and placed it over the tan camisole she wore. She hadn’t wanted to take the chance of getting anything on it while she worked.

“Nothing is going on. I just wanted to check in on you. Your brother said he tried to call you a few times and you haven’t responded.”

She was shocked. Her brother held allegiance to Tony despite everything he did to her. That was why she wasn’t bothering speaking to her brother so much. She loved her brother Alvin, but he took Tony’s side over hers every time. She was sick of it. Tony had a way of manipulating everyone he met. She wanted to be done with him. Why couldn’t she just blow him off?

“Your silence tells me that you know you should call Alvin. He loves you, darling. He cares about you just like I do.”

“Tony, we’re not an item any more. I think—”

“You don’t know what’s good for you, Alicia. You never did. It’s like you can’t grow up and take charge of your life and the choices you make. You need Alvin and me to help you.”

He cut her off and rambled on about her needing him.

I don’t need you or Alvin. You’re a manipulating asshole who screwed me over in every possible way. You piece of crap weasel.

“Are you listening to me, Alicia? You need to call your brother. Now, as soon as we hang up. He’s worried about you. He was going to drive out there to that little town you’ve disappeared to. God, you better still have that great body of yours. That town sounds like the place rednecks wearing plaid and dirty sweatpants roam around in. You’re too pretty for that. Do you need a little money or something? You’re not still doing the eBay thing are you?”

“Well, actually I am and I’m doing very well—”

“You need to get a real job. Some of the investments are paying off a little. There are charges to remove money early but if you’re willing to pay the fees then I can give you some of the money.”

Pay the fees? That’s my money, too, and you want me to pay the fees and you take more of the money? God, I need to tell him off. I need to get him out of my head and get over the fact I lost my virginity to him. He doesn’t love me. He never did and never will. No one can love me. I don’t have what it takes.