Cold Piece of Work: The Erotic Adventures of a Single Woman

By: Niki Jilvontae

First I would like to thank the Most High for this incredible gift. I’d also like to thank you family; mother, Brother Money, daughter Briuna, and son LaDaveon for their endless support. I’d also like to thank you beta reader Latoya Brown, my authors Quiana Golde, Rmoni Rich. Chill Fetti and Hazel for all of their love and support as well as the entire Pen Hustlas Publications Family. Also TGP, BDP, MLP, RDP, and all of the other sister companies. Thank you all for your help and support. I’d also like to thank a few ladies who have supported me endlessly: Shanta Love, Cassie Ms Carmel Fason, Taquitta Thorns, Kea Thorns, Qiana Woodard, Deja Ashford, Pamela Mays, Ashley Jefferson, Candace Donttakeshit Jefferson, MyRe Childs, Ciera Lawrence, Antoinette Mitchell-Tate, and my amazing auntie Debra Russell-Rucker.


This book is dedicated to every man who has ever lied to, obsessed over, used, or abused a woman. Remember, every dog has its day!!!!!!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Metamorphous of A Butterfly

Chapter 2: Chance Encounter

Chapter 3: Sweet Dream, Beautiful Nightmare

Chapter 4: After All Is Said and Done…

Chapter 5: Magical Encounter with the Latin Lover

Chapter 6: Fucking with A THUG!

Chapter 7: When It All Falls Down

Chapter 8: When Love Is Stronger Than Lust

Chapter 9: Beyond The Physical, There’s Self-Love

Epilogue: Life With Love…The Eternal Erotic Adventure

Chapter 1: The Metamorphous of a Butterfly

“Ohhh, lick that pussy daddy. Ssssss, oh yes.” I moaned as Wayne used his tongue to trace the lips of my honeypot before he dipped inside.

He slurped and licked around my walls like a starving cat as I held the back of his head while locking my screams inside. I ran my fingers over his thick, deep waves as he stared up at me with those big, brown, bedroom eyes and caused sensations to run all through my body. Every touch of his fingertips seemed to stoke the fires inside of me and caused me to grind my hips and throw my pussy back into his face. I was drunk in love, or lust; and Wayne knew it as he smirked and sucked all of the juices out of my womb before he latched on to my clit and sucked it until my body began to quiver.

I could feel tingles inside of me I had never felt before as my climax burst forward and Wayne drunk it down like expensive wine. My body jerked violently as he continued to slurp me until he had every drop of my love. Suddenly, he stuck his index and middle finger deep inside me before he began another clitoral assault. I could feel my clit swell with pleasure after every flick of his tongue and it was driving me crazy. I pulled my own hair and bit my bottom lip as Wayne continued to eat me with passion while he reached up and stroked my hard nipples as they poked through my expensive blouse. He had every nerve in my body awake as I scooted to the edge of the desk and tried to get his tongue deeper inside of me.

“Oh fuck me…come on. Fuck Me!” I said seductively as the sensations inside of me became unbearable.

I reached down and grabbed Wayne by his chin as he gave my clit one last suck while he thrust his fingers in and out of me quickly, causing my pussy to get soaking wet.

“Oh you want me inside of you huh?” Wayne said as he stood his sexy chocolate ass up with his pants down at his ankles and his massive 11-inch organ in hand.

I felt my knees quiver as I stroked my nipples and watched Wayne look for a condom to put on. I moaned as he kept his eyes glued on me while he pulled the latex on to his manhood. I could think of nothing but him inside of me as I watched the fine, dark specimen I had longed to touch for years wedge his way between my legs. When he entered me it felt as if the earth moved. I felt a tingly, fire inside that shook me to my core. It was like a dozen orgasms went off inside of me at once as my body began to shake violently. I could do nothing but lay there and shake as Wayne dug deep in me and the voice of a female yelled in the distance.

“Ms. Anderson. Ms. Anderson!” The assistant said over and over as I sat in my chair and shook until I suddenly snapped out of the hot, steamy daydream I was wrapped up in.

I felt flustered as I tried to stop my shakes while I glanced around at the smiling faces all around me. I hoped that no one knew what I was thinking about as I continued to scan faces until Wayne came into view. I could almost feel the heat of his eyes as he let me know without saying a word that he knew what I was thinking about. The way Wayne looked at me seductively across the conference room connected to his office not only let me know that he knew my intimate thoughts, it also made my panties wet and sent a tingling sensation through my body that I could barely take.

It was like I could feel him touch every orifice of my body as he bit his bottom lip and winked at me while I tried to stop the desire that burned inside. I squeezed my thighs together as I ran my hands down the side of my $1,200 Ann Sue pencil skirt, trying to concentrate on the task at hand. I was one presentation away from securing Wayne’s company as the biggest client my law firm had ever seen. I was about to make partner with Wayne’s deal, along with securing myself a $60,000 bonus for the year. With all of that at stake you would have thought I would have been a bit more focused and organized.

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