By: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

He probably used them to lure specific people to the island without rousing suspicion. Yeah, it’s your lucky day! I’d bet my life—what was left of it—that it was no accident that Cici won that trip. They’d wanted her to fuel up their goddamned fountain of youth. But how’d they know Cici was a match?

My mind drifted to Rook’s underground archives. They’d been keeping records for hundreds of years, which now included DNA samples from the more recent guests. They told their customers it was some fancy STD test, given all of the sex people had during their fantasies. But now I knew they needed rats to feed to their bloodthirsty lagoon. I was a lucky rat, escaping just in time.

Not so lucky. Look where you are. I sighed and sat on the tiny cot pushed against the wall. It was the only thing in the room without stains, but that was because the cushion had been removed, leaving me to sleep on wire mesh. I get that you want to kill me, Warner, but couldn’t you at least let me get a good rest before I die? And do I need to contract a disease from the toilet in my final hours?

“Asshole,” I muttered and forced myself to lie down. The metal dug into my bare back, but I had nothing to cover it. I still had on my black cocktail dress from the night of the farewell party.

Too exhausted to care, I closed my eyes, and my mind immediately dove straight to the hollow spot inside my chest. I’d give anything to make the pain stop. The truth was, I’d never felt more complete than the first night I spent with Rook, after he found me in their castle. He had disappeared for a week, leaving me in charge. When he returned, that was the moment I couldn’t take it anymore. Missing him had been too much. I gave in. “So you’re not a monk anymore,” I’d said, “and now you’re asking me to do what?”

“To be with me.”

My insides had fluttered out of control while our eyes remained locked on each other. Goddammit, he’s so beautiful. And the way he’d made me feel was like nothing I’d ever known. A sense of fate or rightness mixed with passion.

I swallowed down the lump of nerves in my throat. I knew I was about to take a giant leap, because there were still so many unanswered questions, but like him, I couldn’t fight it any longer.

“Yes,” I whispered.

He leaned in and kissed me hard, his strong hands cupping my cheeks.

I kissed him back and began pulling at the front of his shirt, tearing buttons and frantically loosening his tie. He quickly shrugged off his coat and shirt and then lifted my shirt. He said nothing, but the carnal look in his eyes was pure hunger. For me.

Lucky him. Because I’d never felt so fucking in need of giving myself.

Rook pulled me down to the floor onto the furs. In front of the fireplace, we kissed, grabbed, and panted like beasts.

Rook’s mouth broke away, and his lips trailed down my neck and collarbone. His hand cupped my right breast while his mouth covered my left nipple. I felt him hard and ready against my thigh, which sent my body off a cliff. The hollow, fluttering ache between my legs became a scorching need.

“I think the last three weeks count as foreplay,” I panted.

He smiled up at me, and those two deep divots puckered in his cheeks. “But it’s my first time. I want to savor it.”

My breath stuck in my throat. “Fuck, you’re so sexy.” A man like Rook knew everything there was to know about sex—he’d seen it all. He had a keen sense of what women wanted. But now, it was my turn to show him what he’d been missing.

I rolled him over and straddled his body, letting him play with my heavy breasts. His eyes stayed glued to them as he ran his thumbs over my tight nipples, and I rocked my hips gently over his shaft, which was still covered by his pants. He groaned deeply, but I didn’t want him to spend himself like that. Not this time.

I moved to the side, getting on my knees, and unbuckled his belt. Staring into his fiery eyes, I unzipped his pants and reached inside. His long, thick cock felt tight and hot in my hand as I stroked the velvety flesh.

His eyes fluttered shut, and he groaned. That was a sound I’d never grow tired of. Sexual, animalistic, hungry.

I bent my head and kissed the head, circling my tongue over the ridge of the crown. He tasted like male, musky and sinful.

As the scent of his pheromones flooded my bloodstream, a rush of violent desire charged through me. I wanted this man in me, on me, touching every inch of my skin.

I opened my lips completely and enveloped his cock in the heat of my mouth.

He grunted and bucked his hips.

“God, this is what I have been missing?” he whispered with a gruff tone.

I took him deeper, stroking him with my lips and tongue until I felt his strong hands on the back of my head. He was close. So damned close, but I wouldn’t let him come. Not yet.

I pulled away, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and got rid of his pants completely. I stood and let him watch me remove the last barrier of clothing.

“You’re so beautiful, Stephanie. Do you know how many nights I’ve dreamed of taking you, how hard it was to resist not fucking you when you were naked in my arms?”

I knew because I felt the same.

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