Cancer:The Zodiac Twin Flame Series 5

By: Rachel Medhurst

Book 5 in The Zodiac Twin Flame Series

Chapter One

‘If he kills Matt, I’m going to rip out his heart and make sure it never beats again.’

The tears threatened but I wouldn’t let them free. Our enemy, the Dysfunctionals, would not reduce me to a sniffling wreak. Again.

‘We’ll get him back, Cancer, calm down.’ Aries bumped into someone. They glared at him but didn’t say anything. London was like that. Full of glares and silence.

A car horn made me jump. I followed my brother through the crowd of people in Covent Garden. I had no idea where he was taking me.

‘Stay behind,’ he said, stepping back suddenly.

His six foot five frame blocked my view of anything ahead. I stumbled into him as the people behind me pushed past.

‘What are you doing?’ I gasped, grabbing hold of his thick forearm to get my balance.

‘I’m trying to find your boyfriend,’ he spat, shrugging me off.

Releasing him, I shoved him forward. There were too many people gathered around to stop. He wasn’t exactly the most subtle of men. His height and good looks were the first thing people noticed. His prosthetic legs were the second.

‘I don’t get why you can’t wear jeans like a normal person,’ I muttered as he strode off, leaving me to trail behind.

A band started playing nearby. I recognised the song instantly.

‘What’s he doing here?’ Aries said.

Taking my arm, he pushed through the gathered crowd and dragged me to the front of the circle that had formed around our brother’s band.

‘Leo did mention he was busking today. I didn’t know it would be here, though.’

Aries ignored me. I pulled away from his grip when his palm started to get hot, sending a searing heat through my skin. It was handy that he could form fire with his hands. Not so handy if he touched you when he was angry.

‘How will we find Matt here?’

Aries looked down at me. The sun caught the dark tips of his hair as it started to curl around his ears. His brown eyes met mine for a second. ‘Pisces had a hunch.’

Letting my breath rush out of me, I followed his gaze. Leo, our musical brother, played a haunting song in the middle of the circle.

His voice was raspy. The guitar he strummed was the colour of sunburst, which suited his fiery nature.

‘Seriously? We’re here because you listened to Pisces?’

Leo opened his eyes as he reached the chorus. His gaze landed on me. Winking, he raised his hand to let us know that he had seen us. His tattooed arm bulged as he gripped the microphone stand. A couple of girls near him glared in my direction.

‘Isn’t it funny how people get jealous?’ Aries asked.

I glanced up at him, ready to get his attention and drag him back to our excursion.

‘Yes, a lot of people do. I have no idea why,’ I found myself saying.

Aries stayed where he was, which was unusual. He didn’t usually take an interest in Leo’s band.

‘What are we doing?’ I moaned.

Aries stepped back as someone tried to pass him. The shorter man pointed at his metal legs and said something to his friend.

‘What’s up, mate?’ Aries said to him.

The man’s cheeks grew red as he shook his head.

‘No, go on. Tell me what you just said.’

I swallowed. Aries had been behaving for a while now. His old habit of fighting seemed to have calmed down since he had proposed to his twin flame, Natalie. Maybe he needed to let off some steam.

‘I said that I would choose to be that tall if I had prosthetic’s, too.’

My lips twitched. It was the wrong thing to say to my brother. He would floor them with one punch. Aries’ arm flexed as he brought it up. He was just as muscly as Leo. Our other brother, Scorpio, was the third musketeer as far as I was concerned. All three of them were six foot five with muscles that rivalled heavyweight lifters. It was a shame Scorpio was working. It would have been amusing to see everyone’s face when they were together.

‘I was actually this height before I lost my legs, mate.’ Aries offered his hand instead of throwing his fist into the man’s head.

My shoulders slumped. I hadn’t seen the boys get into a fight since Pisces was rescued from the Dysfunctionals a few years ago.

I forgot about the men in front of me as I remembered that the Dysfunctionals now had Matt. If Nick hurt him, I had no idea what I would do.

Aries chatted to the men, telling them the story of how his legs were blown off in an explosion. I ignored him, waiting for Leo’s song to come to an end.

‘Cancer, come here,’ Leo said into the mic when he had finished.

I left Aries gossiping like a woman and stepped over to him. He put an arm around my shoulders and led me to his drummer.

‘I think you should go out with-’

‘Stop!’ I interrupted. ‘I’m not really in the position to go out with someone.’ I smiled apologetically at the man sitting behind the drums.

He grinned back at me, shrugging when Leo tutted.

‘You’ll never know if someone else is your soulmate. You won’t open up enough to see,’ he whispered to me as he moved me away from the band.

The young girls that stood on the edge of the crowd still burned holes in my skin with their eyes. ‘Why don’t you talk to your fans?’