Brute:The Valves MC

By: Carmen Faye

The touch of his hand on my back sent hot shivers through my body. I couldn’t suppress a moan. He bent and kissed my lips, pulling at the lower one. I ran my small palms over his front, pulling up his t-shirt. His hard abs contracted at the touch of my hands and he breathed heavily into our kiss. I moved my hands clumsily around his back, pulling up the fabric slowly. He impatiently yanked the t-shirt and threw it on the floor, then grabbed me by the hips and pinned me against the wall with a grunt.

I whimpered when his hands reached my buttocks and squeezed hard. Wrapping my legs around him, I gave into our kiss, tasting this man I was finally having. I was ecstatic, mingled images of us parading behind my closed eyelids, making me moan little by little as I let him take over my mouth, take over my body. I felt him pull back and dared to open my eyes. He was watching me and smiled with those wicked steel-green eyes. I couldn’t help but sigh.

To give him something to watch, I lowered my legs to the floor and slightly pushed him away. I proceeded to unbutton my pale pink shirt. Excitement sent tremors through my body, making my fingers shake. He growled under his breath and reached to grab the delicate hems, but I shook my head, tentatively. I wanted to tease him and I wasn’t going to let him have at it just yet.

He reluctantly let me go on, resigning to rubbing his bulging crotch.

I kept unbuttoning, one by one, the little buttons, then parted the shirt on my sides and reached for the waist of my pants. I ran my fingers slowly between the fabric and my skin, stopping at the front, and unfastened my belt, then lowered the zipper down and pulled at the corners to drag the pants below my ass. I saw him lick his lips, the look in his eyes prompting a daring ripple in my stomach. I loved what I was doing to him and I wanted to go on, even if I craved him inside me with every second I prolonged our agony.

Running my tongue between my lips, I parted the shirt farther, giving him a view of my lacy, almost sheer, bra. I saw him watching my hard nipples pierce through the fabric as I breathed and he couldn’t help but cup one of my tits. He stepped closer and bent to take the nipple into his mouth. I squealed in pleasure and pushed my breasts towards him. I couldn’t stop a hand from going between my legs. I slipped it underneath my panties and teased my clit with shallow motions. He saw that and pulled my hand out, tasting my wet fingers.

Pleasure and anticipation made my vision blurry for a second. I suddenly found myself in the air, him holding me by the waist to pull down my pants. Then, he threw me on the bed and I felt my stomach do a backflip in excitement.

I propped myself on my elbows and looked at him. My legs spread by themselves and I could see him whimper at the sight of my dripping wet core. He got rid of his jeans and boxers, my jaw dropping at his length. I couldn’t help but swallow hard and moan lustfully at the thought of him pushing that inside me soon as my hips moved towards him. He reached a hand towards his cock and stroked a few times, the tip glistening with precum.

I scooted closer and kissed the tip, making him whimper again. I wasn’t a very well-versed woman when it came to the art of blowjobs, but his member compelled me to open my mouth and welcome it on my tongue.

He let me struggle with its girth, watching me through hooded eyes, breathing shallowly. He took advantage of my position and glided the shirt off my shoulders. I helped him get rid of the fabric, then I reached a hand to grab his cock, but I couldn’t wrap my fingers around it. It was too thick and this little discovery sent another round of hot ripples through my body, pooling all my desire between my legs. I was strangely happy about his size, although I was a bit concerned with regards to fitting, so I looked up, wanting to relay to him my thoughts. I was welcomed by the most beautiful sight a woman could wish to have. His muscles contracted under the power I held over his cock, sweat gliding over his dark tattoos and down his abdomen, eyes full of desire for me.

Seeing me struggle with his cock, he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled out of my mouth, bent to kiss me aggressively, then pushed his hands underneath each of my parted legs and scooped me up. He deposited me farther back on the bed and leaned on top of me, supporting his weight on his strong hands. Looking at me, he lowered his head and pulled the sheer fabric of my bra with his teeth. He circled my nipples with his tongue, then trailed over my flat belly, towards my pussy. I couldn’t help but lift my knees as he kissed the mound and he took advantage of my move to pull my panties down. I was exposed to him now, and he used his position to passionately kiss my wet folds.

The sensation made me moan loudly and, as he ran his tongue along my slit, I squirmed in pleasure. I wanted him inside me and I didn’t want anything between us. I reached behind and yanked my bra off, my tits bouncing from the sudden move. He sucked my clit strongly as he saw my perky tits move freely. He managed to get a scream out of me, as he pushed his tongue inside, making me shake with built up desire.

“Just fuck me…” I couldn’t help but whisper and I closed my eyes as I said it, too embarrassed to look at him.

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