Brawler (North Star Series Book 2)

By: Tracey Ward
Chapter One

“Where the hell did Kellen go?” Will asked.

“Beats me,” Callum slurred. “One minute he was here… then… you know. Poof.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Great job, Callum.”


“What? Jesus, man, you almost ate shit into the sand! Stop moving!”

“Nah, nah, nah, nah, see, ‘cause he’s over there. By the fire. By the water. The fire is getting closer to the water. It’s drifting too close. It’s gonna go out.”

Will sighed audibly. “It’s not going to go out and the fire isn’t moving toward the waves, the wave—never mind. I’m not arguing with you when you’re drunk.”

“’Cause you know you’ll lose!” Callum shouted triumphantly, the shadow of his stocky frame elongated to incredible heights by the distant light of the party.

“No, because you’re an idiot. Come on. Let’s go look for him by the fire and for the love of God, do not fall into it. I’m not pulling you out again.”

“I didn’t fall in the fire.”

“Then why do you only have one shoe?” Will asked impatiently.

“Holy shit,” Callum mumbled, stunned. “I only have one shoe. When did that happen?”

“When you stepped in the fire.”

“Where’s my other shoe?” Callum demanded, his voice rising with panic.

Feet shuffled over the sand, followed by a loud grunt.

“Kellen has it,” Will lied. “Find him and you find your damn shoe. Now get up out of the sand.”

“Help me make a sandcastle.”

“I’ll kill you and bury you here before I help you build sandcastles. Get. Up.”

Nina muffled a giggle into her hand, her body shaking with silent laughter under my palms.

“Shhh,” I hissed, reminding her to stay quiet.

She looked up at me with bright eyes glowing in the shadows of the trees just at the edge of the sand. We’d left the party to sneak away into the patch of forest down the beach, hoping no one else would come this far. So far we were dead wrong.

A few minutes ago I’d spotted the telltale glow of a cigarette or a joint somewhere deeper in the trees to my left, then Will and Callum had shown up looking for me. Luckily Nina and I were tucked far enough into the dark that they couldn’t find us. Her shirt was off, tossed somewhere nearby on the sand, and my pants were still up, but just barely. Nothing holding them in place but the cockblockers now stumbling away down the beach.

“Your friends are wasted,” Nina whispered, still laughing.

“Only one of them is my friend. Callum is a teammate and an idiot.”

“Will sounds pissed that he’s playing babysitter.”

“Uh huh,” I mumbled, burying my face in her neck and picking up where I’d been forced to leave off. “He’s going to have play the role a little bit longer.”

“Mmm,” she hummed, going soft and pliant in my hands. “Maybe a lot longer?”

I pressed her harder into the tree behind her as I ran my hands over her naked sides, up to her bra, pushing it aside. She moaned deep and low in her throat where I felt it against my lips. Then her hands were dropping. Sliding down to my hips and nudging my pants gently until they fell in a pile at my feet.

“Do you have a condom with you?” she breathed, her fingers skating across the hem of my boxers, then sliding slowly inside. Her long nails brushed across my tip gently, making me shiver.

I slipped my mind out of the driver’s seat, going on autopilot. “I always have one.”

“Even when you’re not with me?” she sighed.

I paused, fighting the urge to groan in annoyance. This question was coming up a lot lately. “I’m only ever with you, Nina,” I told her patiently.

“You promise?”



I pulled back, raising a distrustful eyebrow at her. “Okay?”

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

I leaned in close to her again, pressing the side of my face against hers until our bodies were perfectly in line and her mouth was at my ear. I drove my hand into the back of her jeans, taking firm hold of her ass so I could grind my bulging boxers against her core.

“Come back,” she groaned, pushing on my shoulders to make me look down at her. “I want you to look at me.”

I shook my head tightly. “I’d rather hear you.”

“And I want to see you.”


“I want to see your eyes,” she whimpered.

I ignored her. I kept my face pressed close against hers, my free hand on the rough bark of the tree behind her scratching my palm to shit. I breathed in and out twice, steeling myself.

“Hey,” she demanded more forcefully. “I want you to look at me, dammit.”

I hung my head, frustrated as I snapped back to reality. “I heard you.”

“Then why aren’t you doing it?”

“Because it’s not me. You know that.”

She pushed against my chest hard, shoving me a step back until we were separated. Her eyes were hot and angry as she glared at me. “You never look at me when we have sex. Why?”

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