Baby Daddy (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

By: Jessa James

“I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you,” he blurted out and I nearly went weak in the knees as my sex pulsed in response. Holy shit, that might be the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I kept blinking, swallowed furiously, and tried to collect myself.

“And it’s your birthday. So I’d love to give you a little present. Well, not little. I want to give you one night of the hottest sex you’ve ever had. That’s it. That’s my gift to you.” I felt the grin spread across my face as the words came out of his perfect, lush lips and I was nodding before I could think too much.

“That sounds like the best birthday gift ever,” I responded and was rewarded with his thousand-watt, pearly white grin. We smiled at each other like two stupid kids, which it kind of felt like we were.

Wyatt stopped grinning abruptly, though, and looked at me with a gravity that I didn’t anticipate on the heels of that smile. “There’s just one little thing,” he said, and I felt my stomach drop to my feet. He changed his mind. He still wants to use a condom. He likes to dress up in women’s clothing and get spanked… something. He seemed to detect the path my thoughts were going down and put his hands on my shoulders, kneading the muscles there gently.

“Hey, hey, I was trying to be funny, not to freak you out. The only bad news we have tonight is that we have to find a way to escape this room full of our coworkers so you can… you know… open your birthday present,” he smirked sexily down at me. I relaxed perceptibly and began to stealthily peek around the room myself.

“There’s an exit door over there behind that massive palm tree,” I whispered to him as we stood shoulder-to-shoulder. We looked like nothing more than a couple of coworkers discussing the weather, even though we were actually plotting our hot sexscapade.

“One of us should go to the restroom, one of us should sneak out. If we’re seen leaving together, that will raise some eyebrows. Especially if we’re gone for a while,” Wyatt turned to breath that last part into my ear and I felt chills go all the way down my spine. This really is going to be the best sex of my life.

“I’ll go ‘powder my nose’ in the upstairs bathroom. Meet me there - it’s on the north wing and it’s behind a bunch of fake trees so maybe people will overlook it if they need to use the restroom, too,” I told him as he chuckled at me. I felt an odd sense of kinship with Why-Not-Wyatt. Clearly, we both enjoyed plotting a good getaway.

I gripped his masculine hand for a second, stroking my way down his thumb as I moved away. He had calluses on his hands, which was odd for a Finance guy, but God was it hot. I felt his hand tense as I got to the pad of his thumb and pinched it just a bit - a taste of things to come, I thought. I looked up at him through my lashes, thankful I wore my hair down to hide the blush. We looked at each other and I was thankful no one was near us - you could cut the tension with a knife.

Taking a step forward, I glanced around the room and saw that everyone was fairly engaged in their own conversations. Closing in on the massive doors that led to the foyer, I only had eyes for the staircase ahead. When one of my older coworkers, Frank, cut into my line of sight, I groaned audibly. Get out of my way, Frank, I don’t have time for you!

Just as I was about to slow down to tell him about my nose powdering emergency, Emma and Carter swooped in to save the day. My eyebrows raised in surprise and then I made eye contact with Emma, her eyes sparkling with mischief. I blushed and bit my lip and tried to avoid Carter’s face, but I saw it anyways. He was grinning from ear-to-ear and I could hear his low belly laugh as it started up. They know I’m going to have a quickie with Wyatt! This is so embarrassing.

But the thought didn’t stop me; if anything, it spurred me on. Give me one good fucking story for my 30th birthday, Universe. That’s all I need. One good fucking story to tide me over when I’m a single mother who can’t get a date. I sent my silent prayer to the Universe and stormed up the carpeted steps, thankful that the cushion hid the sound of my rat-a-tat-tatting heels. I made it to the north wing, laser-focused on the bathroom door and marched my Pilates-perky ass right into the room without hesitation.

Chapter 3


I closed the door and moved to the back corner, checking the stalls as I went. There were only three in this bathroom; it was probably mostly used for staff since it didn’t have the overly-marbled counters and ornately carved wooden stalls. It was still cozy and there was a little chaise longue in the corner - I tried to not let my mind go too wild with thoughts about what I could do on it with Wyatt. Where the fuck is Wyatt? I thought, as I considered undressing myself before he got up there.

My panties were soaking wet and, for once, I was not embarrassed about my body’s response to the situation. It’s the hormones, I assured myself. It was actually the thought of that Man Candy downstairs pinning me against the cold plaster wall with his dick, but whatever. Just as I began to get concerned, the door squeaked open and I stilled. Wyatt entered, his face flushed and his eyes full of lust.