Baby Daddy (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

By: Jessa James

Jeff was still talking, mostly about their college escapades and all the stupid shit they got into when they were younger. He didn’t even notice my internal crisis. I stood abruptly and briskly walked to the door, hoping to make it there before the tears started to fall.

“Thanks, Jeff. That was… insightful,” I managed to say as I pulled the door open and made a beeline for my office. I shut the door, leaned against the cool glass, and let the tears fall.

I worked through the rest of my morning, knowing that I should have just gone home because I got nothing done. I shuffled papers around, drafted a few emails, and cried in the bathroom. A lot. Carter had mercifully been gone all day, which meant Emma had been quietly working in her office. Nobody had bothered me, so I decided to keep working.

Within a few hours, I felt a little of the bitterness subside and I started to wrap things up to go home. Just as I sent a few last minute files to Carter’s desktop, Wyatt swung through my door with that heart-stopping grin on his stupid, boyish face.

“Hey sexy, how has your day been? I tried calling you yesterday but no answer,” he whispered, shutting the door quietly behind him. He snuck over to my desk and I stood too quickly as he got closer. I got a bit light-headed - all I’d eaten that day was a bit of toast and juice. Wyatt seemed to notice my struggle and looked concerned, stepping forward to grab my arms.

“You OK? You need me to get you anything?” he asked, but I jerked myself out of his grasp and moved towards my coat and purse, my heels clicking purposefully as I moved. I did not want to face him right now, I didn’t want him to try and kiss me again, and I most definitely did not want him to see me cry. Suck it up, buttercup, I told myself as I stuffed my things in my bag and turned towards the door.

“Tori? What the hell? Tor-” I cut Wyatt off by opening my office door and walked down the hall, keeping my chin up and my stride brisk. He won’t chase me at work, we’re not even an item, I assured myself. Apparently, just to prove me wrong, Wyatt nearly slammed my office door against the wall in his race to catch up to me, shouting, “Victoria!” as he came jogging down the hall.

Way to be inconspicuous, Preston, I internally shouted at him as I picked up my pace even more. People were walking into the hallway to see what the hell the shouting was about and I burned bright red. This was not going as I had planned. I turned to face Wyatt and bit out, “Everything is just fine, Wyatt. You can carry on with your life, not need to worry about me.”

The look of confusion on his face spurred me into more of a fury and I turned on my heels to leave. Jeff’s door opened as well and I steeled my gaze as our eyes meet. Hold him off! I basically screamed with eyes, and Jeff seemed to get the message. He nodded curtly at me, confused but still in Gentleman Mode. He stepped behind me just as I passed and his hands met Wyatt’s chest before he could close in on me.

“What the fuck, Jeff?” Wyatt bellowed, and I heard him try to push Jeff against the wall.

“Dude, let it go. We need to chat. Just let her go,” Jeff tried to whisper, but I could hear his words as I turned the last corner in the office.

“But… why?” I heard Wyatt ask, stilling. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t hear it, that it didn’t hurt my chest a little, but the truth was I did. I heard every word when Wyatt says, “I don’t understand. What did I do wrong?”

Nothing, Wyatt. You just don’t want me, and I felt myself crumple a little. The tears fell as I walked to the curb outside the office and flagged down a cab. I’m having a baby. Alone. Just like I wanted.

Chapter 6


Jeff still braced me by the shoulders, not quite looking me in the face as he held me back. Held me back from Tori, I thought as the confusion swept over me. What the fuck did you do this time, Preston? But I was coming up blank. I had no idea what I did; I thought we were having a great time. I thought she was falling for me. I was giving her space… Fuck! I shoved Jeff off more violently than I intended to, his left shoulder hitting the wall with a hard thud that was definitely going to leave a mark.

“Take it out on me if you need to, Wyatt, but you can’t go after her. Everyone in the office will think you’re psycho and I can’t handle Damage Control right now. Just come in my office. Please,” he added as he took in my shattered appearance. I knew I look like a freshly-kicked puppy but I couldn’t bring myself to put on the machismo. She fucking left. Tori doesn’t want to see me.

As he shut his fogged glass door behind us, Jeff leaned against the cool chrome handle and said, “Care to share what the fuck that was all about?” I blew out a breath and started pacing - I had no idea and didn’t even know where to start.

“All I know is that we were having a great time after… you know. Her birthday. Keeping it on the down low because we aren’t sure about the company policy, but having fun. Sexy texts, ass grabs in the hallway, shit like that. Then today, I come into her office and she won’t even look at me. It’s like she entirely changed how she felt about me in less than 24 hours, and I wasn’t even around to fuck it up!” I let out a strangled breath and kicked over the angled, plush chair in front of Jeff’s desk.