Anonymous:An Urban Crime Thriller

By: Atlas Preston


The van pulled into the police station and parked at the front parking space. The men got out and brought the cuffed man inside the building. They told him to sit down at the bench, a woman, who was arrested with him sat also. They filled out paperwork, then told the man to get up, and they brought him to the interrogation room.

Lieutenant Williams walked in a minute later, the man looked at him, and he saw a skinny, mid-forties, clean shaven man. Williams walked to the other side of the table and sat down, looking at the man and what he had in his pocket.

The man had a Glock 22 with a suppressor, a switchblade in his sock, a hunting knife in his pocket, his phone, and a box of cigarettes. Williams looked at all the processions, then looked at the man, “So, you’re the guy we’ve been looking for the last two-and-a-half years.”

“The one and only.” The man said.

“So, tell me Mr. Hoff, what is it like to do all of these things, why do you do it?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m just curious, and since you’re here, you might as well tell me.”

“Well, Williams, I’ll tell you everything, but you gotta do something for me in return.”


“You see that girl there?” He pointed to the screen, Williams saw a girl looking down at her feet. “Yeah, so?”

“I want you to let her go, she’s not gonna tell you guys anything, she’s just gonna stare at you, you’ll be wasting your time.”

Williams looked at the officer then said, “Alright, release her.” We waved his fingers, then rubbed his eyes.

“Oh and also, if you could get me some plain coffee, that would be great.”

The officer walked out and returned a few minutes later with two mugs in his hands. He set one of them down by the man and the other by Williams, “Thank you.” They both said. Williams took out his phone, the man watched him unlock it, then go into the voice record app, then press record then put it down on the table.

The man took a big gulp from the mug, then set it down, he looked at Williams. “Alright,” He said. “I’ll start at the beginning.”


The man looked at one of his computers just as the transfer is complete. “Transfer Complete” The man sees next to a green check. He puts a small grin on his face after all the security is shut down. He finished the coffee he had made earlier, it was a little warm, but he didn’t care.

“And now, we move on to step two.”

After everything is cleared, the man turns security back on and destroys all the evidence, and double checks to make sure he didn’t leave anything behind. The smallest mistake can lead to big trouble.

$200,000 has been added to his offshore account. He orders a hotel room east of where he is now. After he is done, he grabs all his equipment and brings it to his car outside the old building.

He goes back inside and plants the C4 all around the building, inside and out. A man next to him wakes up in shock, and the man grabs his mask and puts it on. He screams and wiggles, trying with all his might to get out of the chair he is trapped in, but the man made the knots extremely tight.

“I assume you had a good nap Mr. Barkley Anderson.”

“Let me out, you sick bastard!” The man said, muffled.

“I’ll have you know, Mr. Anderson, that I’ve cleared all of your accounts, and I can’t certainly let you go, not after all of this has happened, so in short, you’re broke, and I’m gonna kill you.”

The man cried and struggled, but it was useless. The man set his detonator to three minutes, and just before he left, he looked at the other man and said, “Goodbye Mr. Anderson.”

The man started his car and in no hurry drove away. Just as the bombs went off there was a huge explosion, and the man didn’t bother looking.

The man drove out of the state and into the next one and thanks to his installed GPS, found the hotel in no time. The man also made his fake ID “Barkley Anderson” for the hotel room, and left some of his equipment behind.

He ordered some room service before they closed for the night. And about twenty minutes later, his food arrived, and he relaxed on the bed and turned on the news to see if there was anything on the news that he’d done, but nothing new.

The next day, he took a look at his next target. A 23-year-old guy named Asher Hendrix Collins. He saw that his birthday is next week, so he took a look at his file. It said that he was planning on marrying a girl his age named Bree Campbell. The two were going to a resort in a couple of days in Hawaii, so the hacker bought a plane ticket to Little Rock and packed his stuff.

When he left for the airport, he ditched the car in an alley downtown and took a cab to the airport. The ride took forever because it was rush hour. But an hour later, he made it, and rushed to the gate.

He got on the plane with ten minutes to spare. He pulled out his laptop and looked at more of Asher and Bree as the plane took off.

When the plane landed, he got his stuff, went outside, and took a taxi to the car rental place. He bought a 2015 Honda Civic for $20,000. He drove to the closest hotel near his target’s new house, and stayed there while he waited for his target to come home.

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