Acceptance (Club X #5)

By: K.M. Scott
Chapter One


Cash rapped his knuckles on the bar and shook his head. “I don’t like it, Kane. We’ve got a good thing going now. You’ve got two beautiful kids and a wife that adores you. I’ve got little Cassian and Olivia, and we’ve got a great thing here with this restaurant. The last thing we need is something that’s going to change all that.”

“I know. I’m not saying we should. I just think I know what—”

“Don’t even think of it. You’re an entirely different situation, and you know it.”

I nodded, not entirely sure I agreed with him but not wanting to argue about this tonight. I’d hoped to get home early enough to find Abbi awake for the first time in over a week, and nothing was going to get in the way of spending at least a few minutes with the woman I loved.

Lifting my glass to my mouth, I swallowed the last of my drink and stood to leave. “Okay, Cash. We can table this for now, but the way Stefan was talking yesterday, I don’t think it’s going to sit for long.”

Cash chuckled and slapped me on the back. “You leave Stefan to me. Go home and see your wife and kids and I’ll see you Monday. Give everyone a kiss for me and Olivia, okay?”

“Same. I’ll see you Monday bright and early.”

As I headed toward the door, I heard Cash say, “Not too early. I do the Monday late nights. I’m thinking noonish. Maybe.”

“Then maybe not bright and early,” I joked.

I opened the front door and quietly closed it so I didn’t wake the baby. We’d finally gotten him to sleep through the night a few weeks ago, so my nightly routine mimicked something of a cat burglar. I tiptoed through the living room hoping to find Abbi, but I was too late. Exhausted like she was most nights, she probably gave up sometime around midnight.

I couldn’t blame her. I just wanted to try to spend some time with her. We hadn’t had a chance to be just the two of us in far too long. It would have to be another night, though.

Disappointed, I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator only to stare into it for nearly a minute before closing the door. I wasn’t really hungry. Not for food, anyway.

The kitchen light flickered on above me, and I turned around to see Abbi standing in the doorway looking wide-awake and dressed in the t-shirt and boy shorts she always wore to bed.

“Did I wake him up again?”

She shook her head as she began walking toward me. “Nope.”

Taking her in my arms, I pressed a kiss to her lips and let my hands roam down her back until I cupped her ass in my hands. “Everything okay?”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said with a sexy smile. I hadn’t seen that smile in far too long.

“Oh yeah? Did you find some magical way to get both Annalea and Liam to sleep at the same time?”

Her smile broadened, and she slipped my tie from around my neck. “Even better.”

As her hands slowly unbuttoned my dress shirt, I wondered what could be better than having both kids asleep and some time to ourselves. Unsure what she meant, I waited until she’d finished with the buttons and slid my shirt off to ask.

“What’s even better?”

Abbi moaned a tiny, sexy sound and ran her hands over my chest. “Alexandria took the kids for the night. We have until tomorrow afternoon to be just Kane and Abbi again, so what do you say we take advantage of it and head upstairs?”

I squeezed her ass in my hands and felt my cock grow hard. Over twelve hours to do whatever we wanted. I planned to take full advantage of every precious minute.

Nuzzling her neck, I inhaled the soft scent of honeysuckle on her skin. “I think a genie must have heard my wish because I was thinking we could spend a few minutes together tonight. It’s been too long.”

She scratched her fingernails down my bare back and moaned again. “It has, so let’s get to that bed waiting for us.”

By the time we made it to the bedroom, I’d stripped out of every stitch of clothing, but Abbi still wore those cute little underwear that made me wish every night when I got into bed that she wasn’t as exhausted as I knew she was. Now that I had her all to myself, I planned on living out every fantasy I’d created since the last time we made love.

“I do love a man who’s ready to go,” she said with a smile as she inched back on the bed.

Looking down where her gaze sat, I had to agree. My cock and I were more than ready to go. Ready, willing, and able.

I leaned down and softly kissed the inside of her ankle. “This whole parenting thing puts a kink into my plans most nights, and not the good kind of kink.”

“You know, I try to stay up every night, Kane. I do,” Abbi said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Looking up, I saw her mouth turned down in a frown. I kissed up her calf to her knee and nipped at the skin with my teeth, all the while keeping my gaze locked on hers. “I know. You don’t have to say anything. It’s just how it is. You’re exhausted from being a mother. Believe me. I don’t know how you do it.”

Abbi smiled like it meant the world to her that I knew what she went through every day. In truth, I didn’t. She was gone from our bed every morning when I woke up, getting Annalea ready for school and taking care of Liam’s every need. By the time I left for work most days, she’d already put in hours to make sure our kids were fed, bathed, and ready for the day.

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